Harpy Report 7-23-19

Harpy Report

July 23rd, 2019

By Master Harpy H Goodman

Malkavian July Gathering

What an eventful night for the Malkavian Gathering! While Primogen Dissonance’s plan to throw a decoy celebration to side track the hunters was a complete success, it did not stop all of the uninvited guests. Many of Clan Malkavian guests might have noticed voices mocking them and pointing out their faults during the evening. I am told by those who can see those kinds of things that Ghosts were to blame. Our incorporeal party crashers were an inconvenience for sure but to my knowledge caused no real harm. (Which, by the way, Mr. Hurtful Ghost I will have you know my handwriting is perfectly legible if you happen to be a pharmacist or registered nurse.)

During the gathering we received news that Boons had been called in on some of the cities most powerful elders. The Prince and myself were shocked to discover early in the evening that Sheriff Rahim, Scourge Whitman, and Primogen Rhemiel were called away for an indeterminate amount of time. Several Kindred stepped up to fill their vacancies, but no doubt such losses have weakened our Domain.  I am at least pleased to say that after the gathering I was able to speak with Sheriff Rahim, who it seems, was able to finish up his part and has returned to the domain to continue his duties as Sheriff. Fortunately in his absence deputy Zero was able to hold down the fort.

While we have managed to avoid detection from the hunter agents known to be operating in the domain I remind everyone that this is an ongoing effort. Remember and adhere to the first tradition always. Right now there is very little room for error. Fixing the masquerade with our mortal ties is useful and should be continued, but these visitors in town are not as easily fooled. Even timely responses to such events could still allow these groups the clues they need to track our whereabouts. It is best if we do not put ourselves at any unnecessary risk.

Return of Elder Sobaka

Some may have noticed several bad omens over the past few weeks. Most obvious of them being a storm that will not subside, as well as the increase in ghost activity. That evening, news reached the ears of the Prince and I that a demonic threat was once again on our doorstep from several sources. It was at this time that the city felt heavily the loss of Elders Goetzlakk, Nichola, Rahim, Whitman, and Rhamiel among others. With visions of demons from Clan Malkavian and visual confirmation from Clan Nosferatu, the city was left with few options to turn to.

It was at this time we turned Elder Sobaka. As many of you know the Camarilla Architect lost acknowledgment to all the Camarilla Domains of Florida over what most argue to be a failed Praxis bid (A decision backed and supported by a Justicar of the tower no less.) This happened before my time in the domain so I have no first hand knowledge of the events. In spite of this, it is common knowledge that Elder Sobaka belongs to an organization known as the Whippoorwills, who dedicate themselves to fighting demonic threats. The important thing of note is that it was no easy decision to allow the Elder back into the domain despite a perfect resume for the threat at hand.

For several months now the Primogen have been deliberating on the subject of Sobaka’s readmittance, as Prince The Plague left the matter to the council to decide but only with a unanimous vote. The major hang up on this matter is the concern that the Architect will eventually again try to seize power and destabilize the domain, as he is accused of doing in the past. The Gangrel Elder has made assurances to many that he has no such aspirations and that his predicament was caused by some with selective memories. Still we had a direct problem and needed a solution. The compromise being that the Architect could return if he agreed to take on 8 major boons, one to each Clan representative for the evening. All of these boons have the condition that Elder Sobaka will not seek any city position higher than scourge. This solution was found to be just disagreeable enough to all parties to be passed through with the required unanimous vote.

Following the deliberation Clan Nosferatu led the way to the location where the Demon was seen. Only problem? IT WAS A HOAX! The demon found there was nothing but an illusion. Further complicating the matter is that this illusion was in the former stronghold of Elaine De Mor. This marks the first significant indication that she might not have met her end at the hands of her successor Scourge Whitman last month. Is she still lurking in the night? Did she set up this elaborate ruse before her death in efforts to posthumously sow chaos? Could she still have agents doing her bidding within the Domain? All I know is that the chances that this is all a coincidence are about the same as me winning a beauty pageant.  

Elder Sobaka was upset that he took on so much debt for apparently no gain. In light of the Prince’s decision not to appoint a new Scourge Elder Sobaka has decided to do what he can to fill the void left by Elder Fenrir. Doing what he can the Elder Architect will guide Primogen Nick Storm as Gangrel Clan Whip. I think many will find that this is indeed within the conditions of his restrictions by boon as whip provides no Abiding status.  

Who is Primogen of Clan  Toreador this Week?

In a not-so-shocking turn of events Clan Toreador continues to have issues deciding who is supposed to lead them. In addition to Marcus Lees, and the Prime Vegan Zoolander-Dezz, a 3rd contestant has entered the fray. Elder Vivica Reece apparently saw Primogen Lees absence at the gathering  as an opportunity to seize the seat for herself informing the harpy that she would be taking over the responsibility for her Clan . A Privileged Elder of the Camarilla Vivica was allowed to sit in on the Primogen meeting as her Clans voice in the absence of Primogen Lees and Whip Prima.

