The News Worth Knowing Issue 13

The Harpy Nest Digest


Bohemia Lives!

Another successful gathering under the belt of the Prince, read all up on the social updates in the lives of the Camarilla!

by Ty McFearson

It was a gorgeous night in Orlando, filled with gorgeous people all strutting their stuff last Saturday! Nearly the whole city was in attendance and many newcomers and visiting dignitaries attended as well. It was a fabulous affair!

Some of our new faces to the gathering this past evening include: Miss Lenora of Clan Toreador in a fantastic mermaid-inspired ensemble, Raphael and Luca Giovanni struck a strikingly sharp-dressed appearance to represent the Independent Alliance along with Donna Giovanni who is developing a reputation of sending Wraiths to listen in on private conversations, Archangel of Clan Nosferatu was soft-spoken but well in representation of his Clan and Elder Cassia of Clan Toreador in one of the most stunning and beautiful attires to grace our gathering location in quite some time. Some minor changes also occurred with more established members of the city, Elder Nathan Draco (formerly of Clan Malkavian) is now represented by Clan Toreador and “Big” Mac has moved up from Miami and into Orlando. We also had an Archon visit to have a discussion with the Prince, but we never got a chance to meet him sadly.

Speaking of the Archon, he came to assist the Prince on investigating and settling the matter involving Mairya and Patrick. After intense deliberation and investigations, it was found that the dispute between Patrick and Mairya were in fact valid and handled appropriately by both Assamite and Camarilla traditions. Patrick had the blessings of those higher in his Clan to handle the situation as he saw fit as long as she was not killed, which she was not and in fact is alive and well (currently assisting Prince Kennedy in Tampa). Because the situation got out of hand beyond a Clan matter, with Primogen Sigismondo and Warlord Thaddeus witnessing the Assamite Clan situation, Patrick paid both individuals boons to keep silence as to not cause a scene (which is a perfectly good and valid thing to do). Sadly, it seems someone leaked this information to the public which caused what should have been a simple matter to spiral out of control. Patrick has paid appropriate debt to those he must as apology for disrupting the city such, and the matter has been officially settled in the eyes of the Prince and Archon to the Assamite Justicar.

While still on the topic of disputes, the Prince has personally stepped in and settled the dispute between Whip Vandenberg and Primogen Sigismondo. It seems that Sigismondo took personal offense to a matter between him and Mr. Vandenberg, and with his famous Brujah temper allowed his self control to erode till he challenged Mr. Vandenberg to a duel. Perhaps Mr, Vandenberg took offense to which Ventrue Sigismondo was trying to get his Clan to be blood bound to, or perhaps he said another thing against the Mezzanotte. In any case, offense was taken and the two did fight. It was not the best choice of actions, and was later addressed by city officers once the Prince has settled the issue. Maybe others can learn from this experience, that solving your disputes through violence can only end in shame and scandal. Primogen Sigismondo, in a gesture of good will, have released Whip Vandenberg of the major boon owed to him.

In happier news, it seems that artistic expression and social interaction is still the nature of the day for the city of Orlando! Clan Toreador has been focused on improving their own artistic talents, both in dress store and personal art. Morgan Driscol is expanding their forte work between two cities to better work their metallurgy, and it seems Prince Vitale has charged Clan Toreador with a presentation of a stage show for the sake of the city. Thank goodness their new Primogen has actor experience! Bee of Clan Brujah also found an amusing game that several Kindred in the gathering enjoyed, a form of Kindred Bingo based on various antics and reactions of Orlando citizens and Clans. It was truly a fantastic game to play, light-hearted satire that while potentially stinging of the ego was done in good fun for everyone involved; the office of Harpy endorses such social games to be played in gatherings to allow a venting of steam through civilized and social means instead of violence. Can’t wait to see the next BINGO cards, Ty almost had a winning set!

A small housekeeping note involving territory to mention, in regards to Clan Malkavian. As The Plague and his Whip move to secure and guard Malkavian territory, they have increased the security around Orlando International Airport to guard against the Sabbat/Infernalists/THEM/etc. Effective next month Rattlesnake Security LLC will be replacing the TSA at the Orlando International Airport. Any illegal businesses that were being run through there will be affected by this change-over. Please speak with The Plague, Malkavian Primogen, to ensure there is no interruption in any such freight movements. We are sure that arrangements can be made with anyone dealing with the airport!

A new Seneschal was appointed, new Primogen stepped to the plate, boons were exchanged and status awarded. It was a lovely evening showing just how the Camarilla should act in a gathering, let’s have more of this please?






