Harpy Report Updates August 8th 2019

Harpy Report Updates

August 8th, 2019

By Master Harpy H Goodman

Ventrue Gathering

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Come join the Clan of Kings for the August gathering. Held at the newly opened Nosferatu Enclave “Angels Share Distillery” located in the neutral territory of the Rack near Lake Eola. Wear your finest attire for this chic southern themed soiree. Experience the culture and refinery the Ventrue live every day, because with Clan Ventrue nothing but the very best will do.

The night should be full of lively conversation as one of our hosts Talon Georgia Sugarbush will be hosting a Symbel. The contest… Philosophy! Can you impress Mistress Sugerbush with your deep thoughts while you debate the intricacies of existence, reason, knowledge and mind to claim the coveted Victorious?

Toreador Clan Moot

The big event in between gatherings this month that everyone was talking about was the well-publicized Toreador Clan meeting. As you may remember from my last report there was a yet another internal power struggle in the Clan of the Rose with Elder Vivica Reece laying claim to the Primogen seat of Marcus Lees in his absence of the last gathering. To settle the matter Honorable Elder Prima Dezz called a Toreador Clan meeting. Toreador from all over the Domain and some from nearby domains were in attendance for the gathering. Even Prince Goodchild from Savannah attended the gathering via teleconference.

Though, as I was not there I can not truly tell the story. However, I did receive multiple reports soon after the meeting was over. The first was from Elder Sobaka, and arrived before the gathering had even concluded. Why the Gangrel Elder is so interested in the ongoings of Clan Toreador, I do not know but this is what he wrote.

Life as Art

The Toreador held a clan meeting, overseen by – now ‘maybe’? former- clan head Prima Dezz, to decide their structure and leadership on Saturday night at Chat Noir. It began simple enough, pleasantries and social maneuvers. Banter ensued, as it always does with gatherings of the artist clan, but eventually the Clan Head Prima Dezz demanded trial by combat to determine leadership. The clan vacillated and argued, only elder Vivica Reece seemed ready to accept the clan heads decree, though she offered her opponents a chance to decide half the contest with a challenge of art and craftsmanship.   There was some back and forth when one of the ghouls that carries Prima Dezz’s image came and began to argue with Vivica Reece, moments later it decided to use some form of mind controlling power. Vivica resisted the attempt easily and removed the creature before it could try again asking only a minor boon for this valuable service.

The unexpected intrusion of mental attack set the meeting on edge. The other Toreador begin to argue back and forth, confused as to what was going on, or horrified over the violence. In their confusion Prima Dezz smiled with a mischievous look in his eyes. Elder Dezz is often known for his destructive and childish pranks. One is reminded of Vital Vic, a public masquerade breach compromising a Camarilla prince, and that action alone tells us all we need to know about his respect for the tower’s traditions and station. He allowed some exchange of words. Marcus, one of the main contenders, stumbled over a speech about how he didn’t want to fight but was a good speaker (disproven by the very act and attempt). Elder Vivica Reece, on the other hand, spoke eloquently about the clan’s history and the need for an end to Elder Dezz’s antics and embarrassment of the clan.

Elder Dezz seemed incensed over critique of his behavior and, after whining over the insult for a long while, used his position as clan head to entitle Marcus as primogen and kicked Elder Reece out of his bar. Elder Reece, obviously annoyed over the elder’s erratic and childish behavior, nevertheless, left gracefully and with stature as befitting an elder of her age and power. The rest of the clan stayed behind and whined over being bossed around or even having to be at a meeting. One would be shocked to know several of them were considered elders in the tower.

Elder Dezz, after a period of hand wringing himself, appointed the bumbling ancilla Marcus to primogen and then immediately retired as clanhead or whip as he was, as usual, unclear about what he meant (likely for the purpose of sowing more chaos and disorder). This was obviously another of his destructive pranks, leaving the clan in the hands of an ill formed youth, and then cowardly retreating, but it is what the city has come to expect from Prima Dezz -master of chaos and nonsense.

