The News Worth Knowing Issue 26

The Harpy Nest Digest


A New Era Begins

Change is not a thing that happens often, but change is what occurred this past Saturday. Read all about it!

by Tyranus McFearson

To remain indifferent to the challenges we face is indefensible. If the goal is noble, whether or not it is realized within our lifetime is largely irrelevant. What we must do therefore is to strive and persevere and never give up. -Dalai Lama

You know what I love, Orlando? Calm, quiet nights where the Camarilla hosts a gathering. I love seeing the various Elders and coteries jockey for political strength in the city and try and earn boons and status. I love seeing Clan politics play out in dramatic fashion, and I love hearing the reports of our more martial Kindred ending threats to the city. I love art being displayed in gatherings and speaking matters of philosophy with various Ancilla and Elders who learned at the feet of some of the greatest minds in history.

When exactly can we get back to that?

Last gathering was an exercise in mostly wasted time, with a few bright points to highlight the city. The city did get moved under a new Praxis and it is off to a promising head start, but the mess and muck left by the previous administration still lingers like an unseen stain of cat urine on a mattress. Clans Malkavian, Tremere and Brujah all worked very hard this past gathering to protect the Masquerade and aid the city in solving issues and we offer thanks to their countless works…but much of their work wouldn’t need to be done had the previous Praxis not allowed things to get as bad as it had. Had Elder Vitale not paid assassins to murder his own Primogen and frame it on the infernalists, perhaps the city would be saved by now.

Speaking of Masquerade Breaches, what happens when an Elder decides they’re going to violate the 6th Tradition so hard that they destroy huge swathes of Orlando International Airport during the daytime? That’s also a Masquerade Breach, one beyond all of our abilities to clean up. When these events occurred through the night, our Neonates and ANcila had the common sense and ability to correct any breaches for the safety of us all. What gives Mack the right to break the Masquerade, get caught on camera doing such and then just walk into a gathering like it’s any given Sunday?

Instead of enjoying polite politics or arguing with the Anarch Movement on the nature of freedom and Republics, I was forced to once again fight for my very life while Clan Giovanni and Clan Assamite tried to murder me. It’s really getting old and I wish they would stop, because they are just so bad at this. Just so everyone is aware, attempting to murder someone without the Right of Destruction in a gathering is a BAD idea. Causing another Masquerade Breach in that situation is also a BAD idea.

So as you can see, last gathering was quite a mess that was left for us to clean up as Elder Vitale left with bells on his heels. Thank goodness we have a new Praxis who is willing and able to assist the city in doing the right thing and settling things down. Prince Vandenberg has already shown a keen mind for priorities, handling tasks at the right time and when to delegate tasks to others. Clan Tremere is working with the Praxis on the matters they investigated for the safety of the city, and Clan Gangrel is still spearheading the demon situation we were unable to handle because once again the actions of Clan Assamite and Clan Giovanni interfered.

We continue to walk forward, striving and growing for a better tomorrow. I hope to have more positive news as I observe and write about the first successful week of the new Vandenberg Praxis.






Status and City Officer Updates

by Tyranus McFearson

Our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change. -Martin Luther King Jr.

Prince Vicenzo Vitale has been called up by his Clan for higher service. To this point he has stepped down from Praxis. In an effort to keep the peace and stability of the city intact, Joseph Vandenberg has claimed Praxis over the Domain of Orlando. Long live Prince Vandenberg!

Prince Vandenberg has appointed Elder Sobaka of Clan Gangrel to the position of Seneschal. With his departure, this means Clan Gangrel is currently without a Primogen. I’m sure that will be sorted in enough time.

Prince Vandenberg has appointed Imogen of Clan Nosferatu as his Keeper of Elysium. He has decided to forgive her act of Diablerie that she has tried to hide, in order to better allow her a handle on managing Elysium. I’m sure this will not at all go poorly for her or anyone else.

At this time, Prince Vandenberg is still taking resumes for potential Sheriffs. Must be willing to investigate masquerade issues, work with others in combat scenarios, must be a member of the Camarilla.

Prince Vandenberg has appointed a Scourge, but chooses to keep their name silent at this time. If I were you, I’d watch your back if you’re not an acknowledged member of the Camarilla inside of Orlando.

Cordelia Rothschilde was appointed to the position of Ventrue Primogen, and has not appointed a Whip at this time. We shall see how long she is able to hold the position, or if she is moved to a different position as Clan Ventrue shuffles its local ranks.

