The News Worth Knowing Issue 7

The Harpy Nest Digest


Gothic Masquerades, Modern Castles

Tampa hosted their first official gathering this past Sunday, and there was a lot riding on their shoulders…

by Ty McFearson

Tampa recently hosted their first event and it was quite lovely as to be expected of a Toreador Prince with something to prove! The location was kept secure by both Sheriff Image and Seneschal Daniel, with not a hint of a Masquerade Breech or a Sabbat inclusion to be seen. It was a good showing for the new city, as well as all the members of Orlando who arrived to celebrate the occasion!

Costumes aplenty were on display, with Prince Vicenzo and Prince Kennedy both making striking figures. Everyone worked hard on their outfits, even the one grunge rocker was elaborately put together as their Primogens attire! And we had travelers from all over visiting, the most famous being the Archon to the Nosferatu Justicar. Archon Maria was quite on display, her flowing gown all encompassing.

The good Archon put two contests to the city, the first being a art display for the new city as judged by the two Princes. So many fantastic singers and displays of art, of particular note was a Mr. Gantry who set a high bar with a fantastic musical number that touched every heart in the gathering. The other contest was to last a period of 2 months, whomever can collect the most Trivial boons (only one from each Kindred counts so no 5 Trivial from one person) will be seen as Victorious by the Archon Herself. So get to collecting!

Some spirited debate graced the floors of the gathering as well, from a member of Clan Brujah. Billy the Brujah, as he prefers to be called, spoke with all the vigor and passion expected of his Clan But was able to maintain his composure while doing so. Yes he did have some choice words to say about Prince Vicenzo, But was always respectful enough to know when to not cross a line. It was refreshing to hear debate and discourse happen in a gathering where threats of violence or ignorance of status were not the norm, kudos to Clan Brujah for smoothly maintaining the decorum!

Not everything was smooth as silk in the gathering, through no fault of Tampa’s or Orlando’s. It seems a Roman Emanuel Garza, Ambassador from the Anarchs in Polk County, decided he had the standing and place to step up to both Princes and insist that he be allowed to speak to the whole Primogen Council and Prince of Orlando at HIS pleasure next gathering! A Kindred without standing thinking he could simply demand a meeting with the Primogen Council and the Prince on a whim? Thankfully Noble Primogen Billiam and Noble Primogen Sigismondo were there to remind the Anarch exactly where he stood, and they both had a good showing of it! Mr. Garza later went on to accuse former officers of the city and respected members of criminal acts with no proof or evidence to prove, not the best way to start a conversation with two Princes!

Beyond that small hiccup, the gathering was a delight! Good showing Tampa!






Territory Dispute Ends!

by Ty McFearson

Just as soon as it flared up, the territory dispute between Clan Ventrue and Clan Assamite ended; with all the peace and civilized manner to be expected of by both Camarilla Clans.

Receiving comment from the Ventrue Whip Mr. Vandenberg, it seems that the rumors being reported were just that; rumors meant to foster an air of distrust between two of the cities tightest allied Clans. “There is absolutely no territory dispute between Clan Ventrue and Clan Assamite. Clan Assamite has requested Disney Springs [and it’s surrounding commercial interests for territory] as they have interest there. The Prince has declared the rest of the Magic Kingdom area as an extension of the Rack.”

It seems the Noble Primogen Mairya and the good Ventrue Whip Mr. Vandenberg have settled all issues between them, and are moving forward stronger than ever. It would be wise to remember that lesson for all of us, going forward!




Archon Calls Out Toreador!

by Ty McFearson

During the gathering hosted over in Tampa, Archon Maria made quite the cutting comment when she issued one of her challenges for the evening. She hosted two contests, one for just that evening and the other which would last two months time, but it is the former which takes stage at this point.

