The News Worth Knowing Issue 22

The Harpy Nest Digest


A Loss of Humanity

A challenging night in a city divided, hear the tales of Triumphs and Woes

by Ty McFearson

The city gathered at the Grand Bohemia to take direction from the Prince on finally ending the threat. Kindred from all over poured in, all in an effort to try and stop the worst from happening to our fair city. New faces made their acquaintances, old friends returned and even some brave souls were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the city. It was a time for triumph, it was a time for horror and glory in the likes many have not seen since the dark Ages. And yet…I am sad to report that the base urges of many members of this city dominated and controlled them, and because of their actions we were unable to fully stop the threat.

The night began simple enough, with Clans gathering about and receiving instruction from their Primogen and the Prince as to what would take place. Of note were the actions of Sheriff Sigismondo who represented both himself and his coterie magnificently in the way he handled himself through the evening. He was always there to assist Kindred, offering others to do the same when he could not himself participate and was able to put aside political rivalries to aid in saving a member of the city from Destruction.

As the Sheriff worked to preserve the city to the best of his ability, Prince Vitale worked to soothe and calm the nerves of many a Kindred. Giving out pieces of sage advice, personally checking on Kindred in distress and even lightning the mood by singing in his beautiful tenor range, Prince Vitale and truly all of Clan Ventrue were points of calm in the storm that was this night. They were aided by severa Elders of Can Toreador who took time from their works to entertain and continue social discourse.

Because that’s what I want to remind you of, dear readers. Why we do this. Why we live in the society we do, and take the actions we perform. We do it because that is the best way to live. When our Elders formed the Camarilla, they did so in order to preserve our ways of life and keep us from developing and degrading into senseless beasts in the night like the Sabbat have become. They wanted us to continue to uphold our society, and yes sometimes that means what is true and right does not rule the day. But it is the best system for governance that we have at our fingertips, and it deserves our respect. We respect boons logged and registered yes, but we are also careful in our wordplay of what is promised. We respect status and rank, and when we step out of line there is punishment and forgiveness. It is when these basic core concepts are violated, when they are cast aside for matters of convenience that we truly reach the depths of our depravity. And we did so this past night.  

It started when a half-cocked Anarch made a bargain with the demon, promising it 13 souls for it to leave. Before the rule of law could set in, before he could be detained and brought before the Prince for judgement for what he had done (striking a deal with the demon was ruled as punishable by potential bloodhunt by the prince earlier that evening), several Kindred mad for blood took it upon themselves to murder this Anarch in public in full view of witnesses. I need to remind you that even though it is just an Anarch, they are still recognized as affiliated with the Camarilla and thus killing him means you have violated the Tradition of Destruction. And I will find out who killed a Kindred inside Prince Vitale’s Domain without his Right of Destruction, and they will be punished in some form or fashion.

It went from bad to worse as members of the Independent Alliance saw fit to make their presence known at the gathering. Instead of offering help as Prince Vitale and the Scourge graciously let them in with no hassle, they insisted on attempting to intimidate and strong arm various Kindred including the Prince himself. Later in the evening they saw fit to attack a Honorable Primogen of the city, specifically Primogen The Plague of Clan Malkavian.

While the Sheriff was intent on gathering able-bodied Kindred to aid him and the Tremere in finally putting down the demon for good, it seems that Clan Assamite and the Independent Alliance had different ideas. They thought it a wonderful time to attack and attempt to murder Primogen The Plague in cold blood, which required all those able-bodied Kindred who were on their way to defeat the demon to be delayed in saving a Kindreds life. Giovanni struck from the Shadowlands, and the members of Clan Assamite (assisted by a Ravnos as I’ve been told) struck from the physical world to try and end his life. His life was saved thanks to the actions of Sheriff Sigismondo and others, but at what cost?

