HARPY REPORT July 30th 2022

Introductions are in Order

It is a privilege and honor to announce to the Kindred of Orlando the appointment of Nessa Vaughn as the Harpy. It is her most sincere wish to restore the longevity of this position and stablize the social and boon economy. Nessa is dedicated to the truth of the matter and providing all Kindred with reliable and up to date information. 

Tension with the Wolves

The last Harpy report brought you an elaboration on the circumstances of an altercation between a group of Anarchs and a Garou near Elysium. While generally the Kindred of Orlando have enjoyed a tentative peace with the population of Garou south of our fair city, in the recent months there has been an increase in hostile activity. Despite an agreement set in place by Keeper Gadow between the Kindred and the Garou leadership, a rogue werewolf bypassed security but claimed to not be aware of the agreement that was set in place.

Unfortunately this has caused an increase in tensions. Sheriff Danny publicly proclaimed to the Garou that they were forbidden from entering the domain of the Praxis. This edict will remain in effect until the Garou leadership can provide a sensible solution that is agreeable to the Praxis. 

Let it be known that despite their actions, the Kindred of Orlando are instructed to remain civil. Under no circumstances should any Kindred instigate an altercation with any Garou. Resort to peaceful means of negotiation and remind them that they must leave Praxis domain. If for whatever reason peaceful negotiation is no longer an option, remove yourself from the situation and inform an official of the city so that they may handle the situation without inciting any further tensions. 

New Scourge

While news of the appointment of a new Scourge has already found its way to the ears of most Kindred in Orlando, it requires an official notice. The Caitiff Wamu has been appointed by the Praxis to take over the role and lead the charge in cleaning up the streets. Wamu has ensured that his goal is simple, ‘to serve the Tower and ensure that its traditions are enforced’. He has made note that he plans to enforce all traditions with the same amount of attention. During the city’s time without a Scourge Orlando saw a massive influx of unacknowledged Kindred. It is his current mission to resolve this new issue. Although it is worth noting that this job description falls more in line with that of the Sheriff than that of the Scourge. Since when does the Scourge’s realm of responsibility extend beyond wet work and what irony it is that a Caitiff has been chosen to cull the undesirable from Orlando? 

Crossing Swords with Thorns

Tensions have been unusually high as well between Clan Ventrue and Clan Toreador as an unfortunate miscommunication between clan leaders led one misguided neonate to violate domain. Allegations of kidnapping and human taxidermy were quickly debunked as the Ventrue Primogen was able to provide a case for her scientific forays into Kine anatomy. While relations have been repaired between the two clans, certain individuals have yet to pay proper penance. It is one thing to protect the interests of the tower, but quite another to offend every Elder and Primogen within city limits in the process. 

Infernal Investigations

This month has been rife with potential Infernalist activity. Recently a Tremere was apprehended for violating the First Tradition. Sources state that there had been a string of missing kine children at a local hospital. The investigation led to enthralled mortals at the hospital that were doing the bidding of a misguided Tremere. This Tremere had been collecting ill Kine children and using their parts to put his own daughter back together piece by piece. This Tremere along with three Assamites that were complicit in his crimes have all faced judgment at the hands of the Praxis. Yet it was the work of a neonate, a Primogen, a Whip, and a Garou that brought these criminals to justice; notice how the Sheriff was nowhere to be seen. How spread thin must the Sheriff of Orlando be if they must rely on a Garou to handle Kindred affairs? This being the same Sheriff who openly mocked an elder, and dishonored the sanctity of Elysium by drawing a weapon on an Elder within it’s hallowed halls. 

Simultaneously, reports of starved and torpored Assamites appearing in locked rooms across all domains have the denizens of Orlando worried about possible Infernalist activity. Please report any suspicious activities through the proper channels. 

Human Trafficking Ring Shut Down

In a similar vein- Kindred trafficking humans in Orlando has been a serious threat to the masquerade these recent months. However, thanks to the diligent work of some dedicated Kindred, this ring has been shut down. Due to the nature of the crimes the details are not released to the public, yet please rest assured that this threat has been dealt with and the perpetrators punished accordingly. 

This does lead to an important reminder that it is our duty as Orlando Kindred to maintain the sanctity of the masquerade. If your feeding habits increase suspicion of our kind to the Kine of Orlando then this is your official warning to tread more carefully lest you face the ire of the Praxis. 

Message from the Praxis 

The warning that was levied upon clan Brujah came to an end this month. The Praxis would like to commend the behaviour of the Brujah Primogen, Wilbur Sever, throughout the time of the censure. The Primogen understood that the warning had been given out as a fair consequence and he was steadfast in his adherence to the terms of the warning, showing great leadership in the time period.

The Praxis hopes that this will inspire all Kindred to take inspiration from his actions. In the unfortunate situation that one finds themselves warned, it is encouraged by our customs to accept the terms of the censure. By doing such, you can ensure that you will be welcomed back to the place in society you held before the warning.

For his discipline and display of great Tower etiquette while also managing the responsibilities of his office, Primogen Sever is named Loyal.

– Santosh Erigaisi, Seneschal of Orlando

Additional Message from the Praxis

By unanimous decision of the primogen council and my sovereignty Elaine de Mor is Bloodhunted for violating our city’s Elysium. Any member of this domain, tower member or Anarch who is found to assist the creature in escaping the Prince’s Justice will suffer the same fate. 

This Praxis is aware of the monster’s tricks and some of you are already under her sway. I provide this opportunity to come unburden your soul and receive your Prince’s mercy by the upcoming gathering or you will be found, captured, and I will truly be creative in your punishment that will bring your slow destruction.

The city Orlando must stand United against this threat to our traditions and this threat to the elysium. A place sacred to all! In her history she has violated it before and now violates it again.

Elaine de Mor is a known diablarist. She has held many positions in the city. All twisted to her infernal purpose. For example  as scourge she was known to, yes known, to capture unacknowledged kindred And take them out of the city where she would eat their soul just on the other side of the domain line to escape that Prince’s judgement. 

She is a sabbat member and I have seen her with my own eyes conduct a drinking game with a chalice and several praises to a false deity to form unholy unions with those that shared in the drink.

-Prince Tsavo

Office and Status Updates

Nessa Vaughn has been seen as Gallant by Seneschal Santosh Erigaisi

Nessa Vaughn has been appointed to the position of Harpy

Nessa Vaughn has been seen as Favored by Elder Marcus St. John

Erik Kingston has been seen as Acknowledged by the Praxis

Erik Kingston has been appointed to the position of Whip

Mizashi has been seen as Unacknowledged by the Praxis

Clan Brujah is no longer seen as Warned

Caitiff Wamu has been appointed to the position of ScourgePrimogen Sever has been seen as Loyal by the Praxis