The News Worth Knowing Issue 24

The Harpy Nest Digest


Beach Party Bonanza!

Whip Bee of Clan Brujah hosts a fantastic Beach Party out in Tampa! Read all about the rockin’ good times!

by Ty McFearson

You know what makes a good party? Good company, good entertainment and access to a beach. Thank goodness Bee carries on with such a good party!

The setting was Bee’s newly opened wine bar, with wonderful beach access. All the stops were thrown for the occasion, I especially loved the setup of the beach display as well as the multi-colored Edison light bulbs used to illuminate. Kindred from all over came to enjoy the sights and sounds, and I for one took place in a great deal of Moonbathing while enjoying the relaxing and peaceful night. Way to throw a great party Bee!

You know what made last night so calm and relaxing? No stressors that weren’t handled swiftly and with ease. Apparently there was some kind of mugging that happened in Tampa, it got handled with ease and nary a distress to the party. Anarchs showed up sure, but they respected the rules and were a right darn hoot to enjoy listening to them perform on the stage. There wasn’t a single member of the Independent Alliance in sight or any Kindred under Censure, which made for a less bloody evening all around. Bee and the rest of Tampa handled their “shit” at every point last night and it was a wonderful time.

Sadly, there were some party poopers that did pop up causing some minor issues. Since they weren’t Acknowledged there isn’t much that Bee could do via the status situation, but good on her for requesting that and trying to follow the proper code, but there are other ways to skin a cat so to speak. Until the two offending Kindred have apologized to Bee and her Clan, Clan Brujah will not allow any Kindred not Acknowledged in Tampa to enter into their territory. Let’s hope those two can patch things up soon!

Beyond that small disturbance, it was otherwise a great party. It was nice to see so many Kindred letting down their hair and embracing the nature of the night. Great job Bee, can’t wait to see your next hosted gathering!






Status and City Officer Updates

by Ty McFearson

For coming to the aid of a neighboring Domain when they needed assistance, and being forced to leave such a great party, I would like to see Doctor Rand of Clan Tremere as Loyal in the eyes of the Camarilla.

For his works in guarding the city, and his staunch defending of the Camarilla since being cleared of any wrongdoing, I would like to see Archibald of Clan Nosferatu as Loyal. Thank you for the work you do.

For serving the office of Harpy well these total 24 weeks, I would like to see The Plague of Clan Malkavian as Honorable. Now back to writing, we have papers to push!

For somehow making it past the veil of death and returning to the world, I would like to see Marcus as Loyal in the Camarilla. Nice to have you back buddy.

For being a total JERK and being back for a few weeks while not coming and telling me and having me mourn for my dead friend and go through the seven steps of grief now just to be confronted with the fact he has returned…Marcus is seen as Vulgar for the night of Wednesday when this is reported. You jerk.

For serving the office of Harpy well these first few weeks, I would like to see Virgil Bancroft of Clan Tremere as Loyal. Now back to writing, we have papers to push!

As reported by Harpy Grimalkin of Clan Gangrel, following events at the last gathering in Tampa both Billy of Clan Brujah and Halogi of Clan Gangrel are seen as Warned. They should speak with the Harpy there to see what they can do to remove that Censure in less than a months time.

Just a reminder, with whispered talks of possible Officer changes occurring, that your status can go away the moment the officer who gave it to you steps down. Like your fancy Loyal and Honorable standings? Keep supporting the officers who award it.





by Ty McFearson

From time to time mistakes are made, and I always work hard to fix those in the next report they become apparent. This is one of those times, relating to Elaine.

Despite my distinct memory of her death at my hands, it seems my mind had been tampered with and Elaine did not, in fact, die. This means that she is still in debt to me with her Life Boon, but since I called that in for her Destruction and she decided to skip out and avoid that boon there will be other repercussions. So unlike previously reported, Elaine is sadly still alive.

Since Elaine is still alive and thus her life invalidates the terms of my boon, let it be known that she is Disgraced as a Boon Breaker from this point on. This measure of Disgrace will be continued and added upon for every single night she does not personally come speak to me on how to settle her Life Boon. In other words, if I have not spoken to Elaine by this time next week she will be seen in such Disgrace that she will be next seen as Forsaken.