Once again, it seems that Elder Simon is the Toreador Primogen. He has selected Elder William Fue as his Whip, who was unavailable for comment on how his Primogen pulled this strange feat of politics off.

Because I tire of seeing this flip-flopping mess in Clan Toreador, nor do I think it socially wise for Clan Toreador to select a Kindred who has sold out the Camarilla to the Giovanni (and who seems to prefer their company to his own Clans’), I decided to give Clan Toreador till sunrise on Sunday morning to select a new Primogen whom might represent their Clan with grace and poise. I did let them know that their Clan would be seen in a poor light socially by the rest of the city if they didn’t select for themselves a better choice of Primogen. It seems that Clan Toreador has decided to call my bluff, and I am not a person who lies. To that end I see the following Kindred as Warned for their inability to work together as a clan and prevent a future embarrassment: Ami Akumi, Cassia Maior, Doctor Z, Prince Kennedy, Archon Maria St. Christoph, Mariano Fabbri, Morgan Discol, Persephone Monet, Quinn, Samuel Blood, Sapphire, Prima Dezz, Primogen Simon, Sofia Amati, Vivica Reece, Whip WIlliam Fue, and Zhu Li. Of these Kindred, only Morgan Discol and Sofia Amati have avoided this Censure as they have been politically wise enough to garner measures of status and thus these two are not Warned. If by this time next week Primogen Simon is still Primogen, not only will there be another round of Censure but there will be further punishment tied to such Censure. Of course I have no issue removing this Censure from Clan Toreador as soon as they fix their social slight to the Praxis and Orlando.

Primogen Simon of Clan Toreador is seen as Warned for not honoring his Clans promise. Last gathering, The Toreador Primogen promised on behalf of his whole Clan that Clan Toreador would host the gathering and put on a performance. Since Primogen Simon failed to follow through with the promise set by the Primogen to the Praxis, his Censure is justly earned.

Primogen Mouse of Clan Malkavian has taken Dissonance on as her new Whip after the murder of The Plague by the Assamite known as Mack. Good luck Dissonance!

Primogen Mouse of Clan Malkavian would like to see her new Whip Dissonance as Loyal in the Camarilla. Good job protecting your own!

For his efforts to Clan Malkavian as well as to the city, Primogen Mouse would like to see Sir Price of Clan Malkavian as Loyal. Thank you for your service, Sir Price.

Piter of Murom is the new Primogen of Clan Nosferatu. Winston, in his grief, could not find the heart for politics anymore. Winston has agreed to step back into the Whip role and help guide Piter of Murom through his first nights in the new role, and to always be there in support of his fellow Nosferatu.

It seems that Primogen Mack decided to find himself a Whip for his Clan to run things while he is off murdering innocent Kindred. This Whip is named Elijah, and he is very good at holding surprised Kindred at gunpoint and shooting them in the face. Sadly he is a little wrapped up in matters at this time, but if you have any messages for him I can pass them along personally.

Elijah of Clan Assamite, Whip to Primogen Mack of Clan Assamite, is seen as Warned for the poor taste of shooting me in the face as I am Favored by Elder Virgil. He is taking some time out to properly understand the density of his situation.

Primogen Mack of Clan Assamite is now Warned for the fourth and fifth time. The 4th time was for attacking the Plague who is Favored by Elder Pree. The 5th time was for attacking me who is Favored by Elder Virgil. And considering he spoke to an officer of the Camarilla without them acknowledging him first, Mack has broken all 5 of his Warned Censures and will be also seen as Disgraced for every one of his censures (that’s 5 just so you can recap). Remember folks, if you see Mack in public from now on you can publicly insult him and be seen as Praised if the insults are creative enough! What are you gonna do Mack, try and kill me again?

Prince Vandenberg would like to see Tyranus McFearson (that’s me) as both Loyal and Honorable in the Camarilla. Thank you for recognizing my service.

Just a reminder that there is a standing bounty on members of Clan Giovanni to be staked and delivered to the Prince. The Giovanni must remain alive, simply torpored and staked. I must be present to witness the delivery and verify their identities. I have upped the ante, and am paying 1 Blood Boon for each Giovanni delivered in such a manner. I, of course, will only be paying these boons to members of the Camarilla (so Anarchs, you also have a shot!).

Because Cordelia Rothschild has continued to promise Clan Ventrue’s support of the office of Master of Harpies, I see it only fit to see her as Loyal in the Camarilla. Now perhaps participate in the boon economy so you can remove that Lesser Status Ban?