I was there, facing the demon. I stood shoulder to shoulder with Bee of Clan Brujah and Elder Mariano of Clan toreador as we prepared ourselves to defeat this demon once and for all. And yet…no one came to aid us. No one came to assist, no one helped. Two new to the city Malkavians stood tall ready to give their lives for bloodthirsty monsters who would rather kill a political rival than save their own souls. Every member of Clan nosferatu in attendance were there and willing to do what must be done. Even Mr. Wylde of Clan Lasombra was willing to give up his own life to make amends for what he had done in the past to not prevent this problem from spreading. But we were not successful. It was through the efforts of Clan Tremere magically weakening the demon and literal divine intervention that saved us, but did not defeat the demon.

The demon has been held at bay by powerful magics for a month, two at tops. It has not been defeated or vanquished because of the selfishness of our own hearts, at those willing to watch everyone in the world burn just for petty revenge. And yet I also saw the greatest heights of self sacrifice, those willing to give their all even those new to the city for the chance to save the Camarilla. It was a night of majestic highs, and terrible lows. I can only pray for the souls of those we lost, and pray those who harmed the city and the Camarilla will find the appropriate justice they deserve.






Status and City Officer Updates

by Ty McFearson

Mouse of Clan Malkavian was formally released as a childer from her sire The Plague, and given the full amount of respect offered to a neonate of the Camarilla. She is to be seen as her own person from this moment forward.

Established Elder Tyvarious Monticello is no longer Seneschal of Orlando. He gave up his position and a year of his life in an effort to weaken the Demon. At this time, Prince Vitale has opted to take a few nights to decide whom his next Seneschal should be as Established Elder Tyvarious cannot fulfill the role. Interested parties should reach out to the Prince through their Primogen should they wish the role. I have personally recommended to the Prince that he place Elder Sobaka in that role.

Elder Sigismondo Malatesta has been appointed to the role of Sheriff here in Orlando. At this time it is not known whom he will have in regular rotation as his deputies, but I am confident that he will let us all know in time.

Sheriff Sigismondo is no longer Primogen of Clan Brujah as he has taken on a city officer role. Clan Brujah has met and elected Chance Whitman to represent them on the Primogen Council, and already on his first night was a smashing success in the city. I’m impressed!

Krazy, a member of Clan Malkavian, has been disowned by the Primogen and Whip of his Clan. From this point forward the Primogen and Whip Of Clan Malkavian will not speak for him, defend him or ensure his safety in the city.

After the attempted murder of Noble Primogen The Plague of Clan Malkavian by members of Clan Giovanni and members of Clan Assamite, Clan Malkavian met to appoint his childe Mouse as Primogen. While I’m a little apprehensive at seeing such a new Kindred take the role, I am filled with hope at how her Clan has rallied to her side to aid her and provide stability.

Not wanting to disrupt the stability of Can Malkavian that gathered to support young Mouse, once he had healed from his attempted murder The Plague contacted me and informed me that he would have Mouse stay on in her role as Primogen and he would advise and act as her Whip as needed.

Noble Primogen Elrich Sydney is no longer Primogen of Clan Toreador of Orlando. He gave up his position and a year of his life in an effort to weaken the Demon. As Clan Toreador finds itself without a Primogen (again) due to events occurring in the city (again), they have opted to elect Elder Simon to the position. Primogen Simon was quick to nominate a Whip to handle the day to day affairs of the running of the Clan to Miss Sofia Amati. Let’s hope the team can work harmoniously in the city.

Clan Ventrue has decided to change things up on how they will manage their affairs in the city. Joseph Vandenberg is now seen as the Noble Primogen of Clan Venture. Lady Charlotte will be stepping back into the Whip role for a time to ensure proper management of the Clan is underway, then she will step away into simply being an Elder of the city once more. Thank you for both of your services!

In a Symbel contest held between Elder Simon of Clan Toreador and Elder Charlotte of Clan Ventrue, it seems that Lady Charlotte came out the victor on top! She is seen as Victorious in her efforts.

Master of Harpies Prima Dezz is no longer Master of Harpies, owing to the fact he has been Bloodhunted by Prince Vitale and is seen as Forsaken. Prince Vitale has asked that Prima Dezz turn himself in peacefully to the Prince for judgement in the matter of the attack on Elysium.

