The News Worth Knowing Issue 15

The Harpy Nest Digest


A Seek of Whippoorwill

A gathering was hosted by the enigmatic Kindred, will their prophetic namesake of disaster foretell doom? Or just more good party times?

by Ty McFearson

The Whippoorwill Coterie hosted a gathering in celebration of the Spring this past Sunday, and it was just everything you could have wanted in a proper Camarilla gathering. The hosts, led by Elder Sobaka (Whip of Clan Gangrel), dazzled and delighted the city in their humble yet properly outfitted mansion hall. A great feast was held for the Whippoorwill’s to get to know the city, and celebrate in a traditional Russian style. Each member of the coterie was well-versed in civilized behavior, and nothing caught Master Harpy prima Dezz’s ire in how they handled themselves in this party. Good showing!

In honor of the sacred rites of Spring from Elder Sobaka’s homeland, a Symbel was held to celebrate and enjoy the evening. Roses were handed out to each Kindred who participated, and the rule was simple in that whomever had the most roses at the end of the night would be declared the winner. All they had to do was socially persuade the roses from other Kidnred and the winner would not only be seen as Victorious but also receive a Minor Boon from Elder Sobaka. After some fantastic work from the gathered Kindred there could be only one victor, and this night it was Jasmine Dupree of Clan Tremere.

As the evening went on, smaller and smaller circles began to form as is their way. The city was once again graced by the presence of Archon Maria St. Cristoph (who has a lot of free time as an Archon it seems) and there was some private discussions between her and Master Hapry Prima Dezz and the Prince. Could it be a discussion on the end of her Symbel, which is due to end on the 29th? Or could it be something more dire still that may have been foretold by the appearance of a Seek? Whatever may occur, it did not yet as of this night and we can continue to sit and sleep knowing we are safe and secured.






Status Updates

by Ty McFearson

Prince Vitale has extended his Acknowledgement to the following Kindred in his Domain; Balthier Grim of Clan Tremere (yes another) and Lisa Roberts of Clan Tremere. He also reaffirms his Acknowledgement of the “visiting” Archon Maira St. Cristoph and Khana.

Prince Vitale extends his blessing and names Elder Sobaka of Clan Gangrel as a Loyal member of his Domain and insists that everyone else should see him as such.

Master of Harpies Prima Dezz took a fair bit of time out of his busy night to name the following Kindred as not just Loyal to the Domain and the system of the Camarilla but Honorable as well: Whilpheow, Whip of Clan Gangrel Elder Sobaka, Primogen The Plague, Keeper of Elysium Halogi, Talon Tyranus “Ty” McFearson, Primogen Sigismondo Malatesta, Valentina Mezzanotte, Whip Joseph Vandenberg, Primogen “Big” Mack, Primogen Winston, Imogen, and Seneschal Tyvarious Monticello.

Master of Harpies Prima Dezz has found severe fault in his predecessor William Fue of Clan Toreador. Mr. Fue neglected the Harpy logs for months at a time, putting it upon his Talon to try and upkeep books which he had minimal access to. Mr. Fue also allowed the social game to slide. Further he kept poor boon logs, allowing many events supposedly recorded with him to not be logged and lost. For this, Master of Harpies Prima Dezz saw it fit to Warn him not just once, but to Warn him a second time for the severity of the offence. We hope he will take his time in Censure to learn as Sigismondo seems to be.




Possible Sheriff Replacements?

by Ty McFearson

It seems that infernalist issues continue to plague the city, as well as wayward magic troubles on a semi-regular occasion. All of this begs the question: where is the Sheriff and why has the Prince allowed this to continue? Every night the Primogen and their Whips engage in city affairs and assist with Masquerade-related issues more than the Sheriff, a man who has been missing since he traveled off to engage with Infernalists some time ago and hasn’t been seen since.

Could the Sheriff actually be dead? Is he instead corrupted, overtaken by the evil forces which haunt our city? Could he be working against us right now, an inferlaist Agent in our midst? All of these are possible, especially considering that the last time we had infernalist issues he was also here…

In his stead, several others have stepped up to the plate and have yet to be recognized for their hard work. Primogen Mack of Clan Assamite, Primogen Winston of Clan Nosferatu and Whip Joseph of Clan Ventrue have been leading many of the charges about the city to assist with issues. Aiding them as well are denizens of Tampa including Marcus and Wilhelm of Clan Tremere. Surely one of these fine Kindred can perhaps step into the role of Sheriff since they are doing the job without any kind of compensation at this time? And what of these visiting Archons, who have taken holiday here in Orlando. Perhaps one of them could assist and lend a hand while under the good graces of Prince Vitale?

