The News Worth Knowing Issue 25

The Harpy Nest Digest


The Calm Before…

There is a great sucking in of air, a stillness and an eerie silence. See the playing field here, exclusively, before the storm.

by Ty McFearson

It has been a tumultuous time here in Orlando since our last gathering, winds things changing faster in some cases than even the blood-enhanced speed of Clan Brujah can keep up with. I have done my best to keep things in order and on record, sometimes I fail because I can only strive for humanity, but I have always done the best that I can do. Some may call my reports as simple gossip rags or salacious reports, some may choose to downplay my reports as rumor mongering at best; but all of them are wrong. All these claims say such things because they are afraid, they are afraid of the social justice that the office of Harpy brings to events. When Kindred act out, I call it. When city officers fail, I call it. And when I take time to investigate and detail my reports, only those with something to hide denounce my name and works out of fear. I post only what is accurate and true, and when I make mistakes I correct them whenever possible because THAT’S WHAT YOU DO.

In that vein, I have decided to pull back to cloak of obfuscation. I want the city and the Camarilla to be prepared for what is to come. I want everyone to be on a level playing field, so they can make smart judgements and do the best thing for the city. No lies, no falsehoods: just the facts.

Let’s start with the matter of the infernalists and the demon. It is a FACT that Primogen Sobaka of Clan Gangrel with the aid of his coterie and Clan Tremere have devised a new method to ending this threat once and for all. This is a ritual that must be enacted by the letter or else we miss an opportunity to end this scourge on us forever, and this means the Primogen of our city must work TOGETHER to end this problem. If something needs done, certain foes need faced, then it is up to our city leaders to handle this and save this city. If they cannot or will not take such action, what good are they in the role anyway? Show up prepared to do your part, even if your part is to simply enjoy social discourse and continue the traditions of our Sect. There is talks of impersonators hidden in various clans stirring up shit, I cannot verify these claims as they were made in private by a Kindred i don’t know and verified by no evidence beyond the firm words of those we should not question. Keep an eye out for anyone actively working against the city, like anyone attempting to murder members of the city and blame it on infernalists.

Here’s another matter, the attempted Assassination of former Primogen The Plague. It is a FACT that Clan Giovanni and two members of Clan Assamite as well as the kindred known as Krazy all participated in the attempted murder. I have investigated the matter and discovered that it was not a random killing, it was a planned strike by a political rival to kill The Plague. He was to be killed while alone, if at all possible, and it was to be staged as a killing by infernalists to hide the abuse of the situation. Boons were paid for this matter, and he was never meant to survive the evening. So while we go about our gathering on Saturday please keep in mind that to abuse the situation for political gain will be frowned upon with harsh Censure. And it’s only a matter of time until I find out the identity of who hired this attack, it’s in their best interest to contact me privately to settle this matter before I announce it to the Camarilla at large.

Another matter, political upheaval. It is a FACT that most of the Primogen Council does not give out status or boons to their Clanmates, which explains why we have so many rotating positions. An unstable Primogen Council means unstable leadership in each clan. Use boons, use status, ensure your position in the city and help keep things stable. It is also a FACT that there will be a major political change coming up this gathering, and if you are not aware of that then perhaps you should check in with the Harpies to learn the latest information. Know your allies, stand up for the right thing and don’t forget to charge boons and ask for measures of status for your support. You as Kindred are valued and should be treated as such. Don’t know the pieces of the puzzle? Come find me or my two Harpies (The Plague and Virgil Bancroft) and we will educate you.

And finally let’s move onto the matter of the Giovanni. It is a FACT that since they have moved into the city crime and drug trade has increased, trafficking of necromancy artifacts is on the rise and this new casino being built in Toreador territory is their doing. Does Clan Toreador know they’ve given up some of their territory to the Independent Alliance, and what have they charged them for that service? It hasn’t been boons, I can tell you that. These Mooks muscle about instead of using political acumen, which is a shame. You want to deal, and be treated as more than brutes? Great, sit with city officers and have open and honest talks. Come talk to me instead of sending a steady stream of veiled threats (which are getting tiresome really) in Elysium by setting an appointment. But for right now, keep in mind these are Kindred we cannot trust despite what some in authority might say.