Sorry for the corrections, and thank you for letting me improve my mistakes.




Is Someone Making Orlando an Offer They “Can’t Refuse”?

by The Plague

Reports have been pouring in across the domains of Orlando and Tampa: Gang Activity is on the rise. Drug Activity is on the rise. Something is stirring the hornet’s nest. As we are all aware, there is one faction that feeds on the underbelly of society and has much to gain by these activities causing disruption across both domains: The Independent Alliance.

After their attacks on multiple Anarchs and members of Orlando it seems the Independent Alliance now wishes to destabilize the domains and to bring chaos to our streets. These operations only serve to further their interest in the area and harm the mortal populations of both domains. Just this past weekend violence erupted in Tampa when hostages were taken at the Ybor Cigar Factory. Prince Kennedy and his city staff quickly and quietly dealt with the issue, but how long until something similar happens in Orlando?

It is the duty of all Primogen, entrusted by the Prince, to keep their territory secure. We hope each clan (other than Assamite, which claims no territory), takes the appropriate steps in the coming weeks to keep their territories secure and free of Independent Alliance influence. We can ill afford another Grand Bohemian.




Naughty Neighbors?

By Virgil Bancroft

In the wake of the latest gathering, it comes time again for status and boons to be handed out and recognized by the kindred and Master of Harpies of the city. An integral piece of our society, one that keeps peace and prosperity, economy, and most importantly civility amidst our kind in these modern nights.

For Tampa however, this is not the case.

Despite making attempts to put his best foot forward Sunday evening, the office of the Prince of Tampa has made one glaring oversight to many of the Kindred in his fair city. A Prince without Acknowledged Kindred is a city unrecognized in its accomplishments, and a Prince that refuses to offer acknowledgment to Established Elders of the Camarilla. He has snubbed the status of those who have earned such recognition, through action and virtue of age, and insulted the very Pillars of support we all rely on. This poses an interesting issue for our neighboring city.

Prince Kennedy has as of yet begun to Acknowledge Kindred in his domain, likely to leave those he does no implicitly trust as fodder for his various Scourges. This has a double edged effect for him however, a d be bas begun to openly snub Elders of the Camarilla who do not cow to the fine line he asks. And he hasn’t even asked, at this time he hasn’t even said to anyone what needs to be done to gain this core fundamental. How do the Elders of the Camarilla feel about having their status ignored? How do Archons feel about being openly snubbed after following all the right actions as they grace the halls? Perhaps they could have some sort of open social ground where Kindred of Tampa may play at the wonderful courts our society has built and come to rely upon to maintain order in these nights, to have Kindred wait in safety while being Acknowledged. A nice building perhaps, or general location where someone could act to Keep is secure. An Elysium, I believe it’s called?

Here is hoping that the Prince of Tampa begins opening the borders to allow his domain to grow to prosperity, and also so he can hand out a little bit of status and not have it thoroughly ignored in the eyes of the Camarilla. For now just be warned anyone who attends Tampa: Prince Kennedy has no desire or want to Acknowledge your age, station, status you have earned or the very fact that you are a Architect if he Camarilla until you do something for him.

Prince Kennedy was unavailable for comment.

Spotlight Of Praise: Lou Warren

by Ty McFearson

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest I would like to focus on that once a week. This week’s Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at Lou Warren of Clan Tremere.

Did you know that Primogen Warren is one of the longest holding officers in the city? She is the longest sitting Primogen the city has, and as such is a force of stability and sanity among the rest of the Council. She is one of the longest term residents of Orlando itself, matched only by Prince Vitale for how long she’s been with the city. Her Clan is guided by her experienced and steady hand, and she has yet to lose a member of her Clan in any operation in the city. She’s smart, sassy, and always have Orlando in her best interest. She’s studied under the greats as well, learning politics from now three Princes. Under her leadership, Clan Tremere has been a reliable and much needed support for the city with others have failed. The Praxis is wise to curry favor with Clan Tremere for all they do.

Thank you for your stability, sanity, leadership and willingness to do what must be done for the city! Great job Primogen Warren!




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