No comment from the Prince at this time on what he intends to do on the matter of Sheriff, or if he intends to retire his Warlord position and fold it into the Sheriffs office proper.




Giovanni Struggles

by Ty McFearson

It seems that the Kindred who have arrived as representatives of the Independent Alliance are making a name for themselves, and not in a good way. Rafaello Giovanni was particularly rude to Seneschal Monticello and Elder Sobaka (host of last nights gathering). Foul language, disrespect and general unkempt behavior is not something you’d expect from Emissary’s of a particular political faction but there you go. It seems the Independent Alliance also struggles with teaching proper people skills to their childer as Luca Giovanni allowed their improperly educated childe to wander freely about the gathering and generally make the rest of the Independent Alliance look quite poor.

This coupled with the fact the Giovanni have felt it vital to put their nose into magical issues the Tremere were handling, and the sudden rise in necromancy-related problems, leads many to whisper and wonder what EXACTLY are they doing here in the city. We here at the Harpy’s nest hope they can find public and proper ways to make amends and mend broken bridges.




New Socialites on the Rise

by Ty McFearson

Well well well, Clan Tremere it seems isn’t just known for their brains and penchant for lighting things on fire these nights! During the Symbel hosted by the Whippoorwill’s it seems Clan Tremere was determined to clean house. Moving with the alacrity of wills and wit their Clan is known for, they worked together to corner the market on roses in order to win the prize of the evening. Charming, delightful, socially aggressive and determined; these were all words that marked the Tremere this night. It seems there can be only one winner however, and that winner was Jasmine Dupree by a wide margin! She charmed and dazzled in an almost magical way to her victory, as did most of Clan Tremere as they rallied behind her in her efforts. She not only one the Symbel but the acclaim of Elders Sigismondo, Sobaka and Mack.

Not only charming all the lovely folks in the gathering, Clan Tremere did good work making inroads with the other members of the city as well. At one point in the evening even Primogen Mack of Clan Assamite couldn’t help but be charmed by their grace and poise, leaving several of the Toreador watching from the sidelines quietly observing the situation at hand. Prince Kennedy of Tampa at several points seemed poised to overtake the Clan in the arena of social grace, but in the end he too was unable to match their charm and decorum.

Clan Tremere certainly made a name for themselves in the social arena, it’s lovely to see the Clan blossom into proper Camarilla civility and tradition! Let’s hope to see more of it in the coming nights.




Spotlight Of Praise: Sigismondo Malatesta

by Ty McFearson

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest we would like to focus on that once a week. This week’s Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at Brujah Primogen Sigismondo Malatesta.

Often in former reports, this Kindreds name ahs come up time and time again in a negative spotlight. Be it his brutal actions on how he handles his lessers, his overly fond attachment to other Elders of other Clans or his penchant for physical violence; these are all issues Mr. Malatesta has struggled with. At one point it was so severe that the Office of Harpy felt it needed to issue a Warned Censure against the Elder Primogen to put a check on his behavior. We are happy to report that this meeting of the minds and Censure has proven successful, and Primogen Sigismondo has been a model Camarilla member since.

Often times many Kindred can react poorly to such a situation occurring, lashing out or taking offense and not heeding the delicate situation for what it is. Not Primogen Malatesta however, he has acknowledged his faults and stoically committed to proving he is worth the standing of both Primogen and Elder. He has respected the measure of his censure to the letter, and has been overheard explaining his censure as well as using it as an example to others who may cause strife. Letting his hair down, so to speak, Primogen Malatesta has become quite the social charmer in recent nights and both respectful and noteworthy in his respect for Camarilla traditions.

In a situation where he could have taken it down a dark path, Primogen Sigismondo Malatesta has risen to the occasion and acted with all the grace and example that an Elder and Primogen should lead with. We applaud his good work, and happily look forward to the evening that his Censure is up.




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