This gathering has all the potential to be a great gathering where a lot is accomplished. But it is up to each one of us to arrive with the intention and heart to do such. I know I will be there doing what I can, what will you be doing?






Status and City Officer Updates

by Ty McFearson

From the moments we learned about the Infernalists coming after our city, Prince Vitale has masterfully guided our domain. His agents moved to protect the places of energy these Infernalists tried to use for their own purpose. Prince Vitale has used his influence for the good of the domain, focusing his resources on the threat facing us. I think he should be Acclaimed for such work.

Prince Vitale has seen fit to appoint his childe Joseph Vandenberg to the office of Seneschal. Let us all offer our congratulations to Seneschal Joseph, may he serve the post long and loyally as his Sire once did. Let’s also hope it goes safer for him than the last time there was a Ventrue Seneschal!

Clan Ventrue is currently without representation on the Primogen Council with the promotion of Seneschal Joseph to his sire’s side. Let’s see who they appoint next!

Well, we don’t have a Sheriff again (I don’t understand why Prince Vitale has such issue keeping city officers, either they leave him or end up dead). It seems Elder Sigismondo was called away to his homeland due to boons owed by him and had to depart. Great. Who next?

Elder Simon is no longer Primogen of Clan Toreador. By popular acclaim the role has gone to miss Sofia Amati, whom while not as skilled a bullshit artist is in fact better at politics and displays of art. Primogen Sofia should be seen as Noble by all Kindred for her work leading Clan Toreador. Primogen Sofia, in an act of political intelligence, has decided it’s in Clan Toreador’s best interest to support the office of Harpy. Thus I, Master of Harpies, see fit to record and store all these boon I have for them. Let’s hope she continues to make smart political moves and supports the best interest of her people this weekend.

From Prince Vitale, but posted by his childe Seneschal Joseph Vandenberg, it seems that the Bloodhunt over Established Elder Prima Dezz has been removed. It seems that Prince Vitale claims the Anarch Baron Iblis (the one that was brutally murdered by Giovanni out in public and caused a Masquerade breech before they later went on to attempt to do the same to the former  Noble Primogen The Plague, so obviously Iblis is unavailable for comment) gave them false information which laid blame on Elder Prima. They extend their deepest apologies to the Elder and hope he will find it in his heart to forgive them. Strangely enough, they haven’t offered any boons or status or offers of Domain to the Elder in apology…especially after the Elder left peacefully and caused no issues for Orlando after running afoul of Prince Vitale’s Authority despite knowing his innocence on the matter. Elder Prima Dezz could of course be reached for comment, as usual, but merely scoffed derisively.

For offering proper assistance to the City of Orlando by supporting stability, for aiding those in need and for standing up always for the right thing to do in orlando I would like to see Winston and Atticus Crow, of Clan Nosferatu, as Loyal in the Camarilla.

As Elaine agreed to meet to settle her Life Boon situation, after simply 24 hours of the Harpy Report, she is Disgraced for just one month. We reached a resolution on how she can repay that debt, and we shall see this weekend if she honors her accord for alleviating further discomfort on her.

For being invaluable aid to Primogen Lou Warren, and at her recommendation, I would like to see Balthier Grimm as Loyal to the Camarilla. Make sure to loyally support her continuously in the future.

For his work in aiding the city of Orlando, for choosing to take the right actions and supporting the right causes, I would see the Noble Primogen Chance Whitman as Loyal in the eyes of the Camarilla.

Just a reminder, that the bounty for Clan Giovanni staked and torpored and delivered to the Prince still remains until a deal is negotiated with me and them.




Notice from Prince Vitale

by Ty McFearson

Prince Vitale posted the following in the Elysium early on Monday evening:

Kindred of Orlando,

It has been with great regret that I have watched these nights, as Clan struck against Clan, and Coterie against Coterie.  I have observed, in disappointment, as Pillar clans have been openly accused of attacking others, seemingly without reason or explanation, and conspiracy theories have abounded regarding the Giovanni, the Whippoorwills, and political cliques in the city. Never has this city been more divided, even when faced with potent threats that hold our very existence in the balance.  In the face of these existential dangers, we turned on one another, choosing a time of peril to settle old scores and eliminate political enemies so that we could advance.