I find it incredibly in poor taste to openly laugh and state your intentions to murder anyone who disagrees with your political stance and state your entire reason for being in a city is to illegally murder Camarilla citizens, so I choose to see Quill of Clan Assamite as Warned. As part of his Censure he shall be forbidden to work on, help issue or have anything at all to do with contracts for “sanctioned” murder. Should Quill violate this, he will be seen in Disgrace. What are you gonna do, try and kill me again?

For violating the Major Boon given to him by The Plague, a Major Boon given in apology for a slight, I see Elder Vicenzo Vitale Disgraced as a Boon Breaker. The Major Boon paid to Vitale should have covered the matter, its intended purpose. Instead Vitale turned around and hired a group of murderous assassin’s to have The Plague killed, and they had the specific instructions from Vitale himself to blame it on an infernalist to protect him. This whole assassination attempt ruined the whole city’s chance at stopping the demon for good, and violated the trust his city put in him. Until Elder Vicenzo Vitale finds a way to make reparations to The Plague for the broken boon, he will continued to be seen as a Disgraced Boon Breaker.

I wish to see Elder Magick of Clan Assamite as Warned six times. Operating an assassination ring within the heart of the Camarilla and using it to violate the Traditions is not proper behavior for an Elder. Prompting young Ancilla and other Kindred to murder a sitting Primogen and Master of Harpies isn’t the best lessons to teach the young. Working alongside the Independent Alliance in the form of Clan Giovanni to murder Primogen and a Master of Harpies is also not the best example to set. Each Warned Censure stands for each member involved in this attempted murder, ordered at his hand, and every attack that involved a Favored. As part of his Censure, Elder Magick is unable to issue any contracts for “sanctioned” murder. Should he violate this, he will be seen in Disgrace. I am willing to, of course, remove two of these Warned Censures if Elder Magick provides evidence that his Justicar sent him to the work as official Archon in organizing and controlling these murders. What are you gonna do, try and kill me again?




What Is The Mountain?

by Tyranus McFearson

You see a mousetrap; I see free cheese and a fucking challenge! -Scroobius Pip

The Mountain, also known as الجبل, is a legendary location in Kindred legend and lore. The ancient citadel of Clan Assamite from the days long before the Camarilla, it is their ancestral home where they train in the deadly arts of murder and perfected the abilities that they terrified the Camarilla with for centuries. A home of monstrous Elders who practice ritual diablerie, foul magics which border on the infernal and a place where humanity is stripped away to making them perfect killers…this and more have been whispered about this far-off land. How many of the stories are simply that, stories and legends meant to scare the young into better behavior? It is a concrete and undeniable fact that a section of the Clan left from their ancestral homes to join the Camarilla. It has always been said they left the barbaric practices of their homeland to find peace and a better way with the Camarilla, to that end they have been awarded a Justicar and a seat at our grand table. They have even confirmed some of the horrific rumors over time, as reasons to leave. But what if it was for a darker purpose still, to undermine the Camarilla from within?

Recently there was a horrific assault on Camarilla Kindred here in Orlando as members of Clan Assamite and Clan Giovanni attempted to assassinate The Plague (former Primogen of Clan Malkavian) and former Sheriff Sigismondo (Elder of Clan Brujah). While at first my investigations showed simply that Clan Assamite and Clan Giovanni attempted to murder The Plague now thanks to the words of Primogen Simon of Clan Toreador, I found out that there was an organization called the Mountain behind such attacks. Perplexed, and not wanting to question the word of an Elder, I began to investigate what this Mountain was and how they could be behind the attack on our Traditions. What I found shocked and horrified me.

My first clues led me to the myths and legends of  الجبل, which they will in any typical search on the term. A few Elders I spoke with did explain that those Assamites who left their original homeland and joined the Camarilla did so in order to escape their bloody past. They explained that these Assamites wanted to be a part of the civilized Camarilla, and while all that made sense then who was using this term? Were Primogen Simon, Clan Giovanni and Clan Assamite still connected with and close allies with a group of infernal ritual diablerists who kill in a form of ritual sacrifice to a blood god? Surely not, right?

After speaking with an Elder that specializes in combating infernal foes and is quite knowledgeable on all matters of the Camarilla, I learned a horrific truth: that The Mountain is a real thing inside the Camarilla and sponsored by an Elder of Clan Assamite. The words they spoke and I was able to follow up with and investigate became truly terrifying. Elder Magick of Clan Assamite operates The Mountain inside of Camarilla cities and domains, he uses it to train and control his operatives to carry out missions he assigns. And what missions does he assign? According to Primogen SImon the answer is clear, assassination and murder within Camarilla Domains using whatever resources they have on hand.