At this time, the Primogen Council has names Tyranus “Ty” McFearson (that’s me) Master Of Harpies by a unanimous vote. I appreciate the vote of confidante from a united council. I have hired on The Plague, Whip Of Clan Malkavian, as my first Harpy. I have also hired Elder Virgil Bancroft of Clan Tremere as a Harpy.

For supporting the office of Master of Harpies, I see Primogen Chance Whitman of Clan Brujah as Honorable.

For supporting the office of Master of Harpies, I see Primogen Lou Warren of Clan Tremere as Loyal.

For supporting the office of Master of Harpies, I see Primogen Winston of Clan Nosferatu as Honorable.

For supporting the office of Master of Harpies, I see Primogen Simon of Clan Toreador as Loyal.

For supporting the office of Master of Harpies, I see Primogen Joseph Vandenberg of Clan Ventrue as Honorable.

For supporting the office of Master of Harpies, I see Primogen Mack of Clan Assamite as Loyal.

For supporting the office of Master of Harpies, I see Primogen Mouse Of Clan Malkavian as Loyal.

For supporting the office of Master of Harpies, I would dearly love to give Primogen Sobaka Of Clan Gangrel a measure of standing. However, at this time he is currently seen in the full light our society can grant. Therefore I extend a Major Boon to him, should he choose to accept, as a measure of thanks for the trust and faith he puts in me.

For coming to the aid of a Primogen Of the city, at great personal risk to his own in life, I see Sheriff Sigismondo as Loyal.

In regards to the attack on former Primogen The Plague, investigations are still underway. What can be said for sure is that Clan Giovanni did knowingly participate in an attack on 2 Kindred Favored by four total Elders. I offer a Major Boon for each staked and torpored Clan Giovanni member caught inside of Orlando. They must be delivered to Prince Vitale for his judgement, once Prince Vitale ensures me they are staked and torpored and in his care I will bestow a Major Boon for each delivered. You don’t get to attack Favored Kindred in this city and have no repercussions.

Speaking of investigations, it has been shown that at least four members of Clan Assamite are responsible as well for attacking former Primogen The Plague. Considering there are 4 members of Clan Assamite in the city that are acknowledged members of the Camarilla, this is an issue. The attacks were on Kindred who between the two of them are Favored by four separate Elders. Until such time as it can be clarified WHO in Clan Assamite actually struck and attack, I believe I have worked out a solution that seems best. As he represents all of Clan Assamite in the city and is responsible for their actions, Primogen Mack will take the brunt of punishment at this time. He will be Censured four times to represent the four members of Clan Assamite who reside in Orlando and who potentially attacked The Plague and Sigismondo, as well as for the four Elders whose Favor has been ignored. Primogen Mack is therefore not seen as Loyal any longer, and holds the Warned Censure three times. However, for each member of his Clan he proves innocent I will happily remove one Warned Censure and offer a Major Boon as apology until his whole Clan can be checked for the culprits and the full force of their crimes weigh upon them. Each member of his Clan he wishes to prove their innocence for must be brought to Primogen Joseph, Primogen Warren and myself (or if one of us isn’t available then a Whip and Talon will stand in) to have their memories checked for the incident.




In Regards to Elaine

by Ty McFearson

Much discussion has been brought up about Elaine over time, but the matter has officially been settled. Elaine formerly owed myself (Ty McFearson) a Life Boon for the efforts of saving her life when she was attacked by another Kindred. Since that time she has lied about her True Clan, faked her death to escape punishment by Prince Vitale, publicly admitted to using infernal powers to save her life, caused a tumultuous mess of boon and status records for the Harpy to navigate and has abused the cities weaknesses to further her own goals instead of assisting the city. Seeing no other course of action to be taken, and after she has made it clear she will not respect the traditions of the Camarilla, I called upon that Life Boon owed to me. With permission from Prince Vitale in the form of the Right of Destruction, I have claimed the life of Elaine. Her Life Boon is fulfilled as I have claimed the life she gave to me. If there any further questions or clarifications needed, feel free to message me privately.




