The News Worth Knowing Issue 5

The Harpy Nest Digest


A Celebration of Janus

The January Gathering truly lived up to its namesake, and only in this OFFICIAL publication will you see how the dramatic events unfolded…

by Ty McFearson

The splendor, the Majesty, the opulence! What a gathering of heroes, and what a marvelous location to be in! This first gathering of the new year was hosted by Clan Toreador at the Orlando Opera House and it was every bit as amazing as it had every right to be. Kindred arrived for miles around to see and be seen on such a place, and through adversity the Clan of the Rose hosted quite the affair! Bravo Clan Toreador!

It was truly a night to be seen as there were a great gathering of Elders and visiting dignitaries who graced us with their time and words of wisdom. Prince Kennedy of Clan Toreador ceremonially gave the key to the Opera House to Elder Tyvarius to ensure its continued safety, and he dazzled all with his charm and wit as well as allowing us to meet more of his new Domain members and officers. Tampa is sure to be in good hands!

As well, we had our city graced by visitation from Iblis the current Anarch Baron who resides within Polk County. Baron Iblis was kind enough to detail for any who asked what area the Anarchs secured for themselves, as well as his appreciation for the Opera House and our well run Elysium. A refreshing conversationalist, it was nice to hear from such a well spoken chap.

Saturday evening was also a fantastic example of politicking and wonderful use of the Camarilla system of boons and standing, good job everyone! Several new boons were recorded in Harpy Fue’s log, as well as measures of standing being respected by several Kindred. Everyone’s efforts are as always appreciated, and we thank fine kindred like Elrich Sydney for demonstrating the proper use of boons for trade of service.

There were some officer changes as well. The position of Harpy Talon was given to Ty McFearson to much delight. The Toreador Primogen will now be Tyvarius who took Morgan on as a Whip. The Prince did not announce a new Seneschal, much to severals disappointment, but he did name a new Warlord in Dr. Thaddeus Mezzanotte. Congrats to all the new changes!

In other news, apparently 10pm is meeting time here in Orlando so do be cautious when planning your evening! There were no less than three meetings of Kindred all taking place at that hour mark, though perhaps not all of them were public knowledge. One meeting of particular note involved a host of shadowed figures all meeting at a mortal establishment to discuss affairs of the city…what intrigue! We can only hope that meeting was smoother than any the Prince found himself in. It seems Prince Vicenzo can’t go more than 15 feet some nights without someone or another requesting meeting after meeting with him. Camarilla Pro-Tip: not everything is super vital that requires the Prince to weigh in on, perhaps try the Sheriff or your Primogen first before bothering him? At the very least let the man have time to smoke his cigar.

Sadly, the evening took a dark turn when Bruce of Clan Brujah brought it to the attention of others about a twisted event occurring. It seemed some mortal infernalists were using their evil powers to corrupt mortal minds and attempted to use a profane ritual to summon demonic masters to the earth. The Sheriff, Bruce and Billiam helped organize strike teams to go after the three men who were attempting this ritual. The scenes that took place were horrific and not for the faint of heart.

Of the three, , the events that occurred along the banks of Lake Eola were the most horrific. A little over 100 innocent men and women were held in sway by this mortal infernalist, magically compelled to listen and obey his every word. This vile wretch of a man then began to lead these men and women to the water’s edge where he baptized them in a profane act that involved drowning each in time as a sacrifice to his demonic Master. The Kindred Of Orlando rushed to save as many as they could, and in the end while they had defeated the mortal servant of Evil Itself the dark powers still lingered but a moment longer and compelled many of the innocent victims to take knives out and ritualistic stab themselves through the heart. We ask that you say a prayer for those twenty-two lost souls along the shores of Lake Eola, as well as the others that died that night. We will be posting updates on this situation as more details arise and comments are received.






Infernalism Run Amuck!

by Ty McFearson

On top of the mortal issues, it seems that Infernal issues have plagued the city for years. First inspired by the Infernalist Stein, it appears another Kindred has taken up that mantle within Orlando and is spreading chaos and fear amongst the citizens. Months ago there was an issue with letters arriving or appearing out of nowhere, possessing dark infernal markings as well as appearing out of thin air and compelling its discoverers to open them. It seems this has once again occured in Orlando, with more mysterious letters arriving and now compelling random Kindred to open them. Some have been simple curses and hexes inside, one contained a scroll to sell your soul with to a demon and later erupted into green infernal flame. It seems this secret infernalist still haunts out city, despite our Sheriff and his deputies abilities to catch them. Who will snuff out this blot in our fair city, who will end the Kindred currently haunting our nightmares? And who is this individual, is it a holdover from Stein or a member of the Sabbat? Or perhaps is it a Kindred hiding within the Domain itself…?