Announcements of Status

by Ty McFearson

As Harpy Fue wasn’t present this evening, it falls on his Talon to announce changes in status for the evening:

While it occurred previously, it was never widely spread about so we wish to make it known that Joseph Vandenberg was seen as a Defender by Prince Vicenzo Vitale; make sure to compliment him on his new sword!

Etsel Sonnenschein, Elder Of Clan Tremere, was seen as Favored by Elder Alexander Kasun Of Clan Gangrel; further cementing the bonds of friendship between the Tremere and Gangrel.

The Plague, Malkavian Primogen, was seen as Honorable by Prince Vitale for all his hard work as Keeper of Elysium.

Mac, often made Deputy but otherwise a cuddle bug, was seen as Courageous by Prince Vitale for taking down Niktuku and helping to avenge the death of Billiam.

Joseph Vandenberg, Whip Of Clan Ventrue, was seen in bad taste by Seneschal Monticello for his use of a duel to settle public grievances and he is seen as Vulgar for the duration of Monday; best put that sword away for the day!

Sigismondo Malatesta, Primogen Of Clan Brujah, was seen in bad taste by Seneschal Monticello for his use of a duel to settle public grievances and he is seen as Vulgar for the duration of Monday; try to avoid letting your temper get the better of you.

In fact, since Talon Ty of Clan Toreador had the authority of Harpy for the evening and the ability to pass judgement on matters of scandal, let’s take that a step further. Sigismondo Malatesta, Primogen Of Clan Brujah, has been on quite a tear lately hasn’t he? Physically assaulting a Whip and staking them to settle a social dispute, using powers of the blood in an area that had cameras recording so potentially creating a Masquerade Breech that had to be covered by the current Keeper at the time, overtly threatening the Praxis by making comments to the Harpy office about the Harpy Office supporting a “corrupt institution” and referring to Prince Vitale as the “oppressor”, trying to force a blood bond on his Clanmates to Dr. Thaddeus Mezzanotte which has had his Clanmates leave the Camarilla for the Anarch Movement instead of submit, lying to other members of the city and visiting city officers about how the “duel” with Vandenberg went down and regularly and often threatening violence as a means to solving your problems while on Elysium and other places…not a good look Primogen. Nor is it the socially acceptable thing to do. Sigismondo Malatesta is hereby Warned  by Talon Ty as he is a Guardian of the social etiquette and customs of the Camarilla.




City Positions Updated

by Ty McFearson

The following city positions have changed or been appointed:

Tyvarious Monticello, former Primogen Of Clan Toreador, was selected to serve in the office of Seneschal under the Prince. He is an Elder of Clan Toreador, one of if not often THE best dressed in the room, and has a abiding love for the social contract of the Camarilla. He continues the successful tradition and partnership of Elder Toreador and Elder Ventrue here in Orlando.

Winston of Clan Nosferatu steps up to take leadership of his Clan in the wake of Billiams death. Primogen Winston is known for his keen sense of hat fashion, his fervent desire to uncover the Deep State conspiracy guiding many mortal institutions and his unwavering loyalty to Prince Vitale and Orlando as a whole.

Elrich Sydney, Elder of Clan Toreador, once again takes the reigns as Primogen considering the promotion of the prior Primogen to Seneschal. Primogen Elrich is a war hero of Orlando, often valiantly leading the charge against the Sabbat or the infernal forces of Stein. He is an actor by profession and lover of the Opera.

“Big” Mac, a member of Clan Assamite, has taken over the Primogen seat for that Clan here in Orlando. He replaces Mairya, who now resides in Tampa. Good luck on handling your clan, Big Mac!

Halogi, Elder Of Clan Gangrel, is now Keeper of Elysium. Halogi comes from a long tradition of Norse warriors, but though his accent is thick he was perfected his Skald craft over the centuries. He is currently looking into hiring two assistants to help him monitor and safeguard Elysium.

Bee, Whip of Clan Brujah, has stepped away from that roll and is no longer Whip. We are unsure at this time why she has stepped away from the role; it could be that she didn’t want to be a Lieutenant to the Mezzanotte, that she was unwilling to blood bond herself to an Elder Ventrue, she disagreed with Sigismondo’s leadership, or she didn’t want to serve a Warned Primogen. In either case, she is no longer Whip. She had been replaced by Bruce Conery.

Currently we still have a Warlord, in Dr. Thaddeus Mezzanotte, even though we now have a Seneschal. Unknown if the Prince will remove the honorific position now that it is no longer needed to do the work of Seneschal. We hopefully will have comment by next week.




