The News Worth Knowing Issue 8

The Harpy Nest Digest


A Formal Affair

Celebrating the first year of his rule as Prince, we look back on what has been accomplished and what we still look forward to in the near future…

by Ty McFearson

It has been a turbulent past year, but thanks to the steady and dedicated hand of Prince Vicenzo and his Clan the city has weathered every storm and come out to a moonlit sea of tranquility. Mostly.

Starting as he took Praxis after the Elder Vega stepped down to assume Archon duties, Prince Vicenzo has guided the city through one of its rockier times. First dealing with an influx of political dissidents and rebels in the form of the Magic Kingdom, later putting down a small push of the Sabbat before the infernalist Stein reared his ugly head. Guiding the city and keeping together the fragile politics of Camarilla life, Prince Vicenzo was successful not just in routing the infernalist Stein and his vile forces but as well able to repel the Sabbat and lead the Camarilla to reclaim two other cities with which to make strongholds. He has clearly been a busy man, and deserves a party to be thrown!

But is Orlando truly out of the danger zone? Threats still linger on the edge of our society, circling on the fragile peace we have obtained. The threat of the infernal has not decreased with the death of the infernalist Stein, it seemingly has increased and grown strong than ever which leads many to whisper of a secret infernalist in the city that remains inside the court of Orlando itself. Crime continues to be an issue the plagues the mortals of the city, and with various Kindred all trying to control the various folks it’s no wonder how things such as children being kidnapped and brutal murders slip through the cracks. And as always, politics internally fracture and divide as much as they strengthen and bind us, it is up to our Primogen to set an example on how we all should work together and survive and we can only hope they choose to provide a good one.

His Majesty, Prince Vicenzo Vitale of the Clan of Kings cordially invites you to celebrate the first year of his reign at a grand gathering to be held in the orlando Elysium on February 10th. A lavish party will be held and the dress code is Formal.






The Trouble with Trebles

by Ty McFearson

As proclaimed by the Noble Elder Primogen Tyvarius Monticello of Clan Toreador, as of this week Miss Treble is no longer considered a member of Clan Toreador. She is to be considered a Catiff by any in the city, and until such time she has formal representation by another Clan and their Primogen she holds no position in the city beyond any other non-represented Kindred might hold.

No comment was given as to why this change was made. Treble has been known to be a figure of some controversy in the city, seemingly used as a pawn by several other Kindred in the Great game, but has always been known to have a sweet smile and matching voice despite her troubles. We wish her luck, as well as luck to the Primogen who feels ready to step up to the plate to represent her.




The Boon Race Continues!

by Ty McFearson

Kindred in Orlando and Tampa have been working overtime in the last few weeks to register and work for trivial boons. The positive side of this behavior is that SO MUCH is getting accomplished as everyone works hard to earn the boons and thus the Archons favor. Keep in mind that not EVERYTHING should be charged a boon for, and if you become a tad overeager you will get noticed and called out for trying to manipulate boons and status. There are already whispers reaching the Harpy’s Nest of such behavior, so be mindful! There is a clear leader in the Trivial department for both cities…but just telling wouldn’t be the fun of it!




A Return to the Standard?

by Ty McFearson

This upcoming gathering features a return to Elysium, a return to the formal gathering and a return of a long lost Icon. Yes, the long lost Ventrue Primogen Lady Charlotte has resurfaced without so much as a chipped nail to show for it! There has been no word as to her whereabouts or business while on leave, for a time she left the city with not even a Whip to represent the Clan and its influence, but her return is a welcomed sight to the hallowed Elysium halls.

Not just that, but talk from those in the know says the Primogen have been meeting to discuss changes to the territory divides in the Domain. Which Clans will grow or shrink their lands, who intends on moving? Will any Elders be blessed with Personal Domain? Only one way to find out, and that’s to attend the next Gathering!

As this will be a gathering on Elysium, the Loyal Keeper The Plague of Clan Malkavian has asked us to once again write down and post the rules for Elysium so the city can be “reminded of civilized behavior”.

1.    All Kindred are expected to keep the Traditions and the Prince’s Laws in mind while in an Elysium.
2.    The use of violence is prohibited within Elysium.
3.    The destruction of art within an Elysium shall be a violation of Hospitality and dealt with appropriately.
4.    No Retainers without prior arrangement. This includes ghouls, retainers and other non-kindred in the Kindred only areas.
5.    All those invited by the Prince, so long as they respect The Traditions and the Rules of Elysium are welcome.
6.    Unknown Kindred are not allowed in the Kindred Only area of Elysium unless accompanied by a holder of office or Elder of the city.
7.    No recording devices allowed in the Kindred Only area of Elysium. Infra-red Emitters and White Noise generators help ensure privacy. Use Cell phones respectfully.
8.    No magically enchanted items will be allowed in Elysium without prior analysis and clearance.
9.    Any individual wishing to hold a Kindred event needs to get the approval of/coordinate with the Keeper of Elysium. Individual clan gatherings need not be approved but need to be arranged with the Keeper if Elysium space is needed or a temporary Elysium needs to be declared.
10.    Absolutely no weapons are allowed in any Elysium (exceptions to this rule are the Keeper, Sheriff, or their designated deputies; and the Prince). They will be checked at the entrances.
11.    Discipline use on others is discouraged in Elysium. If any Kindred attempts their use, especially in an offensive manner, they will be judged by the Keeper. Note: Obfuscation to hide yourself from view is Prohibited
12.    If the Keeper asks you to leave an Elysium for any reason, then you must leave or be subject to trouble from the Sheriff.
13.    Pursuant to the above rules those entering Elysium will be subject to an Aural Check and if requested, a weapons check.
14.    Privacy is paramount to safety. Eavesdropping on private areas in Elysium is expressly forbidden.




Questions and Clarifications from the Harpy Office

by Ty McFearson

This week we have another question penned for the Harpy’s nest! Let’s see how we can assist this next Kindred/

Anonymous asks “I’ve heard a lot about blood contracts. What is a blood contract and what happens when one is broken?”

Well Anonymous, the answer I have for you is No. Don’t Ask. Don’t Know. Go talk to a Tremere.




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