The News Worth Knowing Issue 10

The Harpy Nest Digest


A Toreador Challenge

Elder Pree of Clan Toreador has issued a Symbel to his Clan, and this event may have impact on the rest of the city…

by Ty McFearson

Elder Pree of Clan Toreador has issued the following Symbel to his clan:

I hold a deep and abiding respect for character flaw and vice. My love of rules and the Camarilla is only slightly more well known than that trait. But my patience with this little one’s lack of prestation has reached its limit. In this vein: A Symbel. Any Rose that declares Bee Warned will be owed a major favor from me. Stacking. Any Rose that may prove she is Vulgar earn a minor favor from me. Stacking.
– Prima Dezz

Luminary and Prominent Elder of Clan Toreador. Confirmed, Privileged, & Established Member of the Camarilla

Now of course any Toreador must find reason to give Bee of Clan Brujah a mark of negative standing, without cause they could get in far worse trouble for themselves. But with that challenge being issues (for a period of 1 month as is tradition of a Symbel), it puts Clan Brujah in a careful place. That Clan in particular is not known for their ability to contain their passions well, and with Toreador constantly attempting to provoke her in various methods threatens to not only harm the Masquerade but Elysium itself.

When asked his opinion on the possible provoking of rage on Elysium, Loyal Keeper The Plague of Clan Malkavian had this to say: “For hundreds of years vampires have been trying to push each other’s buttons on Elysium, through action or heated conversation, to attempt to get their political opponents to break decorum. As long as the actions are within the bounds of behavior on Elysium it is up to the harassed not to react poorly; lest we not be free to discuss matters openly there. Now what happens OUTSIDE Elysium in retaliation is a matter for the Harpy, Sheriff, or Prince”

This also puts Clan Toreador and Clan Brujah at odds, as the Elder of one Clan is attempting to provoke a younger member into shaming that Clan. No comment as of yet from either the toreador or Brujah Primogen on the topic, yet sometimes the silence of consent says enough for that stance from the Toreador side of things. We wait to see if Bee can maintain her composure for the length of time, or if she will be pushed to lose her cool and damage not just herself but the reputation of her whole Clan.






Brujah Primogen Selects New Whip

by Ty McFearson

The Noble Primogen Sigismondo of Clan Brujah has selected a member of his Clan to serve as Whip. Offically, the Whip of Clan Brujah will be Bee aka “King of Norway”. Bee and Sigismondo have had a tumultuous relationship over the last few months, often seeming at odds with each other over the littlest things. Whatever their relationship has been in the past, it seems to have worked out to a spot of mutual respect for Bee to take on the role. We wish her luck in her new position, and congratulate the Primogen on selecting a Whip and continuing to support the Camarilla in its traditions.




Primogen Attacked?!

by Ty McFearson

Noble Primogen Mairya of Clan Assamite has been attacked, torpored and her whereabouts are currently unknown.

This news is incredibly troubling, but more so what is troubling is how it took place and the witnesses to the action. It appears that at some time during the last gathering, Patrick of Clan Assamite took it upon himself to confront Mairya in front of two witnesses. Verbal exchanges were made, and Patrick ATTACKED and torpored his Primogen. It is unknown if she still exists at this time, as he secreted away with her body in front of the two witnesses.

What is known is that Patrick, when confronted by another individual about it, claimed that he owed a Life Boon that was now paid in full; that his hands were tied by the systems of the Camarilla. Further investigations by the Harpy’s Office shows that Patrick LIED about owing a boon, he has not owed any such life boon on any record of the Harpies. Also curious about the situation are the two witnesses to the event. Two Elders passively watched and allowed this attack to occur, Primogen Sigismondo of Clan Brujah and Warlord Thaddeus Mezzanotte of Clan Ventrue. Neither have spoken publicly about this event either, causing the rumors to swirl and circulate about what happened.

What the current facts of the situation are as follows:

. Patrick attacked, Torpored and left with Noble Primogen Mairya’s body.

. Patrick lied about owing a life boon to excuse his actions.

. Primogen Sigismondo and Warlord Thaddeus Mezzanotte watched and allowed thi attack to take place, then did not report it.

. Noble Primogen Mairya, when not working for her Clan, was the personal bodyguard to the Prince.

The Harpies office awaits word from the Prince on how he will proceed. But what is clear is that Patrick must be brought to justice, and if Primogen Sigismondo or Warlord Thaddeus had anything to do with these actions they must also be brought to punishment as well. Patrick has regularly attacked and attempted to kill acknowledged members of the Camarilla in the past, how much longer will the Prince allow such behavior before a harsh light is brought on his silence for allowing it to occur? Any more information on the topic should be presented to the Harpies Nest or the Prince directly.

More on this as it develops, but it is certain that by next report there will be punishment handed out for this behavior from one source or another.




Whip Racing Towards a Cliffside

by Ty McFearson

C;an Toreador, as everyone knows, is hopelessly in the sway of objects and places of true beauty. Art is their passion, and the pursuit of beauty in all it forms entrances and encaptures them in all that they do. Sometimes this leads to great works of art being preserved for all time, or amazingly new products crafted which enlighten and heighten our society. Other times, it leads the Rose to ruin.

Ruin seems to be where Whip Morgan of Clan Toreador races towards. Morgan seems to have run afoul of the Prince Himself, for it seems Morgan has become enraptured with the Prince’s personal employee. Miss Gina is often seen near the Prince’s side, working for him in all things and observing in Elysium as his eyes and ears; and unknowingly has gained the obsessive gaze of Morgan. Flowers, gifts of value and regular calls bega the courtship but it seems to have gotten further and further on. Recently this lead to quite a public display in Elysium itself, which earned the ire of Prince Vicenzo himself and required Morgan to be forcibly removed from the Elysium. No words on how this will further develop, but we await comment from the parties involved.




Questions and Clarifications from the Harpy Office

by Ty McFearson

This week we have don’t have any questions for the office, but we do have a few Valentines submitted from citizens of the city and we shall post them here in hopes of finding true love!

“Please put this in the Newsletter to be read by my special someone Mac. Fire is hot, And stones are sure hard, If you’ll be my goyle, i’ll be your bard.”

Dear Daddy,

I know you to be always loving and nurturing, to be warm-hearted and soft and to be caring and thoughtful. This not only makes me proud but also makes me cherish all the gifts life has bestowed upon me. There are no words to describe my immense love for you.

Though you always tend to project your tough emotionless exterior, I know it is to keep me disciplined. I have reached that age now where I can see your motives clearly behind everything you ever asked me to do. It is only because of you that I can now judge what is good or bad for me.

Although you were never as vocal as Mommy and never escorted me around from activity to activity, your influence, your quiet yet strong presence was always there. I have now truly realized the true depth and breadth of your presence throughout my life. In you, I see the effortless dedication to care and love.





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