Vivica Reece, the elder who held back the archdemon with her mastercrafted blade, slayed two Baali elders, and stopped a Sabbat attack last year single handedly was left to head back to her haven, rebuffed by the mad elder Dezz in favor of a tongue tied ancilla. It is fair to say the Toreador clan has lost its way these last few months, driven in large part by the actions of the crazed elder Prima Dezz who seems intent on driving the clan to ruin. Hopefully the city can beg sense into them in the months to come. Since Dezz has stepped down as clan head, perhaps now they can make sane choices and begin to serve the city as they should.

Naturally this was not the only accounting of what transpired to reach the Harpy office. Below is the way Elder Prima Dezz remembers it. Judging from what I have heard from other Toreador of high status Elder Prima’s memory of events is closer to home as Elver Vivica did receive a warning for her behavior in front of the other assembled elders.

 Art as Life

On the evening of August 3rd I held a soiree to openly discuss clan leadership amongst the active and intelligent Roses… Those like myself. The night began quietly, with wise guests politely waiting and many newcomers getting a chance to meet their Established Elders. The evening was full of civility and subtlety, perfect for my intent to make introductions. But this was waylaid by Elder Vivica Reece insisting on gifts to the former Clan Head!

Despite Elder Reece’s insistence that all matters should be left to me to resolve, Primogen Lees and I turned to discussing clan business with neonates and newcomers. Sadly, this was all interrupted again by Elder Reece insisting that the Rose decide by Trial by Combat immediately. Despite boasting that she was an Elder and had spies on Domain matters… she appears to have not received much information in her absence. She seemed unaware the Clanhead position was dissolved in March, or many other recent factors. If I had to guess, she’s more well informed of Anarch and Caitiff matters at the moment than Tower business.

As Prince The Plague has stated “Each Clan my select a Primogen in the manner of their choosing”. Flattered as I am the Elder Reece thinks my opinion comprises the entire Clan’s choice, I confess I might have a different opinion. Elder Reece insisted that it was my choice how we choose Primogen. A fact she seemed to have received from her “intelligence” operatives. Primogen Lees, despite being willing to meet any challenge his clan deemed appropriate, attempted to ease the bewildered Elder into a more civilized contest. The little lamb even suggested a battle of art or words! I confessed my desire to step down as Whip and allow the Ancillae and Neonates to learn how to be political. Assuming, falsely I now realize, that our Elders were finally tired of childish games. I do have faith that Primogen Lees shall select someone fit to do the job. It is my hope we now see eye-to-eye on improving our clans reputation above simply responding when red is waved in front of us. But it was inspiring on a dress color for dear Vivica.

Before much headway could be determined between the two, Elder Reece lost her temper and killed a mortal staff member at the party. She claimed that it had used some sort of power on her and demanded she be paid a boon over the issue. I let her know to make her demands of the Prince, as he was in charge of the staff that evening. As many members of the clan realized the “caliber” (or should I say “mettle”?) of the person attempting to lead them, wisdom took sway in a way that only a rogue, unpredictable elder can inspire.With the way Elder Reece acted (At least… what we all assumed was Elder Reece?), Clan members wisely decided to return to the previous method of determining a Primogen: via a popular vote with at least a week’s notice to all of Clan so they can attend.

After a method was determined both Primogen Lees and “What-I-Believe-Was-Elder-Reece” spoke. Primogen Marcus Lees spoke of vibrancy and unity within the Domain, claiming they were the Clan of the Rose and not the Clan of the Bull. “What-I-Believe-Was-Elder-Reece”  however took offence to this – comparing the clan to bull fighters and warriors, lamenting the actions of her clan while she was not here to oversee them for the last year. Primogen Lees questioned her actions and judgement after she laid insult upon insult upon her host, the Prince’s club, and the Domain. All in front of the Prince of Savannah and her assembled Clan! I do love a meltdown!