A Throng of Tremere!

by Ty McFearson

We had a full new gaggle of Tremere wandering about the city in these nights, which is an unusual occurrence as of late. Typically the Tremere Clan has been spread out and moving as individuals, but this last gathering saw them moving in large groups through the gathering and disappearing behind doorways with the smallest of flourishes. New to the ranks of the city include Lisa Roberts (whom has no favorite anything and views life as pointless in the face of infinity), Virgil Bancroft (good looking in black with an affinity for spiders) and Etsel Sonnenschein (pronounced Sun-and-Shine). Combined with the visiting Primogen Wilhelm and other local Tremere, we were virtually stuffed to the gills with Tremere at every turn!

What was unique about the Tremere was often the company that they kept. Virgil and Etsel were often in the company of Elder Gangrel Alexander Kasun and other assorted Gangrel through the evening. Lisa Roberts had a lengthy conversation with the Anarch Baron Iblis where she showed interest and curiosity at the Anarch Movement, to the point the Baron politely cautioned her about inquiring further as her Clan cares little for those Tremere that join the Movement. Jasmine Dupree has been seen several times in close discussion with members of Clan Ventrue, considering Clan Tremere’s rocky history with the Ventrue in this city it’s a wonder if that is an allusion to perhaps mended fences between the Ventrue of House Vitale and Clan Tremere?

Lastly, was the noticed absence of the Tremere Primogen. Lou Warren was seen once at the beginning of the evening, speaking with two Giovanni of the Independent Alliance, and was then absent for much of not all the night. With no Whip in place, Primogen Wilhelm from Tampa was forced to step in her shoes and guide the new Tremere as well as answer questions and aid the city on the Clans behalf. While it’s appreciated that he stood up for the task, it was disheartening to see a Primogen with such little care for the newcomers in the city and with no assigned Whip doubly so.

Where do all the Tremere keep running of to? Why so secretive in their actions, what is being done outside the view of the city officers? What is keeping their Primogen so occupied as to not greet several new Clanmates? Why do people keep ending up on fire when the Tremere are around?

Here’s hoping next report we can announce the appointment of a Tremere Whip for when Primogen Lou becomes too occupied, and perhaps more clarity on the actions Clan Tremere has been undertaking.




Zombie Plague…?!

by Ty McFearson

It seems everywhere we turn these nights, someone had decided that raising the dead seems to be a good idea. The Tremere have been tackling zombie issues, the Gangrel have run into zombie issues, and now a gaggle of Giovanni have arrived to help stem the seemingly unending tide of undead. Thank goodness?

Clan Tremere has been doing the most of the work behind this undead scourge situation, Marcus of Clan Tremere in particular has been keenly working on it for many nights. It seems that this undead issue has also affected Clan Ventrue, in particular the Mezzanotte babe had recent strikes on their holdings by those who wield necromantic powers. It seems that it would be wise to report any more zombie issues to the Tremere so they can handle it with their Giovanni allies!




Corrections and Clarifications

by Ty McFearson

There was a clarification that need to be issued in this week’s report due to a misunderstanding of some information. Last week it was reported that there were only two Ventrue lineages present in Orlando, in actuality there are three. Lady Charlotte, Ventrue Primogen in Orlando, is actually in a different lineage; she is in the same family as the esteemed writer of the Camarilla himself.

Our apologies to the Ventrue Primogen for the misinformation posted last week, Talon Ty offers a Minor Boon for the oversight which you are able to claim if you notify the office of Harpy.




Quotable Quotes

by Ty McFearson

“War is a representation of Great Problems meeting small minds.” – Vandenberg, Ventrue Whip.

“I will be happy if no one lights anyone on fire.” – The Plague, Malkavian Primogen

“We all have Elders guiding us.” – Vicenzo Vitale, Prince Of Orlando

“I have seen Hamlet done by autistic children, this should be much worse.” – Tyvarius Monticello, Seneschal

“I don’t support blood bonding anyone.” – Elrich Sydney, Toreador Primogen




Spotlight Of Praise: Clan Nosferatu

by Ty McFearson

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest we would like to focus on that once a week. This week’s Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at Clan Nosferatu.

While still reeling from the death of their former Primogen and Orlando war hero, the Clan did not let that setback diminish the help they provided Orlando. They continued to assist in investigationsmk and securing the Masquerade, with not a single breech or Sabbat incursion reported in their territory. As well, they have remained civil and polite in all interactions working Elysium despite every excusable reason to act in grief or mourning.

When it came to settling a dispute on who would step into the very large shoes of Billiam, they handled it with grace and poise. They discussed amongst themselves on how best to handle and who to take point, they chose their Primogen in the form of Mr. Winston and every member of the Clan present at the last gathering acted with dignity and elegance. Even our newest member, Mr. Archangel, was polite and respectful as he made his way through the gathering. And when it came time to defend the city, the Nosferatu were more than willing to shoulder the load and do what needed to be done.

Thank you, Clan Nosferatu, for showing us a proper example of how a Camarilla clan should act.




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