Harpy Report 8-21-19

Harpy Report

August 21st, 2019

By Master Harpy H Goodman

A Report on The Ventrue Gathering By Talon Lukas Gadow

The Rose’s Garden:

                                        Authored by: Talon Lukas Gadow

        It has come to the attention of the Rose’s last gathering that the Harpy report needed a touch of Toreador beauty to it, a voice that could speak on the finer things of the gather and account for events, especially regarding the Garden of Roses. Many of you know myself already, I am Lukas Gadow, internationally renowned violinist and local Toreador Talon.

        Last gathering, per the norm, the drinks of the evening were poisoned with drugs. A few Kindred had been affected and most seemed to have a good time. I certainly did not. Hallucinations of a monsterous sort seemed to taunt me most of the evening. However, Ms. Melody of the Roses seemed to see nothing but sparkly lights. If anyone knows the source of these drugs please inform me as I am leading an investigation on this matter. This drugging is becoming a very unseemly habit for our gatherings. I suggest whoever host next time, just don’t even bother with the food or drink. No one will take it.

        As the Roses gathered together at the Ventrue-hosted event, much was said about the previous harpy reports, especially concerning various accounts of things happening within the Clan, as well as speaking about certain Elders who acted without regard to Tradition. Please allow me, a Toreador and a Talon of the city, to clear the air. We do have a Primogen, a Prime Vegan , and several Elders who we give the utmost respect to, as any member of the great Tower should. Anyone who does or says otherwise is not upholding the standards that we as Kindred are called to.

        Further into the evening the Venture Gathering abruptly ended and their guests soon evacuated from the scene, relocating to the Opera House. I myself drove a number of Toreador back to the Opera House and before we could even make it back, we were stopped by police officers during a curfew check. I simply showed them my face and upon recognition they allowed us to continue, as I claimed I was on my way back from practice.

        Finally, at the end of the once-festive party, past the were-shark and the drugged drinks, the Toreador found themselves at the Opera House; safe at least for the moment. It was there that we spoke with our city’s own Harpy and the offer was put on the table that I become Talon to Harpy Goodman. After a brief discussion and several endorsements from both Elders and officers it was decided. So it was that all was fine and the evening was drawing to a close, or so we thought. It wasn’t long after I left to go speak with Harpy Goodman that the Opera House was attacked by feral kindred. Lost in their beast, they numbered in what I had heard five to seven, and were even as bold as to attempt to endanger our Elders. Thankfully due to the combined efforts of Clan Assamite, Clan Nosferatu and Clan Toreador they were swiftly dealt with.

        As eventful as last gathering was I am glad no one was seriously hurt, besides the drugs, were-sharks, and trapdoors. I want to bring to attention the site had pressure plates lining the ground and security cameras, so those under obfuscate were likely detected as you could say their footprint was left behind. I suggest we all walk with caution in the next coming gathering. All in all, the gathering was keeping in with the tradition of the city of Orlando.

The Blood hunt for Elaine Continues

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The domain has had enough of the Ex-Sabbat Sabbat Bishop and current threat to the city Elaine De Mor. It is known that much of what went wrong with the Ventrue gathering was directly or indirectly caused by Elaine. It is believed that Elaine was possessing much of the staff and using them as instruments of mischief. It is also likely that she tipped off the hunters to the location, drugged the drinks, and continued her undermining of the domain’s authority. To be fair though, I do not believe the ware-shark was hers.

In response to Elaine’s hijinks, the Primogen council spent much time deliberating on how to correct this ongoing problem. Prince the Plague has already called down the biggest tool in his arsenal with the blood hunt, but as it is obvious, Elaine continues to elude capture, not that there is a very long list of those actually seeking this particular Triumphant status considering the prey in question is probably the most feared predator the domain has ever seen. The list of those who could even challenge her in one-on-one combat and survive is even shorter. With the recent exoduses of Elders as of late I have to imagine that list consists of Elder Sobaka and Sheriff Rahim (End of List!) though I have heard Elder Vivica is also a force to be reckoned with.