After being promptly outvoted, “What-I-Believe-Was-Elder-Reece”  left the establishment – threatening Elder Dezz that she would “have another dagger for him” and leaving her kill to be cleaned up by her Clanmates and the Prince. Melody did a lovely job mopping up after the temper tantrum left on the floor. I should like to thank her for exhibiting the kind of poise, grace, and practicality I appreciate with a minor boon.

But if I was Elder Reece… Well, it might be a good time to claim one of those Orlando doppelgangers was actually in attendance. You certainly didn’t seem to be acting yourself.

Messages from the Prince

The Reports of Elaine’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

It has been reported to the domain previously by the words of Elder Chance Whittman, then Scourge, that Elder Elaine had met her fate at his hands in a rooftop fight. However, a recent video has surfaced that brings this into question. The video, depicting a staged attack of two anarchs fighting each other, bears many fingerprints of Elaine’s past deeds. In addition to this the Anarch Catiff Bill, depicted in the video, has been personally vouched for by Architect Sobaka, Elder Cierzo, and Elder Reese and verified by myself.

Due to the evidence that Elder Chance seems to have been deceived by Elaine, I would ask Harpy Goodman to remove Elder Chance’s Triumphant status so that it may be properly claimed by the Kindred that actually removes her. Let this be a lesson to all who were sure in Elaine’s death that she is a cunning foe and will not be so easily handled.

Office and Status Updates

Marcus Lees of Clan Toreador continues to hold his seat on the Primogen council.

Elder Prima Dezz resigns as Toreador Clan Whip. His replacement has yet to be announced.

Having been cleared by his Primogen and Clan Elders, Andrew Lacer of Clan Nosferatu will be returning to the position of Keeper of Elysium after taking a leave of absence to recover from his abduction at the hands of the now bloodhunted Elaine De Mor.

Marcus Lees of Clan Toreador is seen as Loyal by Seneschal Lillian Tyler for his composure during the Toreador Clan Meeting and stirring words.

Melody Coppala of Clan Toreador is seen as Loyal by Seneschal Lillian Tyler for her diligence to the Masquerade in handling of the corpse left my Elder Vivica.  

Elder Esme of Clan Toreador is seen as Loyal by Seneschal Lillian Tyler for selflessly shielding Lillian during Elder Vivica’s violent episode.  

Harpy Goodman of Clan Nosferatu is seen as Favored by Elder Prima Dezz of Clan Toreador.

Prince The Plague is seen as Loyal by Harpy Goodman for his continued commitment to protect the domain.

Seneschal Lillian Tyler is seen as Loyal by Harpy Goodman for keeping the Harpy office up to date with information pertinent to the domain.

I have received word that Tremere Clan Whip Jasmine Dupree has decided to leave the Domain of Orlando. Her replacement has not yet been announced.

Elder Vivica Reece is seen as Warned for publicly insulting various Toreador Elders during the Clan meeting and threats upon Elder Prima Dezz’s person.

New Talons

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With the sudden and unexpected absence of Talon Poppet of Clan Malkavian and with Talon Georgia taking on more responsibilities for her Clan the Harpy office is looking for additional help. If you are interested in getting into the social scene, mastering your political Prowess, or you just want to show off the skills you already have please seek me out at the upcoming gathering.

Applicants should expect to learn and potentially to fulfill the requirements of the Harpy office which include

➧ Maintaining the Boon Records.

➧ Overseeing Boon Disputes/brokering

➧ Updating the city status roster.

➧ Making Contributions to the Harpy report

➧ Keeping the Harpy apprised of encountered information pertinent to the domain.

Applicants will find such a position rewarding with the EXPERIENCE gained as such a position can really help BUILD CHARACTER.

Additionally I have confirmed with the Prince that Primogen and Clan whips are eligible for this type of assistant role.