My former Seneschal, Elder Tyvarious, gave his life for the city of Orlando, as did several other dutiful Kindred.  They gave their lives freely, in the hopes that this city could be safe.  The price for our continued existence was paid for in blood, their blood, and I hope that together, we may earn that sacrifice and make Orlando all that it can be.

As we move ever forward, I hereby name Joseph Vandenburg to be Seneschal of Orlando.  I have broken with tradition in naming him as such, however his work to capture The Other went above and beyond the call of duty.  The efforts he has undertaken to ensure peaceful cooperation between political cliques in this city have been invaluable, and have brought some sense of peace to us all during this time of unprecedented societal fracture.

The Other, whom I have spoken of at length to my Primogen, was captured and brought to justice.  She, whose mind has been explored in detail, has revealed to me that our issue with the infernalists is far broader and more troubling than even I could have imagined.  Through his work with the subject, Edgar Mezzanotte was able to discern that there was, and still may be, an expansive network of Kindred like creatures, posing as members of our organization.  As we struck at one another politically and wrote salacious entries in our Harpy reports, these fiends have slipped among us, sowing discord and rumor.   Assaulting our very foundations, they sought out those whom were responsible for the care of Elysium, or were, in an attempt to leverage us where they had previously failed.  We have since fallen neatly into their trap, blaming the attacks on a pillar clan that had otherwise served this city as any other.

A name that I have heard on the lips of Kindred throughout this city, spoken in fear and distrust is that of the Giovanni.  I will be the first to proclaim my dislike for their family, as they ravaged the peninsula of my home and brought a blight to the once clear darkness of Firenze.  Regardless of this, they remain a partner of this city, and although uncouth and often lacking in manners, they have assisted us at various turns and have even saved the un-lives of several members of this Organization.

Claims have been made, and a report filed, that the Giovanni are responsible for the death of the Caitiff known as Poe.  Regardless of whether this Kindred was a Caitiff, he was a member of the Tower, and thus I am most interested in how he perished.  It is not uknown in Orlando that the Whipperwoorls have a distaste for the Giovanni.  I am concerned that their bias has bled into their report, where an easy disguise could have created an illusion of appearance which is drawn on as absolute proof of guilt.  I will not begin a conflict with another established Sect over a likeness in a single photo, nor an unreviewed report, where all related evidence is in the possession of a single Coterie of Kindred.   When that evidence is presented to my office, and when I and all of the heads of the Clans can conduct an appropriate inquiry, I shall render judgement and draw blood where necessary to punish those who have violated the Traditions.

As an American politician once said, “I may walk slowly, but never backward.”

In the coming nights, I ask all of you to look to the other Clans of the City.  Work with them, understand them, and look beyond the petty slights which have brought this city to its knees.  Only as one were we able to free ourselves from the yoke of Stein, stave off the siege of the Sabbat or turn this city into one of the most powerful on the East Coast.  I ask you all, once more, to stand with me, as we remove the infernal from our city once and for all, and secure our futures for ourselves and our Childer alike.

At this coming Gathering, I hope to see all Kindred of Orlando present, as I lay out the future for this fine city and make an announcement that will affect us all.

Yours in service to the Ivory Tower,

Vicenzo Quintia Vitale




Elysium Art on the Rise?

by Ty McFearson

It seems artistic representation has been on the rise here in Orlando, thank the Justicariate, and a lot of that contribution has been thanks to two of our local Primogen. Primogen Mouse, of Clan Malkavian, and Primogen Sofia, of Clan Toreador, both have been classing up the joint much to all of our pleasures!

Beyond general maintenance of the Elysium as well as taking care of the needs of many Kindred, Mouse has taken the time to take care of the art displays in Elysium as well as contribute. If you have not had time to listen to her soulful tones as she sways on the microphone, you are truly missing out. Not since the times of former Seneschal Kennedy and Bee of Clan Brujah has such grace touched our hearts as she sings. She has a unique way of performing that really pulls on the emotional heartstrings, even touching those as normally distant and emotionally heartless as Seneschal Joseph to be moved to tears with sorrow or raised to cheers with joy.

