The Orlando Maven Issue 1

From the Office of the Harpy

~The Orlando Maven~

-Some Parts May Need Assembly-

Issue 1 Vol I                                                                                                                                        3.18.20

Lukas Gadow, Clan Toreador & Prince of Orlando

Early in the evening a message was sent to the Harpy; Lord Marcus Saint John had news. Naturally, the Harpy leapt into his car to meet with Lord Saint John.

The place was silent except for the sound of cowboy boots clacking against the tile floor that drew closer to Lord Saint John, who sat patiently with his book and attendants.

After quick pleasantries and introductions, Lord Saint John informed me that he had abdicated his throne, and the transition for Lukas Gadow to become Prince of Orlando was complete. I stood there shocked. It was the story of the year!

Not only was Lukas Gadow taking praxis, but the Established Lords Saint John, Archangel and Cierzo have shown their Favored countenance on him. Let this serve as notice to any who think they are good enough to come at Prince Gadow without authority, or proper honorariums.

Soon we were joined by the man of the hour, Prince Lukas Gadow. His mind was a torrent of ideas about how, and who, would best serve the domain of Orlando. He officially declared his support of all unspent rewards of status from Lord Saint John’s praxis. His first choices for Seneschal and Sheriff were in mind, and the hour of gathering was approaching. Word began to spread that there was a new Prince in town.

Keeper Nyx and Primogen Moretti raced to make Elysium into a party to celebrate Lukas’s ascension. It was glorious! The affair was secure, and full of libations. Positions changed hands and prestation documented. There was a little scandal, and Keeper Nyx sang for our entertainment. Prince Lukas conducted the business of setting up his new Praxis at his VIP table. What is more is new blood chose a great night to come in and be a part of the Domain of Orlando. I hear some of them even found places to be useful, and showcase their specialties to the city.

Here’s to Prince Gadow, to Orlando and the future.

We’re Losing a Primogen, but Gaining a Seneschal

Lord Saint John asked Prince Gadow who he thought would be his Seneschal. It warmed my cold, dead heart to hear the response, “Dissonance.”

Would Dissonance accept this responsibility?

This decision was not taken lightly. The former Primogen had to make sure his clan had proper representation before stepping down as primogen, and becoming a representative of the crown. This week I have witnessed him to be Loyal to this Harpy, and the social stability of the Domain of Orlando. After his clan’s matters were finished, Dissonance emerged and accepted Prince Gadow’s offer to be Seneschal.

.Good luck, Seneschal Dissonance!

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

After Prince Gadow said that he wanted Dissonance as his Seneschal, he said that he wanted Atticus for his Sheriff.

I would love to have Elder Atticus of Argos, of the Argovorium Scholars and Slayer of the Infernal as my Sheriff if I were Prince of the City. I can’t think of a single soul who would scoff at the idea of Elder Sheriff Atticus knocking at their door to deliver them to Prince Lukas. I have gotten to know Elder Sheriff Atticus over the last few weeks. When standing before the man, his head is held high because he knows he has acted honorably by the social standards of the Camarilla, and fears no reprisals. Not only does he do right by the Camarilla, but also by his clan. He feels every loss, He has dedicated his time in searching for his remaining kin to ensure their welfare because it is the right thing to do. We cannot bring stability if we aren’t looking out for our own.

Elder Sheriff Atticus of Argos, of the Argovorium Scholars is an Honorable kindred.

We wish him good hunting. I’d also like to take a moment to salute Lord Cierzo for wearing the tin star for Lord Marcus, and wish him luck on his future endeavors.

Tsavo No Bueno!

(No. That’s not really a picture of Tsavo.)

Never have I seen someone make so many horrible mistakes in such a short amount of time.

Any of you with your finger on the pulse knows who Nyx is and her appointment as Gardien de l’Elysium. She tends to Tsavo, the newest guest to walk through the door, and this guy asks Nyx who she is to question him! Then he goes on to say that the city had fallen far under the rule of a Toreador Prince; “plain rudeness.”

Keeper Nyx reveals her name, rank and serial number and tells Tsavo to enjoy the refreshments and hospitality that she composed last minute with Primogen Morretti. What does Tsavo do? Does he apologize and offer the lady a minor boon? Nope. He thanks her by calling her “Nick.”
The Neonate then walks up to Prince Lukas, whose domain he had just disparaged in front of everyone, and asks for the acknowledgement he never lost. Prince Lukas, offended by the protocol trampling
neonate, told Tsavo that he had no business discussing who was rude after his entire display with Keeper Nyx. Does Tsavo apologize? Offer a minor boon?

NOPE! He turns his back on Prince Lukas, impertinently marches towards the door, and mutters something about a waste of time under his breath. Prince Gadow decreed that Tsavo shall feed from the Rack and will not have the Prince’s hospitality until he learns to ask properly!



Yxnay on the Objay

(Nyx on the Job)

Speaking of events that led to the social downfall of one Tsavo the Nosferatu…

Keeper of Elysium Nyx, who turned her Elysium into a Princely Reception with little notice, kept her cool in the presence of this ungrateful neonate. Tsavo did nothing but test her patience and she never lowered herself to his level. Her response was a smile and an invitation to enjoy the refreshments that she provided. I don’t think I know anyone more Courteous than that!

I would also like to mention that Nyx put this reception together with Primogen Alex della Moretti and the Toreador Clan with very little notice. I’d like to thank Primogen Doctor Moretti for making it a memorable night and hope to see what they can do with proper notice.

Honorable Mentions

I have experienced both ups and downs so far as the Harpy. One of these ‘ups’ is Elder Demetri Demeter, whose support of the Office of Harpy has been instrumental in my transition. Unlike some other candidates, Elder Demetri accepts the choice of the Primogen council and continues to be an Honorable, and Loyal influence for the office as he has been in the past. On top of smoothing Harpy’s rough edges, Elder Demetri has voiced his Established opinion to shine his favor upon me.

Another one of these “ups” is Primogen Agamemnon Dios. He had faith in my ability to navigate the halls of the Camarilla, and put my name forward as a Harpy candidate. The same kindred who took the helm for his clan at court, who stood up for his clan at Elysium, and for his peers on council. He’s also the kind of kindred who rewards loyalty.

For all of these reasons, I find Primogen Agamemnon Dios to be an Honorable kindred.

A Quick Change of the Guard

The Brujah and the Malkavians had congregated to discuss the future of their clan’s representation at court. There were decisions that had to be made before Prince Gadow’s first choices for Seneschal and Sheriff could accept the honors laid before them.  

It was decided by the Brujah that Lyddia Desylva shall move up from whip to Primogen freeing Elder Atticus to accept the honor of Sheriff. A newcomer by the name of FourKiller will serve as Brujah Clan Whip.

Team Malkavian had decided that Xavier Blank shall represent the Moon Clan at the Court of Orlando. He has chosen Miss Cosette Bonnet to serve the clan as whip. I look forward to meeting the new Primogen so that the next time I write about them, there will be more to say.

The rest of the Primogen council is as it was before. I look forward to working with them all.

I also heard a rumor that Mr Perseus is the new whip for the Toreador Clan! I’m glad he found himself something to do. He seems the dutiful type.