Harpy Talk – Jan 2017 – The Red Harpy

Orlando Harpy Report January 14th, 2017

The Good, the Bad, and the Useless
Orlando is a city of extremes both for the Kine that inhabit its sprawl and the Kindred who rule it with iron fists and velvet gloves. Few, if any, Kine recognize the tightrope upon which the city walks. The Kindred of the city know this all too well and either fight the tide or huddle in fear. When entering a warzone such as this it typically takes months to unravel the web of lies upon which a city is built to identify the players and pawns. For whatever reason, be it necessity, the transient Camarilla population, or simple arrogance; many of the city’s Kindred eschew Subterfuge for blatancy. While this is by no means a definitive view of the city and its Kindred, it is the impression they presented for good or ill.

The Good
The higher echelon of the city is proactive and amenable in the extreme, even to an outsider or recent arrival. While this view is certainly colored through the glasses of a Camarilla Architect, I have found even my pedigree is often not enough for cordiality in some locales. However, upon my arrival in the city and subsequent presence in Elysium I was immediately embroiled in a conversation with the city’s Seneschel (Ventrue Vincenzo Vitale), Primogen Von Hellzing of Clan Tremere, Primogen Dupont also of Clan Ventrue, and Sheriff Noc of Clan Nosferatu. These elder of the city immediately took me into their conversation, willing to indulge my ideas as to the defense of the city. It was obvious that this particular group of elders were indeed keen on keeping the city a beacon for Camarilla expansion. Later that night I would also have the opportunity to assist the Prince of the city, Gabriel Vega of Clan Tremere as he personally worked to remove a singularly insidious arcane blight that had been placed inside the halls of Elysium. It became quickly evident that the lion’s share of the responsibility fell upon the shoulders of three particular clans: Tremere, Ventrue, and Nosferatu. While this is not a particular scandal for all the other clans, as some lack the numbers or leadership of the aforementioned there was one clan in particular that stood out like stripes on dots.

The Bad
After my most productive meeting with the Seneschel, two Primogen, and Sheriff, it was suggested that I present my experience and expertise to the Primogen council. The Seneschel seemed particularly excited at the prospect of creating our cadre of questing knight retainers to protect the city and its cabinet of officers. The proposal was quickly met with scorn and questioning from a recently arrived Lasombra Cortez who believed that the Masquerade alone would keep us safe from the Sabbat, Hunters, Mages, and Fey. His voice was joined with that of the flamboyant Toreador Primogen Tyvarius who seemed to take offense at someone outside his clan vying for attention or questioning the status of his “Harpy” clanmate. It became obvious in minutes that anything I had suggested would need to be reworded or massaged by either the Seneschel or Primogen Von Hellzing to have any hope of being implemented. And when the time came to discuss the position of Harpy, one that I had thought all but vacant, Primogen Tyvarius came to his pet’s defense. Tyvarius insisted that Harpy reports were unimportant things and that a year in a war zone with no official communication meant nothing because we are eternal….blah blah blah.

The Useless
Bo… What can one say about a political rival that will not be seen as simple mudslinging? This does not fall in that category as she is not a rival but rather a corpse holding a position meant for her betters. Had I arrived to find an active Harpy that knew nothing of the network, I would have taken her under my wing and offered her a position as a lesser Harpy in my employ. Instead I found a listless Kindred that served as little more than the Toreador Primogen’s “arm candy” and a glorified Monopoly banker who even required the Prince’s insistence that she record a boon given out during the meeting. If he silence and unwillingness to defend her integrity was her only failing (beyond the negligence of the office I hold so dear) then perhaps it could have been overlooked. However, Elysium was plagued by breaches of etiquette ranging from loud vulgarity, and I say this has someone who can shatter stone, to outright physical violence. Yet not once during the entire evening was a single individual sanctioned or warned. In fact, when the Prince was informed by the Brujah Maddog that he had eviscerated an unnamed Malkavian in Elysium proper, the sovereign merely huffed and shook his head. For the Prince, in all his earned glory, could not keep the rabble in check alone. Do not fear, Prince. Kingston Bard has arrived on your welcoming shores and the rabble will be brought to heel by carrot or shattering bones.