Primogen Sofia has been doing her share as well, before she took over the role of Greatest Rose in the garden. Her moves on the stage as Mouse sings are sublime, like poetry in motion. Her dances have entranced and enraptured many a Kindred soul, her glistening eyes trapping out hearts with each flutter and her voice is a beautiful silken tone that slides over you like a comfortable blanket. If you have not seen her perform, you have been missing out and I suggest you ask her for that distinct pleasure. I also hope she charges appropriately for the honor!

Here’s hoping they will inspire others as well as their clanmates to provide more examples of art into the Elysium for display. I am happy to award the status of Loyal to whichever Kindred supplies the best art this weekend to the gathering, and my two judges will be Primogen Sofia and Primogen Mouse!




Editorial: You Are Not Prepared

By Ty McFearson

You think you’re ready for this, don’t you? You’ve spent years planning for this, working not just your body but mind and soul in preparation for the day you’d finally have your only goal. Every step you’ve taken, every Status gathered, every alliance made. All of it has been for this one moment. You pause now to reflect back, to look on your laurels and rest. But let me tell you something, something everyone around you is unwilling to say.

You are not prepared.

You are not prepared for the work that goes into exactly what you’re striving for. There’s hours and hours of work a night, political acumen and navigation that you’re already not doing. It requires an understanding of Camarilla Tradition that you are CLEARLY lacking in despite my best efforts to lead a good example to everyone in both nearby Domains. You don’t have the advantage of surprise anymore, I spent countless years being taught how to look for the smallest knot inside a single strand of a small section of a large robe and use my claws to detangle it without damaging the whole robe. I know how this goes, where it goes and how it’s going to end. So I’m asking you, nay I’m begging you, don’t do this because you are not prepared.

My whole life I was created for a singular purpose, and thanks to the help of friends and loved ones I have seen past that. I have seen the person I could be if I simply strive forward with every step, pick myself up from failures and learn to humble myself. I admit when I’m wrong, I pay recompense for ill wishes and I am always willing to be flexible. I do that because I don’t just want to be the walking monster I was built to be, I want to be the poet in my heart. You are of similar design, you were raised and groomed and driven to this one purpose. You wouldn’t be where you are otherwise, with the allies you have or the political clout you have wielded for months, but I point out to you that you haven’t done the work that’s needed. You’ve walked the right path, and expected everything to fall into place because that’s the way of the world. It’s not the way of the world, work must be put in, and you are not prepared.

I wish you could be successful, I wish to the Justicariate that your actions would be good and bring peace to not just Orlando but Tampa as well. But I cannot see a way in which that happens, based on where we are now. I have read the political playing field, I have seen everyone arranged against you and I do not see a time in which this will go well for you in the near future. You are already in such an important place in Camarilla society, do not risk that high station you have achieved for something you feel is grander and greater. No matter how you justify it.

You are not prepared, do not follow your ambitions and plans into ruin.

Spotlight Of Praise: The Whippoorwills

by Ty McFearson

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest I would like to focus on that once a week. This week’s Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at the coterie known as The Whippoorwills.

Orlando has faced many challenges the past few months. Infernalists have assaulted us, demons have tried to trick us, our Elysium came under assault; but the city has persevered. Some Kindred of the Domain, however, deserve special recognition for their efforts in keeping the city safe.

Firstly, Established Elder Sigismondo our former Sheriff. Elder Sigismondo has fought numerous time to protect those of the city, both as Sheriff and as a concerned Elder. He has led many attacks for the city and saved many of our kind. We wish him the best in his return to the homeland and whatever may be awaiting him there. He will be missed. Secondly, Noble Primogen Sobaka. Sobaka and his Coterie have put their lives on the line repeatedly to gain the occult knowledge to fight the demons and infernalists threatening our city. Sobaka risked personal injury and defeated The Master, bringing vengeance to our domain. He has ventured into the Shadowlands and faced our enemies there. While his clan’s actions won’t allow him to hold more status, he is certainly deserving of praise.

Despite what some other Kindred may say, and what letters they decide to post in Elysium, we know that they have the cities best interest at heart and always strive to do the right thing. Let us hope that honest intent to do the right thing and take care of the people of Orlando holds true this upcoming gathering.




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