The News Worth Knowing Issue 21

The Harpy Nest Digest


The End in Sight?

A completed ritual, preparations are made. Could we be seeing the end of this infernal menace?

by Ty McFearson

Thanks to the hard work of Clan Tremere and Clan Ventrue, directed at the hands of both their Whips Doctor Rand and Joseph Vandenberg respectably, a ritual has been settled and handled in such a way to help reduce the power of these demonic forces and end this threat. Sadly, it comes at a cost as Prince Vitale details.

“Kindred of Orlando,

A Demon shall arise to challenge us soon, one which is far more powerful than any one of us alone.  In order to defeat it, we must conduct a sacrificial ritual. I hereby command the following:

1.  Each Primogen collect and provide three Kine, whom are willing and untainted, that shall sacrifice themselves in a ritual to weaken the demon.  These Kine should be clear of mind and purpose, have some experience with Sins and True Love, untainted by our blood, and willing to sacrifice themselves to save the city and the world.

2.  Neonates and Ancillae are to be available to assist in the ritual itself.

3.  All Kindred of Orlando will stand and fight.

The ritual shall be held at the coming gathering.  Do your work now, (downtimes) and ensure we are prepared.  Elder Rand shall lead this ritual. Please speak with him if you wish to assist.

As a final note, the alternative to this loss of Kine is a Kindred sacrifice, and is something I cannot ask of any of you.  If you would be so willing however, see me personally.

Together, once more, we shall be victorious over our foes.

Yours in service to the Tower,

Vicenzo Quintia Vitale
Prince of Orlando
Elder of the Camarilla”

As you can see, grim times are ahead. Let us hope we can make it through, and that everyone is getting with their Primogen to support.






Status and City Officer Updates

by Ty McFearson

Noble Primogen Winston Of Clan Nosferatu has chosen Archibald Of Clan Nosferatu to serve as his Whip. We look forward to seeing them both in action!

Master of Harpies Prima Dezz would dearly like to issue a Warned Censure to the Sheriff for continuing to fail in their duties. Sadly, there is no Sheriff to Censure.




Paid Advertisement

by Ty McFearson

Mariano Fabbri, an Elder from Clan Toreador, has moved into town. He would like you all to be aware that his particular talents are in creating violent weapons of war and death.

Mr. Fabbri would want the whole city to know that they are welcome to his home, wherever that might be; and to purchase his deadly creations. Guns, armor, other such weapons. Two major boons for something of great worth, a single major boon for an artistic creation, and a minor boon for an efficient but not as costly craft.

If you enjoy senseless violence, killing people, showing off your overly large weaponry that is compensating for mental issues, are with Clan Brujah or are looking for personal home protection then go find the home of Mr. Fabbri and make your deals today!




Spotlight Of Praise: Joseph Vandenberg

by Ty McFearson

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest we would like to focus on that once a week. This week’s Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at Joseph Vandenberg Of Clan Ventrue.

Joseph has been upstanding in all his interactions as of late, managing the affairs of his Clan with poise and dignity. He has worked tirelessly alongside the Prince to settle the OSHA issues terrorizing the city and hasn’t hesitated to do what must be done for the safety of everyone. Joseph has acted as a role model for not just his Clan, but for the city on how to handle political and social affairs. Thank you for all the work you do!




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