The News Worth Knowing Issue 11

The Harpy Nest Digest


The Niktuku Nightmare

What was planned was a peaceful gathering on Elysium. What took place outside changed everything…

by Ty McFearson

Elysium is a place that is supposed to ensure peace and calm, where the most monstrous of our society and the most humane can sit in peace and discuss philosophy and the news of the day. There are two roles in the Camarilla that exist simply to help enforce and maintain this structure, the office of Harpy and the office of Keeper of Elysium. Protection is granted not just in the attendance of Elysium, but as well the traveling to and from the gathering location. And yet, despite the best efforts of Camarilla society bent to protect this most sacred of traditions it seems that such was violated by unknown intruders to the Domain of Orlando.

The gathering started off peacefully at first, with even the most inhumane and ill-tempered of the city showing polite behavior in the face of Elysium. Edgar Mezzanotte, that shadowed monster that haunts the steps of Clan Ventrue, had his hair combed nice and a well-fitting suit that almost presented him in a more humane light; even Patrick found it somewhere in his heart to be well-behaved and civil to those around him. Primogen mingled with their clans, and the Tremere even had a significant presence at the gathering which hasn’t been seen in a short time. It was civil, calm, polite. In fact, up until a key few moments it was a right perfect gathering.

It seems some things had stalked Billiam Ballace of Clan Nosferatu on his way to the gathering, and despite his best efforts he was unable to fend off the three-on-one assault and was murdered. The three creatures that bested him, upon later investigation by the Sheriffs Deputies on the scene, were referred to by the other Nosferatu aiding the investigation as Niktuku.

It seems these Niktuku are an extreme bloodline of the Nosferatu, not that they are members of the Sabbat but an old and dangerous brood of Nosferatu whom view their extreme views on Clan leadership as the only way to be and actively hunt and subvert any other members of their Clan whom disagree. They haunt the steps of other Nosferatu, those who strive to be more progressive and be more civilized in these modern nights, and it seems they have caught up to the kindly Billiam Ballace.

It is unknown if the remaining two who survived the attack (for Billiam was able to defeat one before death claimed him for the second time) have remained in the city, but we are sure that updates from the office of Sheriff will keep us updated on the situation as it unfolds. At this time however the city has lost a strong defender and a good friend to the Praxis, and the black cloth of mourning is draped on many a haven window for many nights to come.

The rest of the gathering was a quiet and somber affair, as various Kindred shared their happy memories and stories of our fallen comrade. Toasts were made in his honor, and recounts of the numerous great deeds he performed for the city were echoed around the Elysium halls. When you find yourself in a moment of silent reflection in the next few nights, hold that toast once more to one of Orlando’s finest. And find a small pet to hug and hold, in memory of the late Primogens most loyal companion who also died defending the city of Orlando to the last.






Gangrel Primogen Resigns!

by Ty McFearson

In the wake of former Primogen Billiam of Clan Nosferatu’s death at the hands of some terrifying monsters, the matter seems to have struck especially close to Primogen Thorn of Clan Gangrel. Pulling out an axe given to him by the late Nosferatu, he issued a prayer and buried it in the wall of Elysium as a notice of his departure. Saying that he would not return until he had avenged his fallen comrade, it appears to everyone that the Gangrel Primogen has renounced his role on the Council to go and hunt. At this time of reporting, there is no Whip for the Clan to receive a comment from. Shortly in the evening of  Monday however, news was given to the Harpy’s Nest that Clan gangrel has already picked a new Primogen. Madam Wilpheow, Elder of the Clan, has taken over leadership of Clan Gangrel at this time. She has not named a Whip at this time either, though it is highly suggested she take the time to do such. We will interview her for next issue so the city may know her better.

 No comment available from Prince Vicenzo yet on this development.




Mairya Matters Mothballed?

by Ty McFearson

Despite moving the whole gathering just for the sake of a peaceful place to discuss the events of last gathering, to allow the Prince to investigate the claims made by others and reported in this publication, despite holding a private meeting with some of those reported on last time…we have nothing to report to the city at this time.

Receiving a comment from Ventrue Whip Joseph Vandenberg in regards to the meeting, “Our meeting was interrupted when I got a text from Billams child telling me something was wrong. I shared that information with the Prince and we went to try and aid him we arrived to late. Now the talks are on hold for a day or two to give us time to address this most horrible attack on our city.”  It seems that whatever meeting was beginning to take place was under very strained conversation, as the group was assembled for almost an hour before the news of Billiam began to spread. The tense conversations have been tabled a few days to allow the city to mourn, as well as collect further evidence on the situation that may arise.

More will be updated in the next issue, after the Prince holds the second attempt at this meeting of the Ventrue.




Clan Elects New Primogen

by Ty McFearson

Lose two Primogen, but gain another? That seems to be the order of the evening for Orlando as The Plague, member of Clan Malkavian, has taken the mantle of leadership for his Clan. It seems there were some quiet internal struggles within Clan Malkavian recently, but it was settled quite peacefully and civilly amongst themselves without spilling out to infect the rest of the city. Krazy, long term Primogen of the Clan, has stepped aside peacefully and The Plague has taken up that role. He is quite ahead of the game as well, he has already appointed a Whip to handle situations in his absence whose name is Dr. Zek. When asked who would take on the mantle of Keeper with his new position, Noble Primogen The Plague said he will continue onto his duties until such time the Prince can find a replacement.

This leaves the Primogen Council in an interesting dynamic, with new faces and empty chairs. The Nosferatu  and Assamite Primogen seats are all currently empty; Nosferatu have yet to publicly either back Imogen (current Nosferatu, former Malkavian, former Follower of Set) or elect a new Primogen, and Clan Assamite doesn’t have enough members of the Clan as city residents to allow anyone else to fill the chair per Camarilla tradition. At this time the Prince’s Primogen Council is just the Ventrue, the Tremere, the Brujah, the Toreador, the Gangrel and the Malkavian.




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