The Harpy Election; a Prologue

From the Office of the Harpy
The Harpy Election; a Prologue

March 10, 2021

Harold Montgomery Finn Elected Harpy!

Dear Friends,

   I would like to open this with my thanks to the Primogen of Orlando and Elder Demetri Demeter. Through their wisdom, the Court of Orlando has been made whole again in a timely manner. May the wounds surrounding the Office of the Harpy begin to heal.       

   I would also like to thank Elder Atticus of the Argos, of the Argovorium Scholars, slayer of the Infernal in Orlando! He has shown this Harpy-Elect his favor through his Established reputation among our kind. 

Episode IV: A New Harpy

It was a period of Scandal and Harpy Elections for Orlando.

   The Primogen of Orlando, along with the acting Harpy Elder Demetri Demeter, and myself had come together for the election of the next Harpy of Orlando. I stood up, and spoke my platform. Acting Harpy Demeter spoke his piece. Armand DuBrois, who was number three, had yet to show. The Primogen decided to move forward and begin casting votes. The result was a 3 to 3 tie between myself and Elder Demeter with one vote left to break the tie. 

   Awaiting the decision of Clan Nosferatu, we began to speak about Miss Nyx and her securing the appointment of Keeper of Elysium!! I am told she was proactive in approaching the Seneschal for the position, and he has given it to her in the Prince’s stead during these hectic times. You can see the work she’s done to the Elysium already. She succeeds the position from Nora of the Brujah who abdicated her position. We wish them luck in the future.

   It was around this time when Armand DuBrois of the Toreador came walking in. He was given the same chance to state his case as the rest of us candidates. He ended it with innuendo and a wink. 

Interestingly enough, this hubbub began an involved discussion about Orlando, stability and the future. That discussion led to Elder Atticus, representing the Brujah, changing his vote from Elder Demeter to myself giving me the winning vote to become the next Harpy of Orlando PROVIDED that I take Elder Demeter as a Talon, which I have. The deal was sealed in prestation. It was then decided to keep the proceedings open until Clan Nosferatu had a chance to speak their piece and vote. 

   Back to Armand DuBrois. Armand offered his services as Talon. I rejected him. He then demonstrated his lack of leadership in being unable to divine my reputation. I asked if he was sure about being qualified enough to be a Talon. Armand then decided it was a good time to threaten the Harpy-Elect, call him a childe and engage in his vulgar display offending the auspices of the Primogen enough to take action. 

   The Jurisdiction of the Harpy Election falls under the Primogen. During this event, Primogen Dissonance of Clan Malkavian, and Primogen Agamemnon Dios of Clan Tremere found Armand Dubrois to be Vulgar. Due to the extreme vulgarity in such a short amount of time, this Prologue serves as an official warning; Armand Dubrois, you are now Warned.

   But wait!! There’s MORE!!

   The very next day, Armand goes onto social media to publicly bash Clan Tremere. He goes online and starts dropping kindred jargon in the middle of a HUNTER epidemic. He then proceeds to refer to the Tremere as some sort of video game entity as if this was an effective clean up of the mess he created.

   Just what do you think the domain should do about Armand Dubrois’s inattention to the Masquerade in Orlando in the midst of a hunter outbreak??

–  Harpy-Elect Harold Montgomery Finn

(( Primogens Agamemnon Dios and Dissonance expend their Noble to inflict the Negative Status Vulgar onto Armand Dubrois. In doing so, the two inflictions of Vulgar in a single day leads to the Negative Status Warned.))

((Harpy Harry declares Elder Demetri to be his Talon thus fulfilling the conditions of the Major Boon owed to Atticus for his support for Harpy))

((Elder Atticus expends his Established to give Harold Finn Favored))