In any case if she is going to be taken down, it’s going to take a collaborative effort. With this in mind, and with the recent sabbatical of Sheriff Rahim, the Primogen Council came together unanimously to urge The Prince or Sheriff to give this matter higher priority. Agreeing fully with the unanimous advice of the Primogen Council, Prince The Plague has tasked Sheriff Rahim with organizing a task force.  If you are interested in joining the team, or leading as an Enforcer of the Camarilla please contact Sheriff Rahim, Seneschal Lillian, or Prince The Plague. It is the hope that with one person to rally behind the blood hunt can be better coordinated to finally bring this diablerist monster to justice!


New Neighbors

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Elders are not the only ones who have recently vacated the area. It seems since former Baron Fenrir and his childer joined the Camarilla and conceded the Clermont territory to the domain of Orlando, the faction remains scattered and confused. Joey of the Honey Badgers tried to hold them together, but I guess leadership was just not his style. The former advocate has, by all reports, vacated the new Anarch territory in Brevard.

Filling the newly vacated role is the Malkavian known as River. River, like Fenrir before her, is claiming the title of Baron. I will be meeting with River later this week to discuss the matter of those in her charge who frequently visit our domain. I hope the discussion is productive and we can work towards once again sharing a mutually beneficial alliance.

However, such a relationship is off to a rough start. The Anarch Caitiff known as Bill seems to be making the new relationship difficult. Bill, some might remember, less than a year ago, nailed a threatening letter to the domain over concession of the Clermont territory to the door of our Elysium. Bill is just another in a long list of Anarch visitors such as the blood hunted Kynges and Riot who can’t seem to keep their love of “freedom” in check long enough to behave as respectful guests in another domain. Many in the Primogen Council have noticed the blatant disrespect and are not pleased. The Council has even come together to request Prince the Plague reconsider the domains 10th tradition.

Messages from the Prince

On Covering the Masquerade

As we have seen from the actions of our neighbors hunter activity has increased in recent months. Remember: these hunters use the police as their eyes and their ears. Instead of drawing attention by killing cops and burning buildings, use this against the hunters.

In the event that Police show up to a gathering, use the powers of blood to discreetly direct them away. Don’t command them to leave, use Dominate to give them a convincing story or Presence to get them to trust you. In this case Potence and Celerity cause more problems than they solve.

Lasty, and I should not have to repeat this, please refrain from causing any aircraft to fall from the sky.

The September 14th Gathering will be hosted by Clan Brujah. Members of the Domain are invited to prove themselves in a friendly martial tournament. In addition, in the tradition of Ancient Carthage, a Symbel will be held to determine the Domain’s best Bargainer and Trader! Further details will be in the next Harpy Report.

Office and Status Updates

Lukas Gadow of Clan Toreador will be assisting the Harpy office as my new Talon.

Elder Louie St Childer has been appointed Whip of Clan Brujah.

Elder Claudius D’Empress  has been appointed Whip of Clan Tremere.

Elder Esme has been appointed Whip of Clan Toreador.

Elder Hati Lukka will be serving as Primogen for Clan Gangrel retaining Elder Sobaka as Clan Whip.

Elder Claudius D’Empress of Clan Tremere is seen as Acclaimed by Primigen Vivian Waits.

Edsel Sonnenschein of Clan Tremere is seen as Acclaimed by Primigen Vivian Waits.

Talon Lukas Gadow of Clan Toreador is seen as Courteous by Harpy Goodman.

Seneschal Lillian Tyler of Clan Toreador is seen as Favored by Elder Esme.

Keeper Andrew Lacer is seen as Courteous by Harpy Goodman.

Primogen Dissonance of Clan Malkavian is seen as Loyal by Harpy Goodman.

Elder Cecil Eros of Clan Malkavian is seen as Loyal by Primogen Dissonance.

Mussani of Clan Assamite is seen as Favored by Elder Louie St Childer.

Primogen Absinthe is seen a Loyal by Prince The Plague.

Elder Skoll Lukka is seen a Loyal by Prince The Plague.

Louie St Childer is seen as Loyal by Prince The Plague.