Devlin Archer Neonate Tremere

Rarely ever seen without a computer of some sort on him. Generally keeping to himself, he seems to carry some sort of chip on his shoulder that often presents itself as extreme amounts of snark.

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Ashton Glooom of Monaco Toreador Elder

World Renowned First Violin for Wolfgang Amadeus MozartChilde of Raphael de Corazon, Co Founder of the CamarillaArchitect of the CamarillaFormer Prince of Florence, Italy

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Wamu, a former Anarch, has only been a Kindred for about a year and a half. Being embraced in Miami around the time of the fall of the city Wamu was saved from certain doom by a traveling band of Anarchs and moved north with them to Brevard. There, he…

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Diamante Mezzanotte-Ventrue- Neonate

Stunningly successful and talented, DiDi rose to fame in mortal society to become a world famous celebrity, model and philanthropist with a huge following on Social Media. Raised from birth among the royalty of the Mezzanotte in North Italy, she was brought with many of her clan to Orlando to…

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Sonya Demarco-Ravnos-Neonate

Once a ghoul for the sabbat karina Markov. She lived a harsh life of abuse before her sire left her to fend on her own. She came to Orlando knowing nothing of kindred life and wants to rebuild and find a safe place to live. Shes very well versed in…

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What's in a name? Be they given, bought or stolen. A name can say a lot about an individual or potentially nothing at all. For his part, the man known in Orlando as Dissonance might tell you a thing or two about names, should you ask him the right way.…

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Demetri demeter-elder-ventrue

Demetri Demeter, Childer of the esteemed Antoneli Demeter, Childer of Peresvet Demeter founder of the Demeter blood line of Noble Clan Ventrue. Former Sheriff of St Petersburg this old world Russian Vampire is new to the elder game. He has relocated to the City of Orlando but to what end?…

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David Smythe-Ventrue- Neonate

A fast riser. Mortal born into wealth Davit di Medii was a prominent money lender.Having spearheaded many notable acquisition for his family , David drew the eye of his clan elders.

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