Archon Maria hosted an art challenge, gracing someone with a reward should they provide a suitable piece of art to donate to the newest city. Several members submitted works, but her cutting comment came after the first live performance where she said “This is what I mean by the lack of art within the cities. This sort of celebration. Music that is not pumped into walls through wires, but sung with feeling and heart.” The Archon, though herself a member of Clan Toreador she serves at the pleasure of the Nosferatu Justicar, issued the challenge for what she saw as a lack of Artistic Display between the two cities. She had choice words in private with Prince Kennedy about the situation, and made her pleasure known repeatedly the rest of the night thanking people for finally showing art in gatherings again.

All of this was not-so-subtle sniping at the lack of Art promoted and encouraged in gatherings by Clan Toreador. Sure our last gathering was held in a lovely place, but it seems she is discouraged by her Clans lack of promotion of the arts and curating of the civilized discourse in both Tampa and Orlando.




In Memoriam

by Ty McFearson

Polly Burns was 27 and a recent doctorate graduate of UCF. Janelle Corey was 19 and a avid participant in her local church. Lucretia Polly was 47 and a single mother of three children. Flossie Moors was 18 and recently accepted a scholarship to FSU for their veterinary program. Regina Carmen was 24 and recently honorably discharged after 2 tours in Iraq left her disabled. Lee Foster was 28 and a English teacher at Lake Howell High School. Garrick Southers was 65 and recently retired from Disney after 30 years of service. Cecil Jenkins was 30 and a community volunteer in Winter Springs. Elmo Harley was 26 and struggled with drug dependency and recently passed 1 year clean. Moira Thorpe was 17 and in the running from Prom Queen Of Bishop Moore High School. Dominic Hobson was 28 and celebrated the birth of his son 3 days before thanksgiving. Lulu Sanders was 39 and a head nurse at ORMC. Minnie Stevenson was 25 and a salsa instructor at the Orlando Dance Community. George Wade was 51 and owned several franchises that kept over 300 people employed. Bobby Everill was 33 and a police officer for Sanford Police Department. Vivian Millburn was 40 and a pilot for Southwest. Anne Peters was 21 and a VPK teacher. Rosie Comstock was 37 and a manager at Home Depot. Wilmer Garnet was 44 and a homeless disabled Vet. Jeannie Tensyn was 20 and back from work with the Peace Corp in Moldova. Cassie Ramsey was 56 and taught sewing lessons at Jo-Ann’s. Christopher Hopkins was 32 and a computer programmer for EA. Jay Tiveria was 40 and recently celebrated the birth of his first grandson.

These are the human faces, the human lives impacted by the demonic entities that have infected our town. These are the innocents who have died at the hands of what true evil looks like, each had a story that was cut tragically short due to foul infernal magic. These are the names and lives we should remember as we act, and why we should all work together as a city to stomp out this disease. We must work together to find and eliminate the true evil that is the infernal, despite our differences.

We can only hope that either the Warlord or the Sheriff will keep us informed on what we can do next. We can hope to not have silence from them until the next gathering, we can hope for dynamic leadership in the face of such darkness. Hope is a gleaming tower in the sky, who will show us the way?




Questions and Clarifications from the Harpy Office

by Ty McFearson

No questions for the Harpy’s Nest this week, but we do have a clarification to print! This comes from our Noble Brujah Primogen.

“Ayses (pronounced Aces) is the Brujah Whip and has been for some time. Perhaps hiring and editor would serve you well. If you have any other comments regarding MY Clan it would be wise to consult me before going to the press.”

Well that’s great news! Another Primogen has taken a Whip to train and teach the delicate art of politic, bully for you! I’m sure you will teach him well and he will follow in your footsteps by learning how to broker deals with other clans, learning how to negotiate with words instead of threats of violence, or subtly and quietly working to speak with city officers and their deputies you disagree with; maybe he’ll get to be a Captain or a Lieutenant for the Mezzanotte in time? Justi make sure to let the other members of your Clan know, unfortunately when I asked Bruce and Benjamin earlier that evening they had no clue they even had a Whip. But I’m glad the two of us could get together to correct the situation!

I’ll offer a Trivial to you for the assistance, that way you can start participating in the contest hosted by the Archon! Just come find me in Elysium if you’d like to accept the boon!




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