Tampa Court Fills out

by Ty McFearson

Tampa grows, with it so does the prestige and glory of the Camarilla and Clan Toreador under the watchful eye of Prince Kennedy. Announced this past gathering, Tampa now has a host of new city officers as well as Primogen and territory. As reported earlier in December, Prince Kennedy of Clan Toreador rules tampa with Elder Daniel of Clan gangrel as his Seneschal. His new Harpy with be Elder Grimalkin of Clan Gangrel, and his new Sheriff is Image of Clan Tremere, and at this time there is no Keeper of Elysium as there is no Elysium to keep 9and Prince Kennedy has no interest in building one until the city is fully secured). His Primogen are now Elder Thomas Gunn of Clan Brujah, Elder Wilhelm of Clan Tremere and Lucretia Mezzanotte of Clan Ventrue.

Prince Kennedy decrees that Tampa’s Rack will be Ybor City, and free travel is allowed along the Interstates between territory. Prince Kennedy also states that the Primogen of each Clan have control over their territory, up to and possibly including Destruction to secure their holdings…so I would call first before any unexpected random visits. Further, Seneschal Daniel wanted to clarify (and Prince kennedy supported his Seneschal in stating) that “If someone tries to kill a member of the camarilla in Tampa without the Princes approval or Right of Destruction, I (Daniel) will put them down.”




Clan Ventrue Remains Consistent!

by Ty McFearson

Rumors swirled around in regards to the nature of Clan Ventrue as of late, and we here are happy to put to bed several instances of such. As announced earlier, several members of the Ventrue Clan are heading over to Tampa to help found the city and establish territory. What is unique is that all the Ventrue heading over belong to the Mezzanotte family, a tight night bloodline of ventrue who migrated to the America’s last year as a unit but now seem content to be spreading about the state. WOnders have unfolded if there had been a rift in the new Ventrue who came in and those established under Prince Vicenzo, but thankfully we can quell those rumors. Dr. Thaddeus commented that “Family is first and foremost in everything we do. There is no civil war in Clan Ventrue”. Thankfully we can all rest assured that there is no rift or divide in the Clan that our Prince is a member of, straight from the horse’s mouth! Any such continued rumors of a civil war and a divide amongst Clan ventrue, we were informed, should be directed towards either Dr. Thaddeus or Primogen Sigismundo of Clan Brujah.




The Curious Nature of Elaine

by Ty McFearson

It seems a unique activity occured at the gathering this past night which has brought many sharp resolutions and bladed tempers to light. A brief encounter between Patrick O’Brien of Clan Assamite and Elaine (formerly represented by Clan Toreador, of the bloodline of the Tzimisce) started with a simple brush against each other in a hallway that lead to physical violence. Shortly after the touch, Elaine began to burst blood from her pores as if sweating profusely and patrick swung his sword with lethal intent into the self-styled Queen of the Magic Kingdom. Elaine appeared to be enacting some kind of magic ritual before her work was cut short by a sudden burst of blood from her tear-ducts/ears/nostrils. Collapsing forward, she appeared almost dead except that her ritual seemed to have teleported her to safety just in time. Patrick was quite angered at the loss of his prey, loudly proclaiming that the Prince had ordered her death.

For those not in the know, Elaine was a former Sabbat Bishop from Tampa who had escaped and sought sanctuary in the Camarilla under Prince Vicenzo’s rule. She and the rest of her followers settled in the Magic Kingdom, where according to Prince Kennedy she provided valuable assistance not just in liberating Orlando from the control of the infernalist Stein but as well the removal of the Sabbat from Tampa. She was seen publicly in a mostly neutral light until recently, when issues involving her childer  the Bloodhunted Leigh and a fuss-about in Clan Toreador brought a harsh light on her and her ilk. Since then it seems that tragedy had continued to follow her as she offered up her childer in a show of respect to the Prince, her haven and holdings burned to the ground by Vengeful Sabbat who wanted her dead for her betrayal and finally it seems a public attack authorized by the Prince Himself involving Clan Assamite (and potentially Clan Tremere owing to the sudden blood leaking from her skull which has been a hallmark of Elder Vega).

