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Young man possessed by devil

Trigger Warning Anarch Neonate Caitiff

Their true appearance a mystery to most, Trigger Warning is often recognized when whatever hapless mortal they are in begins to move in unnatural ways. Trigger Warning has been a tolerated but despised figure in the Movement for several decades. He is an Anarch aberration by embracing a Path of…

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Devlin Archer Neonate Tremere

Rarely ever seen without a computer of some sort on him. Generally keeping to himself, he seems to carry some sort of chip on his shoulder that often presents itself as extreme amounts of snark.

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Ashton Glooom of Monaco Toreador Elder

World Renowned First Violin for Wolfgang Amadeus MozartChilde of Raphael de Corazon, Co Founder of the CamarillaArchitect of the CamarillaFormer Prince of Florence, Italy

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Viktor Dragnov Anarch Coyote Gangrel

Without his glasses on he has pure black eyes, fox tail he keeps hidden either with obfuscate or his trench coat.

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Adam Silver Brujah Anarch Neonate

Ex-Tower Anarch Brujah. A bit of an odd man for a Brujah, but a Brujah nonetheless. Leader of the Anarch Gang “Keepers of Sanctuary

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Wamu, a former Anarch, has only been a Kindred for about a year and a half. Being embraced in Miami around the time of the fall of the city Wamu was saved from certain doom by a traveling band of Anarchs and moved north with them to Brevard. There, he…

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Rasputin Jones-Anarch-Gangrel-neonate

Biker, Head of The Hombres MC, based out of Oakland California. He ain't that old he ain't that wise but he has enough stories to finish a bottle to. Real nice guy till he has to be a not nice guy.

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Diamante Mezzanotte-Ventrue- Neonate

Stunningly successful and talented, DiDi rose to fame in mortal society to become a world famous celebrity, model and philanthropist with a huge following on Social Media. Raised from birth among the royalty of the Mezzanotte in North Italy, she was brought with many of her clan to Orlando to…

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Sonya Demarco-Ravnos-Neonate

Once a ghoul for the sabbat karina Markov. She lived a harsh life of abuse before her sire left her to fend on her own. She came to Orlando knowing nothing of kindred life and wants to rebuild and find a safe place to live. Shes very well versed in…

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