Statement from the Keeper

by Ty McFearson

Even though the Keeper was not present in the city, he has still provided me with a statement in regards to the Elysia situation.

After consulting with the Prince on the matters of Elysi, I agree that the punishment of the Hunt will suffice in punishing the offender of the broken Elysia. Further, I will state that this action was needed and nessisary due to the actions of Clan Giovanni and Clan Assamite in the city.”

There you have it folks, Keeper Halogi himself rules that Elysia is secured and no Disgrace needs fall on the unwarranted. Thank goodness for small blessings!




New Faces, New Politics

by Ty McFearson

There were a bunch of new faces in orlando this past evening, as well as some old returning ones. These are wonderful folks who have already changed the political landscape for the city, for good or for ill.

Clan Malkavian seems to have increased in number yet again, I wonder what brings so many into Orlando? Cecil Eros, George (whom was still thinking of a last name when I last saw him) and Mama were all new members to the city proper. Mouse was formally released at the beginning of the night by Prince Vitale, increasing the number of Kindred in the city, and tasked by the Prince to watch over the new Malkavians; she did a wonderful job.

Clan Brujah has a new Primogen it seems, a more quiet and soft spoken member of the Clan by the name of Chance Whitman. He seems to have an intense personality however, he was able to claim Primogen of the city’s Brujah and even Sigismondo seemed to show him great respect in personal conversation. He aided several Kindred in the city and offered support to his whole Clan, as well as those in danger.

Elder Fue, of Clan Toreador, has made a sudden return to the limelight. He hasn’t been seen since the Primogen fired him from the office of Harpy, and he still maintained his charming smile and dashing fashion sense. Sadly, Elder Fue was not available for comment as to his whereabouts.

Several new Giovanni arrived in town it seems, all members of the Independent Alliance. They spent a good part of the evening moving in shadowy groups, associating with ne’er do wells in the city and attempting to strong arm the Prince into territory. After promising aid to the Prince in an exchange for territory, they later felt it a positive life choice to aid in attacking one of his Primogen and rumor has them connected to a van full of infernal zombies. More on the Giovanni as the story develops, next week after I have had time to do more investigations and hear what others have to offer.

How will these new faces help change the political landscape? What will their influences and motivations be? And how will that impact all of the new city officers and Primogen?




Clans Status Change?

by Ty McFearson

It seems that several clans have changed their status in the city, either improving dramatically or decreasing in renown, over the last few nights. Of increased renown in particular is Clan Toreador, whom gave the most of any Clan for the cause of defeating the Demon and saving the city. Clan Toreador lost one of its premiere Elders in the form of Tyvarious Monticello, a man whom has given much to the city and whom willingly offered his life to save it once more. We also lost a hero of the War on Tampa in the form of Elrich Sydney, another who when seeing that other Clans had not offered enough to aid stepped up to help weaken the demon. Elder Mariano was the ONLY Elder to take steps to physically stop the demon once and for all, preparing himself to lose his own life in combat for the chance to save Orlando. Also lost was Miss Treble, no longer a Toreador but one of us originally.

With Treble, we can move onto Clan Tremere whose stock has been on the rise as well. Treble was under the watch of Clan Tremere when she gave herself to assist with the destruction of the demon. Siobhan of Clan Tremere is another who offered up her life in exchange for weakening the demon and correcting the magical ley line issue that was caused by the Blood Hunted members of the Magic Kingdom. Clan Tremere also worked hard all evening, investigating each scenario as it arose and combating the infernal forces without a second glance back at their own safety. At one point the Clan enmass left to combat the demonic powers with all the magic they could muster, insisting the fighters do their own work and not stand guard over them as they assaulted the creatures magically. And even as a neonate, Lisa Roberts worked as hard as she could to honor the Prince’s order that the Keeper manage security for the night when her superior was nowhere to be seen.

