Harpy Talk – Jan 2017 – The Blue Harpy

To say Orlando has been an interesting place in a few, short months I have been here would be an understatement. From the beginning, the members of this domain have fallen into several categories. The first being The Young. Granted, everyone has been in this position and for some, a longer time than others. They were easy to pick out my first night within this city.

Loud, full of details that anyone not of the Tower or with good intentions could have easily used against everyone. The Second category is the one I strongly identify with, The Lurkers. Quiet, always listening, rarely well known or perhaps liked, and typically, always in the Know. And then, there are The Elders. I feel confident you both and comprehend this particular group. If not, I imagine a class on How Not To Get Eaten Before Your Actual Time can be held.

Let us move on to the Deaths, shall we? Because, frankly, The Young should learn from the mistakes of others. Vinnie ‘Boom Batz” Giovanni died for killing an Elder Ventrue Primogen last year. Frankly, I have no real intimate knowledge of this individual, as he died the same night as I joined the city. And then, Ramsis died for attacking the Keeper. Same night, same situation.

And while there have been attacks by various groups, against us in our hangouts as well as the city itself, we face a completely different enemy. Bad Fashion. No, really, it’s a thing. The 1980’s were kind to no one so when the trend comes back for jelly shoes and Hammer pants, just. say. No.

And finally, shall we discuss what happened in December? New members, Christmas themed … and then, the Fae came to visit. And what a mess that turned out to be. Provoking an unknown individual? Obviously, you live fast and will deal with the consequences. Stealing from an unknown person? Well … I suppose if it was necessary …. but bribing them if afterward is always a great idea. Using powers on Elysium? DO. NOT. BREAK. THE.LAWS. OF. ELYSIUM. Let me repeat that for anyone who didn’t quite grasp