However, to my surprise, when I spoke on this matter with Seneschal Lillian as well as the other Toreador later in the evening, I found Vivica had failed to clear this with the rest of her Clan. Prince the Plague and I share the view that it is up to the Clans to decide who their voice shall be. As such I see  this as an internal matter for the Toreador. If the Clan of the Rose is upset with her claim let them bring the matter to her feet.

Perhaps it is the fact that Clan Torador’s numbers continue to rise within the Domain presently boasting more numbers than Clans Brujah, Assamite, Nosferatu and Ventrue combined! Unfortunately, it seems this time it the Clan of the Rose deciding their leadership will be less of a spectator event. Elder Prima Dezz has called a Toreador only gathering to be held in the following letter I was requested to publish.

Dearest Harpy,

 I should like to hold an art contest for Clan Toreador and give them a chance for us to have an open and frank discussion of who will be leading in the months to come.

“On the eve of August the 3rd I have retained Cafe Chat Noir for Clan Toreador to gather and discuss our preeminent position in the city. Under my expert leadership, this town’s Roses now outnumber entire other city courts, with no less than TWENTY Acknowledged and fervent members in Orlando. Let none doubt the power of the Rose in Orlando and the tone it sets for the state. If only all Clans had chosen Clan Heads so wisely.

To this end we will gather and discuss the needs of the clan and the activity levels expected of neonates. I encourage all Roses to come and participate in helping decide the direction of the Clan. A display of your skill, attributes, or value to Clan Toreador will go far to your weight in the debate, I assure you.

Private party. Roses only. Ask your Clan Head where your party is.

Luminary Elder and Established, Privileged, and Confirmed member of the Ivory Tower, Prima Dezz, Fairest Rose of Florida

Messages from the Prince

Primogen Council Meetings

As the Domain of Orlando has grown it has become necessary to ensure the voices of all Clans are heard by their Primogen. The following courtesy is put forth:

The Primogen Council shall meet once a month at the domain gathering to discuss city business. While the Primogen are free to meet and discuss outside of this window all decisions will be made at the gathering to ensure the Primogen have adequate time to speak with their Clans.

Kindred wishing for their Primogen to address issues of the Clan should endeavor to meet with them before the Council meets at the gathering to resolve business in a timely manner. In addition, copies of the Domain’s Courtesies will be available at future gatherings and in Elysium.

On The Position of Scourge

Elder Chance Whittman, having been called away on Sect business, has left a vacancy in the position of Scourge within the Domain of Orlando. After much thought and reflection, I have decided not to name a replacement. The position of Scourge has traditionally come as an insult and has been used by past Princes in this very domain for personal crusades and hidden agendas.

The responsibility for monitoring and reporting Unacknowledged Kindred will fall onto the Primogen. Any unacknowledged kindred should be reported to the Seneschal or Sheriff – depending on the introduction to the city they have earned. I would like to remind members of Orlando that unacknowledged and unauthorized Kindred have no protection from the Domain and are here at their own peril.

Office and Status Updates

Elder Absinthe of Clan Brujah will be taking over as Clan Primogen in Rhamiel’s absence. A whip has not yet been decided.

Elder Sobaka of Clan Gangrel will be assuming the duties of Gangrel Clan Whip.

Until further notice Primogen Marcus Lees will retain his position as Primogen until Clan Toreador can figure out who will lead them with Elder Dezz continuing as his Whip.

Derek Zoolander-Dezz of Clan Toreador remains uncontested Prime Vegan.

Vivian Waits of Clan Tremere will be taking over as Primogen with Jasmine Dupree assisting guiding her in the role of Whip.

Poppet of Clan Malkavian will no longer be assisting me as Talon. Those interested in the position should seek me out.

Elder Sobaka of Clan Gangrel is seen as Loyal by Prince The Plague.

Harpy Goodman is seen as Favored by Elder Louie St Childer of Clan Brujah.

Elder Louie St Childer of Clan Brujah is seen as Courteous by Harpy Goodman.

Primogen Mahmoud Çetin of Clan Assamite is seen as Loyal by Harpy Goodman for doing what he must to meet the needs of the Domain.

Former Keeper Elise of Clan Brujah has managed to wait out her Warning in another domain as it expires this month.  

Primogen Absinthe of Clan Brujah is seen as Loyal by Prince The Plague for stepping up to lead her Clan.

Deputy Zero of Clan Assamite is seen as Loyal by Prince The Plague for his service in the absence of the Sheriff.

Architect Sobaka Hunt of Clan Gangrel is seen as Courageous by Prince The Plague for his defense of Disney during attack.

Elder Cierzo of Clan Nosferatu is seen as Courageous by Prince The Plague for his defense of Disney during attack.

Elder Vivica of Clan Toreador is seen as Courageous by Prince The Plague for her defense of Disney during attack.

Edsel Sonnenschein of Clan Tremere is seen as Courageous by Prince The Plague for his defense of Disney during attack.

Argyle Hunt of Clan Ventrue is seen as Courageous by Prince The Plague for his defense of Disney during attack. 

Elder Emma of Clan Malkavian is seen as Courageous by Prince The Plague for her defense of Disney during attack.