It is clear that members of Clan Assamite, led by their Elder, have formed an organization similar in nature to the one of myth and legend whose purpose is to subvert the Traditions by performing murder for hire. They work alongside our sect enemies (in this case the Independent Alliance) to kill for what we can only assume is the same reason as their legendary counterparts, ritual diablerie and the worship of murder. They hide in the shadows, subverting our rule of law and the Praxis of any Domain they operate out of. Watch out and watch the shadows fellow Kindred, The Mountain is out to get you and will sacrifice your life for their foul rituals and traditions.




Quotable Quotes

by Tyranus McFearson

If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are? -T.S. Eliot

“I have a contract to kill him.” – Primogen Mack, speaking to a Sect officer, explaining why he was working with the Independent Alliance to kill me and creating a third massive Masquerade Breach in so many days.

“Maybe we can work these things out peacefully.” – Sergio Giovanni, to (then) Primogen Sobaka and Master of Harpies Tyranus McFearson before his fellow Independent Alliance members tried to kill me and created a Masquerade Breach to do so.

“There was no shame in my cookie eating. I did it proudly, in rebellious attitude to my Beast, and will not apologize for my cookie eating.”  – Lisa Roberts of Clan Tremere setting the record straight on her cookie eating.

“I’m only here to kill anyone who doesn’t do what you [Vitale] want.” – Quill of Clan Assamite, an unacknowledged Kindred in Orlando.

“Ty, I understand what you must do. I’m sorry for it, I understand.”  – The Disgraced Elder Vicenzo Vitale’s last words to me as he walked out of the gathering.

“I’m here to oversee official business.” – Archon Magick of Clan Assamite, shortly before his Assamites tried to murder me.

“Oh God!” – Gina Vitale, one of countless comments to the horror on display by the various inhumane Kindred allowed to roam the city under the watch of the Disgraced Vicenzo Vitale.




Official Courtesies of Orlando

By Tyranus McFearson

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”― Lao Tzu

The Prince has released the following list of courtesies that will be upheld and maintained in the Praxis of Orlando. Read these, know these.

1.    The city of Orlando does not recognize the legality of any boons exchanged for the murder of another Kindred. It does not abide contact killings or torporings without express permission from the Prince. This ban, though recognizing the prowess and honor of Clan Assamite, includes the general agreement on Assamite contracts as approved for use by the council which is forbidden in the city of Orlando. No Kindred of any clan may accept or carry out contract killings or torporings within the domain. If any Kindred is found to be doing so it carries the full weight of the tradition violation that it is. All violators will be bloodhunted.
2.    Elysium is sacrosanct but it is also a covenant of honor amongst our fellows. The city of Orlando will lay unforgiving punishments on any city member who violates it. All Kindred should feel safe in attendance. We do not however consider that sanctity violated by attacks from without. Our enemies have no honor and thus cannot be held to it. Kindred of Orlando can fight in defense of their Elysium, and those attacks upon us will not be considered a violation. In peace we may afford the luxury of pristine walls, but in war we know our sacred duty is to the ramparts.
3.    The city of Orlando is vast. It is beholden on us to divide our authorities to allow the widest range of talent. Unless a suitable person is truly unable to be found, no Kindred shall hold any two major city positions. This structure will not include deputy positions which may be held in congruence with a major position elsewhere.
4.    We in Orlando hold courtesy to the highest standard, and we are not fools. The Harpy shall interrupt sarcasm and mockery beyond just their words and hold kindred to account for their obvious intents.

5.    Archons and Justicars visiting the domain must present cause to remain in attendance that is commiserate with their official duties. If they are not working in that capacity they may not claim those authorities and privileges and must reside here as Kindred of their normal station.
6.    Do not attempt to seduce or sleep with Gina Vitale.
7.    The Prince reserves the rights and privileges of any office they so choose in a time of conflict.
8.    The Praxis recognizes the Soul, Heart, and Mind of any given Kindred as their own domain. Actions against them, taken without prior permission (by the one effected, or by the Praxis, Sheriff, or Keeper in defense of the city) may be claimed as a violation of such.

9.    The Praxis recognizes the supremacy of its status jurisdiction on its own citizens versus that of other domains. The Praxis reserves the right to revoke status adjudication on its citizens from foreign realms and claims full status jurisdiction of its own members.
10.    One must show a proficiency with the traditions and courtesies in order to gain
acknowledgment in Orlando. It will behoove any travelling kindred to familiarize themselves with them prior to arrival.




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