Whispers in the Night Vol 4

Merry Yule and a Blessed New year

12/12/2020 – Volume 4
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Father Christmas has come early to the Ventrue!!

Read all about it!!!

 In the true meaning of the season, I have outdid myself in even my eyes and the Blood hunt called Off for one Ezekiel Mezzanotte. After speaking to our Honorable and Loyal Prince Marcus, it has been decided that the blood hunt is in poor taste, as he was reminded by (ME) the Harpy Lisper that he had awarded Thaddeus Sanctioned while he was considering leaving the realm. This doesn’t change just because he changed his mind. No matter how unjust and wrong, and evil the Kings are if sanctioned then it is fair game. So after a long conversation and many grumblings, it has been decided that the Blood Hunt has been called off. Also that all the boons have been reinstated. However they will each have to go to Prince Marcus or his seneschal and ask to be acknowledged again as per the rules of the Camarilla.

Don’t forget !! Yule celebrations included bonfires, decorating with holly, mistletoe and the boughs of evergreen trees, ritual sacrifices, feasts, and best of all gift-giving and we all know Santa is a one of u

Fun happenings around the area:

Lou Gardens is having their annual Christmas lights it’s beautiful

Wickham park in Melbourne is also doing a drive by Christmas light

The veil thins between the worlds on certain nights and Winter Solstice is upon us.  Wrap your neonates tight, and keep track of your clansfolk, for we should beware Sugar Plum fairies as we know they don’t just dance in our heads.

Not just a tale to scare neonates with.

Remember one of the kin of Orlando has gone missing every Christmas season and fairies are believed to be the cause.

The Prior Family, James, will be hosting in the Harpy Publishing office a Yuletide Cookie sharing recipe and Hot Cocoa among their staff and friends. Please feel free to stop by for drinks and food while picking up a copy of your Harpy report. Paid for by Lisper who is out of town and a blizzard has delayed her travels.

Didi Mezzanotte is hosting her own fun thing..on December 26th

 Remember this is being hosted by Didi Mezzanotte, a friend of the anarchs who host a successful club, in anarch territory. We should support this club so she can continue to “help” the anarchs not be “bullied” by the Camarilla.

Remember that Christmas is about giving and not receiving that gifts from the heart count much more than store bought gifts.

Even if your enemies hate you and spread lies, and are truly evil. You should try to love them anyway we are after all here a very long time. We should always strive to do the right thing, even if the right thing only stands up for the little guy, and turns the power hungry and those louder then you against you. The yule season should bring out the good in you, and we should strive for that all year.  I wish you all a very Blessed and Wonderful Yule and a Blessed New Year.

The Harpy Status awards

Donavan Black Loyal for information after being asked.

Rocky Nortan Loyal for service to the Harpy.

Prince Marcus Status awards: