Harpy Report February 20th 2021

Hunters in Orlando

It appears our inability of a domain to adhere to the first tradition has finally caught up with us. At last gathering a well coordinated attack by mortal hunters was implemented on the personal haven of our own Prince. It is likely that the hunters trailed one or two of us on the way to the gathering and saw an opportunity to strike. 

Thanks to an impressive feat of obfuscation by Clan Nosferatu all of the gathered guests were able to make it to safety. After the initial confusion the masters of stealth rallied to ensure those who were unable to escape with their own abilities made it to safety. Additionally, the safety of Prince Marcus, Seneschal Lukas, and myself as acting harpy was secured through the actions of Elder Atticus of Clan Brujah and Primogen Agamemnon of Clan Tremere. 

Let us hope that this lesson serves as a reminder that in times of hunter activity we should be extra cautious. In the days of modern technology we have to be vigilant as there are now many ways to track our movements once we have been identified. It will take a collective effort on our part to make sure this dies down safely. Some recendations are;

Those who were at the gathering should change Cellular devices. It is likely they were able to identify the devices that were present that night and can now follow the devices movement.

Avoid any locations known to be compromised. The Café, the Distillery, and the Mansion are good examples.

When communicating with technology avoid addresses. Try to refer to gathering locations in vague terms. 

As a Ventrue even I must admit when the use of wealth can be compromising. Many of as drive flashy unique vehicles. These make following you easier. It is likely that all vehicles parked at the gathering are being tracked. I recommend changing cars to a common make, model, and color. Use of ride share apps or frequently changing cars would be advisable.

Now is not the time to be fighting amongst each other. It draws too much attention. I expect the Prince will show far less leniency for indiscretions. While a few phone calls to mortal connections is enough to protect the Masquerade under normal conditions, groups like this know what to look for. So for the time being, I recommend we keep our conflicts to the political arena. 

Death of the Talon

If you have not yet heard the former acting Harpy and Whip of Clan Assamite Dr. Melany Andino met final death at the hands of Elder Brujah Damien Priest and Neonate Rose both of Clan Brujah. Also it is clear that somehow, though indirectly, the other Talon Diamante Di Mezzanotte was involved. In light of recent events Harpy Lisper reached out to me to request I resume my post as Talon entrusting me with the Guardian status during her, hopefully temporary, absence.

The attack seems to be politically motivated which is surprising considering neither of them were acknowledged in the domain. Looking at past harpy reports it appears this is not the first time members of other domains have interfered in Orlando politics in such a physical way. For the last few weeks there have been rumors that both Talons were interested in assuming the main role in response to Harpy Lisper’s extended absence. For some reason, not yet discerned, Elder Damian had a strong preference for Diamante Di Mezzanotte for the job. There appears to be a clear connection between Diamante Di Mezzanotte and the Elder Brujah, but nothing to indicate the other Talon had anything directly to do with the violation of the 6th tradition.

All three of those tied to the death were brought in and questioned. Prince Marcus put it to Seneschal Lukas Gadow to pass judgment. The Seneschal called for the destruction of all three. To me it is clear that Elder Damein and Ancilla Rose for being unacknowledged also violated the 4th Tradition and deserve such a fate. However, the involvement of Diamante Di Mezzanotte still has some questions to be resolved. Perhaps the Seneschal has information I do not? Or perhaps Diamante Di Mezzanotte, who has a history of finding herself in compromising positions, has worn out the patience of the praxis. Assuming the deed has not already been performed, it was my hope at the gathering to sway the judgment to something more reasonable such as long term staking, blood bonding, or political censure. 

Melony was a close personal friend of mine, and was well liked by others in the domain. It is my belief that if it were to have come to a vote she would have been the next Harpy of Orlando. The loss of such potential is a tragedy to the Tower and she will be missed.  

Staff Changes 

The Keeper of Elysium Nora Monahan of Clan Brujah will be taking time away from her responsibilities following an attack of unknown origin off the Elysium grounds. Prince Marcus has asked the caitiff Wamu to keep an eye on Elysium for the time being. Scourge Archangel, Elder of clan Nosferatu, has also stepped down from his position. Considering the recent attacks from unacknowledged Kindred, and the deadly results, one would suspect Prince Marcus is looking to rehire the Scourge position as soon as he can. Those interested in either of these posts should make your interest known. 

Status Awards 

Primogen Dissonance of Clan Malkavian is seen as Honorable by Prince Marcus.

Senechal Lukas Gadow of Clan Toreador is  seen as Honorable by Prince Marcus.

Primogen Jacob Kellor of Clan Assamite is Sanctioned by Prince Marcus.