Company Report

Company Report


Good Evening Orlando,

*This is written with the safety and security of the region in mind.* 

Thank you all for tuning into this weeks edition of Orlando, by night.

His Excellency Whitman from Department B has stepped away from his role to focus on family affairs. Though we hope this is a temporary arrangement, it seems his family can’t catch a break. President Rahim has yet to publicly announce a replacement temporary or otherwise.

Our monthly meeting is being hosted by Department B. A notice is being sent to each of your department leads with the location. Leads, please note that your meeting is scheduled for 7:15pm. There is a competition being held by Excellency Whitman for the most rebellious act in keeping the company safe and secure as well as each department’s office. An awarded title of Victorious will be given for this.

I worked closely with Jaylen of Department TR, in order to take care of the outbreak issue at our offices, for his assistance I will award him with the title of Courteous. Also, in major assistance with this issue was Scanner and Amelia both of Department G. For their assistance I will assign the title of Loyal, and grant my most sincere thanks.

This month our internal work against competitor Darius has been with little movement or success. The uncertainty is a foreshadowing of business to come. His attempt on both Excellency Lillian’s and my reputations were squandered by Department G’s lead Thane. For this I grant him the title Loyal. For Excellency Lillian’s devotion to the project and investment in seeking truth I grant her the title of Courteous.

I want to welcome to the reporting team Excellency Anthony Vitale. He has already made quite a dent in record updates and for his work and assistance I will see him as both Courteous and Acclaimed.

Please note that you are able to record business with him and also Miroslava of Department N.

Excellency Fenrir and his co-workers Excellency Skoll and Scanner did some investigative work for us into a competitor, they located and stopped an attack on our company that could have resulted in heavy losses by Skyway and Black Spiral Viruses.

It appears my own Excellency Claudius and Anna have failed the company as a spy for a competitor. See our sister reporting agency for more details.

There will be an address to the entire company at the gathering from President Rahim.

Thank you all for reading our newsletter, we bid you fair evening.

Master of Secrets