Clan Brujah came out ahead in this evening as well, with Sheriff Sigismondo leading brave charges against the city’s enemies and stepping in as a shield to protect the younger members of the Sect. When former Primogen the Plague was assaulted in the Opera House by those conspiring murder and to violate the Tradition of Destruction, he risked his own unlife to save a former political rival because it was the right thing to do for the city. New Primogen Chance Whitman was an able bodied defender, proving himself valiant and Noble indeed in all his actions. Bee was the only members of her Clan able to face the demon but she did so with grace and grit, a true determination to do what was right.

While all these Clans should be looked at in higher prominence in the city, two seemed to have slipped in respect and renown. Of note in particular is Clan Assamite whom took it upon themselves to not only kill a Kindred of no particular note in public in front of witnesses (witnesses and masquerade were protected by Clan Venture, and I thank their new Primogen Joseph for promptly handling that), but also thought it was an amazing idea to try and murder the Malkavian Primogen in the middle of the Grand Bohemian while people were preparing to depart to kill the demon once and for all. They were aided by members of Clan Giovanni (more on them next week, I promise you) who chose to attack like cowards from the realm of the dead instead of at least facing their foes honorably like Clan Brujah had done all evening. How long is Prince Vitale going to let Clan Assamite keep their Primogen seat, and stay in the city at all, when they cannot help but murder people because they are irritated at what they have to say in public?

Sadly there is also Clan Gangrel which has slipped a bit in recognition. Their Primogen Sobaka was on a mission for the Prince and was unable to attend, but you’d think his Whip and our Keeper of Elysium would be supporting the hunt the Prince called and everyone was expected to assist with? Sadly it seems that Keeper Halogi did not see a good reason to show up to the gathering this past Saturday, he left his neonate deputy in charge and she did an AMAZING job, and in duties for the office of Whip he was not around at all to lead his Clan into anything. Primogen Sobaka may want to look for a new deputy, if the one he assigns cannot be counted on to be in attendance.




Quotable Quotes

by Ty McFearson

“I often think of the wonder and grandeur of the city that is Orlando. Then I walk into a room and see a Tremere hurriedly eating a cookie as if in shame.” – Prince Vitale.

“We will put on a play. A one man show. Macbeth…in the nude?”  – former Primogen Elrich to Prince Vitale, shortly before choosing to sacrifice himself.

“What is important is that the Camarilla remains strong.” – former Seneschal Tyvarious Monticello

“I’ll take him (The Plague) out for you.” – Krazy, to Prince Vitale before being escorted away.

“Tonight is about unity, as we stride forward to strike down the foes who attack our mighty Tower.” – Primogen Joseph Vandenberg

“Those who sit are more often those who die. To stand is to be prepared for change.” – Dr. Thaddeus Mezzanotte.

“There are guiding Principles that can never change.” – Sheriff Sigismondo.

“It’s bad business to plan to die.” – The Plague, Whip of Clan Malkavian.




Spotlight Of Praise: Clan Nosferatu

by Ty McFearson

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest I would like to focus on that once a week. This week’s Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at the entirety of Clan Nosferatu.

Clan Nosferatu did an amazing job this past gathering and it is worth praise. They led a team into Disney Springs in order to aid the Sheriff in investigative matters, information gleaned from this encounter later aided Clan Tremere in their ritual work. They were able to settle old scores with Imogen and welcomed her back into the Clan to assist them in their missions all evening, all of this done properly by Camarilla social tradition. When it was time to face the demon in head to head combat while Clan Tremere kept the creature weakened magically, every member of Clan Nosferatu present stood up and willingly chose to enter the fray knowing their lives were on the line. And when it came time to make the ultimate sacrifice so that others sound survive, their Clan Whip Archibald was more than willing to offer his own soul so that those of his Clan and those in the city could be spared.

Clan Nosferatu may do many things behind the scenes, and they may not always be the most personable and social of us here. But I challenge all of you to find a member of that Clan in the next few nights, shake their hand and say thank you to them for all they did for us this past evening.




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