The News Worth Knowing Issue 6

The Harpy Nest Digest


Tampa to Host First Gathering!

The Court is prepared to Host their first offices gathering, but will their plans survive contact with the social intricacies of the Camarilla…?

by Ty McFearson

As announced this week, the Sovereign Prince Kennedy of Tampa will be hosting the very first gathering in his new city. Hosted inside the historic club The Castle, this gathering will be a Masquerade ball so make sure to dress to impress! The venue has been set as Masquerade Safe, so feel free to let your hair down because on the words of Prince Kennedy “Nothing is taboo when it comes to dress.” The event will be on January 28th, so make sure to check in with the Primogen or Seneschal before arriving!

As reported earlier in December, Prince Kennedy of Clan Toreador rules Tampa with Elder Daniel of Clan gangrel as his Noble Seneschal. His Prominent Harpy with be Elder Grimalkin of Clan Gangrel, his Privileged Sheriff is Image of Clan Tremere, and at this time there is no Keeper of Elysium as there is no Elysium to keep. His Noble Primogen are now Elder Thomas Gunn of Clan Brujah, Elder Wilhelm of Clan Tremere and Lucretia Mezzanotte of Clan Ventrue.

Prince Kennedy decrees that Tampa’s Rack will be Ybor City, and free travel is allowed along the Interstates between territory






Two Clans on a Collision Course?!

by Ty McFearson

Clan Ventrue and Clan Assamite have had a unique history inside and out of the Camarilla, but it seems there may be a situation brewing between them. All we have right now is based on conjecture, and we will follow up with more details as they become available, but it seems that Clan Ventrue is unwilling to relinquish the lands they claimed from the Magic Kingdom coterie and return them to Clan Assamite with whom they were originally held.

The history of the territory is turmoil at best. The territory was originally designated for Assamite and other non-pillar clans, but as time grew the Magic Kingdom coterie came to dominate the territory. After the Sabbat incursion to attack and chase out Elaine and her coterie was a success, Clan Ventrue moved to secure the territory and use it as a staging ground to attack at Tampa and act as a bulwark against further attacks. At this time, Clan Ventrue still holds the territory.

Unknown is the reason why Clan Ventrue at this time has not returned the territory to Clan Assamite, the only Pillar Clan without personal territory in Orlando. Further rumor says that Clan Ventrue expects one or several of the other Clans to give up their held territory to Clan Assamite.

This is a developing story, we hope to have comments from the involved parties for our next report.




Elysium Discussion Heats Up!

by Ty McFearson

It seems there have been matters of intense debate and verbal sparring between city officers in Elysium, and the first strikes seem to have been led by the Keeper of Elysium! Mr. The Plague, member of Clan Malkavian and currently the Guardian Keeper of Elysium, had a run in with the Noble Primogen Billiam Of Clan Nosferatu over the current position of Warmaster. Over the course of their debate Keeper The Plague challenged the position of Warmaster repeatedly, asking if the Prince had so little faith in his Sheriff that he had to appoint a unofficial Camarilla position with one of his own Clanmates, and what war we currently were at that required a new position to be created. Primogen Billiam responded back that while we were not at war currently it was not a bad idea to have someone to keep us prepared for the next war (for example St. Augustine he hinted at), said that it was not the Sheriff’s job to marshal the militant forces for combat in defense of the city because the Sheriff should be marshaling a small group of deputies to strike as the Prince commands and not leading armies into battle, and further pointed out that Keeper The Plague spends all his time “sit here playing with your dolls (in reference to Mouse and Cat) while the rest the city is our risking their necks…I take High Offence”.

Just a small aside in reference to the Warmaster vs. Sheriff debate; when the city needed to marshal their defenses and militant fighters to stop the infernalist last gathering it was the Sheriff by personal command of Prince Vicenzo who organized our forces and the Warmaster did not lead a single team or organize.

This feeds further into the previously reported clash that Clan Malkavian and Clan Nosferatu seem to be having, spilling out to a more public manner. The Prince has given no comment on the matter, nor have either city officers decided to report boons to the Harpies Nest, nor have either city officer pressed with their status to prove a victor in their debate.

Not wanting to be outdone however, it seems that Noble Primogen Sigismondo ran afoul of the Ventrue Whip Joseph Vandenberg recently as well. The Ventrue Whip took offense that the Brujah Primogen took it upon himself to offer to the Talon that he should direct questions of rumors of this “Ventrue Civil War” to him instead of the Ventrue Primogen or Ventrue Whip. Mr. Vandenberg was a credit to his Clan and held his own in debate with the Brujah Primogen, gaining the upper hand in conversation at several points. Thankfully both Kindred were quite civilized and settled the matter between themselves, which is always a wonderful sight to see.




The Elaine Situation: Ongoing

by Ty McFearson

As promised, we have updates on the current situation with Elaine and the incident from last Gathering.

The Prince clarified once more with a personal letter to the Harpy Nest which reads “It is clear that Mr. Patrick O’Malley assaulted and attempted to stake Elaine, a Kindred of low standing in this city.” It is clear that he wrote with Authority and clarified for us that Patrick did NOT, in fact, attempt to kill Elaine but simply attempted to stake her. We appreciate the clarification on that, as does the city. I’m sure no one would want to hear that anyone is attempting to violate the 6th Tradition, that’s no fun for anyone.

And yet despite what the Prince says, evidence is showing that she was in fact killed. A ghoul of hers, being held for questioning in regards to the Bloodhunted Leigh, reported the bloodbond snap which only occurs in cases of death. As well, it has been reported that Patrick has been alluding to having killed Elaine shortly after the last gathering ended. Considering this new information, we await an update from Prince Vicenzo.

Further, Primogen Mairya seems to have taken personal offense to her Clanmates behavior. Commenting to the Harpy’s Nest, she made it known to us that she has had extensive talks with her Clanmates Patrick as well as the Kindred whom he upset the most; Mr. Elrich who hosted the gathering and was quite disturbed by the show of violence. Patrick agreed to pay Mr. Elrich a Major Boon for the inconvenience, which also satisfied Primogen Mairya.

We will continue to update on the situation if it develops further.




Questions for the Harpy Office

by Ty McFearson

This week we have another question from a member of the city, and we are happy to provide answers!

Dear Ty,

Long time reader, first time writer. You mentioned our new heroic Warleader last report. How can a kindred help the city of Orlando by enlisting? The chance to serve has been a distinguished honour over the years that many have embraced. How can Orlando residents make sure they’re doing their part?


Well BUBW, that’s a tricky situation! By going to enlist to help the Warleader, you do risk the ire of some of the city who are not in favor of such a position at all. Your best bet is to offer yourself to Mr. Wylde as a deputy sheriff. If you’re still set on your path, perhaps you should try speaking with the Ventrue Whip? That’s his Clanmates and Dr. Thaddeus is a stickler for protocol and etiquette so best have introductions made yeah?




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