The News Worth Knowing Issue 12

The Harpy Nest Digest


Meeting our New Primogen

Clan Gangrel has a new Primogen, and we take a little time to get to know them better


by Ty McFearson

Clan Gangrel has a new Primogen these nights, an Elder who has come to the city inspired by visions that prompt her to aid the Camarilla here. Known as Wealhþeow Urukdottir, with a myriad of other titles she has carried from her mortal days. When asked what has brought her from the remote landscapes she has previously roamed in Europe, she says (through her translator) “Wealhþeow has served the Camarilla since shortly after its creation,  she has guarded the Northlands of Sweden, Finland, Norway.  The land her mortal children and their children populated so many years ago.  She has come to serve the Camarilla in the coming days,  to make sure that the Gangrel can do their part to help.”

She continued to say “She has come to support Prince Vitale and his efforts to unite Orlando while facing the challenges brought upon by the dangers of Infernalists and other monsters within.” We asked her how she intended to do such, she replied ‘Gangrel in city weak.  Others take advantage of. Gangrel strong, can be strong arm to Prince but not must be weak. Wilphthrow strong.”

It seems the new Primogen is dedicated to the Camarilla and her Clan! Let’s hope she can keep ehr Clan in check and help guide them in the coming nights!






Important Update on Primogen Mairya!

by Ty McFearson

Here at the Harpy’s Nest we have finally some new information to shed on the attack of Primogen Mairya and all the matters tied into that.

The attack on Mairya by another member of her Clan, internal Clan Ventrue matter. The fact that the attack was witnessed and not prevented by the Brujah Primogen and the Warlord, internal Clan Ventrue matter. The fact that her attack was paid for by another Primogen who is now suspiciously dead before they could speak to clear their name, internal Clan Ventrue matter. The fact that one Primogen was making overt threats to the Praxis and calling the current Prince a tyrant and oppressor while implying he needs to be overthrown while serving another lineage within Clan Ventrue, internal Clan Ventrue matter. Anything involved in this whole situation, internal Clan Ventrue matter.

Hopefully Prince Vitale can soon settle these internal Clan Ventrue matters so they stop affecting the whole city.




Prince Vitale Adopts!

by Ty McFearson

Lineage is very important to Clan Ventrue, who you’re related to and whom is your sire or childe makes a big difference in Clan matters. So it seems that Mr. Vandenberg, Whip of Clan Ventrue, has found himself in a bit of promotion. Prince Vicenzo Vitale has formally adopted the young Ventrue in his Lineage, adopting him as a familial tie. This is a big deal for the Clan as Mr. Vandenberg was, until recently, the only Ventrue in the city not from either Vitale’s lineage or the Ventrue family Mezzanotte. With this adoption, this puts Mr. Vandenberg firmly in the camp of Prince Vitale and does divide the Ventrue between two families in the city. Thankfully, as we have been reassured plenty of times, there is no in-fighting or civil war within Clan Ventrue and they are united in their two lineages sharing the Clan’s holdings. This news after he has publicly been announced as a Defender by Prince Vitale is simply another feather in the cap of Mr. Vandenberg.




Small Nosferatu Update

by Ty McFearson

The investigation is still ongoing with the death of former Primogen Billiam, but the Office of Sheriff with assistance of the Prince have stated that per investigations it was clear that Billiam was NOT actually making his way to Elysium. With that being the case, he was not attacked on the way to Elysium and thus no risk of a breach of Elysium. Good job Keeper of Elysium the Plague on continuing to maintain a safe space!




The Upcoming Gathering

by Ty McFearson

The next upcoming gathering will be held at the Grand Bohemian Hotel, and will be hosted by Prince Vitale himself. Expect another formal announcement about Mr. Vandenberg, perhaps some status handed out to key supporters of the Praxis. We can hope that the Sheriff will have any kind of update in regards to the Infernalist situation, or the death of former Primogen Billiam. Hopefully Clan Nosferatu will announce a new Primogen as well.




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