The News Worth Knowing Issue 9

The Harpy Nest Digest


A Grand Galla!

Celebrating the first year of his rule as Prince, we look at the latest gathering of Kindred and rate our thoughts on the current events!

by Ty McFearson

The Kindred of Orlando came out in splendor to show off their best dressed selves for a proper Elysium gathering hosted by Prince Vicenzo. The Primogen Council was at full strength, with Whips meeting when their respected leadership was occupied, and the city put its best foot forward. It was a place to see and be seen, and much of both took place!

There were a few housekeeping issues in place with Elysium that thankfully the Keeper handled expertly, and only minimal issues arose that will be detailed later. Thankfully mostly everyone managed to act in propriety, even those from the Independent Alliance managed to keep their hands clean in the public eye!  Alas it seems that not everyone is so well behaved in public, with several rumblings of Anarchs disturbing the peace and leading good Camarilla citizens astray with wacky antics best left behind in high school dramas.

Speaking of high school antics, maybe it’s best that the Anarchs leave the city policing and politicizing to the Camarilla instead of trying to “help”? Numerous sources state that one Anarch in particular, an official Emissary for the group named Roman, caused such a mess of a scene it led to a rather large breach of the Masquerade! Baron Iblis, leader of the Anarchs in Polk County, is a stand up guy and we have always had fair dealings with him; but if this is the emissary he officially sends to represent him and his interests then maybe he should select another?

The Primogen met and discussed the infernal issue in what has been assured to us as a lovely and accomplishing conversation. See your Primogen right away on how you can help combat the infernal, they are sure to direct you to the right sources to assist! This is especially important as these infernal creatures have begun to kidnap and terrorize the ghouls under the employee of various Kindred in Orlando. Do you know where your Ghoul is?

All in all, quite a lovely affair. We cannot wait for the next gathering!






Masquerade Troubles All Over Town!!

by Ty McFearson

It seems it’s a rare night that some Kindred or another doesn’t endanger the Masquerade, but at least it’s been lessened this month? From last months gathering, one of the groups going after the infernalists did NOT in fact cover the Masquerade in any way. Thanks to the fast acting work of one Miss Treble (now represented by Clan Tremere) the Masquerade was saved, but one wonders how it was allowed to get so far in the first place. Whispers say that the leader of the strike team, Patrick of Clan Assamite, was in charge of reporting to the Sheriff and the Warlord of any Masquerade breeches but failed to do so and thus failed to cover the Masquerade. No comment from the Sheriff or Warlord on the matter is available at this time and how they feel about poor representation harming the city.

As well, it seems our own Bruce of Clan Brujah was in a bit of a sticky situation as well when trying to deal with infernal powers. Magically manipulated, he used obvious powers of the blood infront of Mortals which was thankfully covered due to the actions of Kindred nearby. Add this into the troubling news of mortal gangs targeting various Kindred and kidnapping ghouls (which could lead into its own mess) and it’s been a lessened month but still rough nonetheless. It seems that these infernalist are determined to make us break the Masquerade, so stay extra vigilant!




Keeper Handling His Biz-Niz

by Ty McFearson

It seems someone got a little fiesty on Elysium proper with one of the ghouls on site, violating the Elysium rules and bringing down the wrath of the Keeper of Elysium and the Prince!

Here is the official statement on the matter from the Loyal Keeper of Elysium:

A ghoul, believed to be possessed by an infernalist, was detained by Elysium security forces upon his attempted entry and moved to a side room where the incident occured.  While being interrogated by myself and Deputy Ballace, Mr. Thorn burst into the room and slew the ghoul.

Mr. Thorn was reprimanded for his actions and reminded that that behavior is not acceptable. Elysium is a place where emissaries are meant to be sent and they should be safe from destruction.  In restitution, Primogen Charlotte Katherine Prentice [of Clan Ventrue] agreed to pay a Minor Boon on his behalf. Were we not in a side room, and any art damaged, a major boon would have been owed.

This is just the offence for killing a messenger ghoul in a secluded side room, and a warning to future visitors that this behavior will not be tolerated. While we clearly do not want random ghouls showing up to our events, emissaries will be given the courtesy of waiting downstairs safely until they are ready to be received or turned away.

It seems that the Keeper was more than fair in handling the Gangrel Primogen, and it seems the Ventrue Primogen did a good job taking care of her own for their violation. To make matters worse an Anarch previously mentioned for his rude behavior towards the Prince once again attempted to violate the Masquerade but was caught by the diligent work of The Plague. He was escorted to his people and thank goodness the Anarch Constable was polite and civil enough to remove him from Elysium. By order of the Keeper, Roman of the Anarchs is no longer welcome in Elysium.




Loss of a Camarilla Member

by Ty McFearson

It seems there has been some serious infighting within the Brujah ranks, to the point that the matter spilled out of private discussions into a rather large scene at the gathering itself. As reported by several witnesses to the incident, the former Brujah Whip Ayses (pronounced Aces) became heated and passionate as only his Clan can be, proclaiming his frustration with the leadership of the Clan as well as other personal issues with the Primogen and his political leanings led him to not just renounce his position as brujah Whip, but renounce his Acknowledgement as a member of the Camarilla as a whole! Ayses has declared for himself at this time to rejoin the Anarch Movement and has left for Polk County.

Noble Brujah Primogen Sigismondo gave comment saying “Ayses has decided to pursue the Illusion of Freedom within the Anarch Movement. I am disappointed in his decision, however I do wish him knowledge so he may find his way back.” At this time his Clanmates have declined to comment to the Harpy’s Nest. We are sure that in time Primogen Sigismondo will find a suitable replacement Whip for the role, some sources say he has his eye already on one clanmate in particular, and the Mezzanotte general will find a suitable Lieutenant to serve.




Domain Business

by Ty McFearson

A small bit of Domain business to report for everyone’s records!

Morgan Driscol, Whip of Clan Toreador, won the art challenge hosted by the Archon last month in Tampa. As such, they are seen as Victorious until such time as they show they are not.

Clan Brujah no longer has a permanent Whip at this time, we eagerly await updates on a newly named candidate for the role. While the role is vacant, the Primogen is currently interviewing possible candidates. Current leading candidate for the role is Bee.

Prince Vicenzo has narrowed down his candidate search for the role of Seneschal, he informed his Primogen Council last gathering, and in good time there will be one named. No comment on what will then occur to the Warlord title, as that role is currently doing the work of a Seneschal in ones absence.

Elder Pree of Clan Toreador was promoted to a Deputy Keeper role. Keeper of Elysium The Plague of Clan Malkavian seemed most pleased and delighted at his newest deputy choice.

It seems that Treble has already found another Clan to represent her in politics of the city. Noble Primogen Lou Warren says that Clan Tremere will represent Treble in matters of the city, so she is not an unaligned Kindred to run afoul of the Scourge. No word on the price Treble paid for this honor, or if this is another political jab aimed at Clan Toreador by Clan Tremere that occurred several times already at the gathering.




Questions and Clarifications from the Harpy Office

by Ty McFearson

This week we have another question from a member of the city, and we are happy to provide answers!

“Dear Ty,

I am new to the city and wanting to get to know more Kindred. Any way you can get us some meet and greets or interviews started up?”

I sure can! And i know just the subject to start with next week…




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