But this story has a strange twist in it.

Turns out, Patrick did NOT have Right of Destruction over Elaine. When later asked about why he ordered the death of Elaine, Prince Vicenzo said “I did no such thing, nor did I grant Right of Destruction.” A crease formed on his brow and he quickly walked off, summoning both his Sheriff and the Assamite Primogen into a heated discussion that lasted for a great part of the evening. As of this writing, there has been no further public statement on the situation from Prince Vicenzo and his city officials, or the Primogen Council. We call upon the Prince to speak on the record and give comment to the situation at hand, lest the situation spiral further out of control. At this time, it appears that a member of Clan Assamite and possibly a member of Clan Tremere took it upon themselves to violate one of the Traditions and attempt to claim Right of Destruction over an acknowledged Kindred.

Elder Tyvarius, Primogen Of Clan Toreador, had this to add about this occurrence and the other small moments of vulgarities witnessed:

“Greetings to the Tower of Orlando.
The family of the Rose wishes to express their gratitude at all of those that graced us with their presence.

Though the majority who showed acted in an appropriate manner, there were some hiccups. I must pen this with the utmost sincerity , please do realize where you are gathering and then act appropriately. Or perhaps do not show, just something to think about.

As of this moment I will not point out those that were insulting, vulgar, and deserving to be bred with goats. This time.

Tyvarius Monticello
Speaker for the Rose”

We will keep you briefed on the situation as it develops.




Questions for the Harpy Office

by Ty McFearson

One of our loyal readers submitted this question to us here at the Harpy’s Nest, and we are pleased to offer a response!

Dear Ty,

You seem to have eyes and ears within the City. I have been out of touch for some time owing to an unanticipated trip. What could you tell me of the City’s current climate? Any information you would share would be most appreciated.    

Sincerely, Historically Minded

Well Historically, the city certainly has changed a great deal in the recent nights I will provide you an update with where we stand at the beginning of 2018. As Prince we remain having Prince Vicenzo of Clan Ventrue, as stalwart and strong as ever. The Seneschal spot remains open at this time, however he does have a few in mind (and when asked about why the continued vacancy he said ‘Seneschal will be someone NOT amongst Clan ventrue in order to ensure equal representation in the city”). Acting as interim Seneschal and Warlord of the city is Dr. Thaddeus Mezzanotte of Clan ventrue (the Mezzanotte family I hear have beautiful rose gardens). Sheriff is Mr. Wylde of Clan Lasombra (which is a unique choice in of itself), whom has a rotating set of deputies that I find it hard to keep track of. Keeper of Elysium is The Plague of Clan Malkavian (and Elysium has never been more secure than in the days of the Tremere holding it so good job to him). Harpy is Mr. Fue of Clan Toreador (who gave me a comment in regards to this question/answer section which was “Good Idea Ty”) and Ty (that’s me) act as his official Talon. The Primogen seats all full (ish), which is nice. Brujah are led by Elder Sigismundo (a man of blunt words and fists) with no Whip. Malkavian have Krazy (his name, not a nickname I swear) who have no Whip. Ventrue are led by Lady Charlotte (the never around) and her newest Whip is Joseph Vandenberg (seriously, do not get on his bad side because this guy is cold as ICE). Assamite are led by Lady Mairya (the leather that fits like a glove hides the deadly weapon within) who has no Whip. Nosferatu are led by Billaim (aka the Bossferatu) and his newest clan member for Whip is Imogen (formerly Malkavian, formerly Setite). The Gangrel are led by Elder Thorn (a man of few words and fewer appearances) who has no Whip. Toreador are led by Elder Tyvarius Monticello (who always is the best dressed in the room) and his Whip is Morgan (who is awesome and gonna do a super good job). Lastly, the Tremere are led by Lou Warren (whom has been having her Clan work for her so much that I don’t even need to see her really…) and has named no Whip at this time.

All in all, the city is in good spirits! They are strong and united and are not all inhuman monsters so that’s a good thing! Hope I was able to answer your question!




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