The News Worth Knowing Issue 14

The Harpy Nest Digest


Primogen Fire Fue!

Enraged at a number of issues, the Primogen Council move to fire the Master Harpy. What happens next…?

by Ty McFearson

As the evening hours stretched on Monday, the Primogen Council met to discuss the delicate situation involving their Master Harpy. Spearheaded by the Warned Primogen Sigismondo, the Brujah Primogen demanded that the Master Harpy be fired for the negative mark of standing awarded in his name (see issue 13 for more details). Enraged at being called out for his behavior, Sigismondo pushed to have Harpy Fue removed from office and replaced with a new Harpy.

An aside, thankfully word is already circulating that the Warned Primogen Sigismondo is mending his ways and making amends to the Praxis for his behavior, striving to redeem himself to the Prince. Just goes to show that the system works to correct poor behavior!

The Primogen Council, while unmoved by his angry outburst, did see the wisdom in selecting a more active Master Harpy that did not require their Talons to do all the actual work. After many days of polite and civil discussion, the Primogen Council decided it best to hire a member of a Pillar Clan to best show strength and solidarity with the primary ideals of the Camarilla. Their choice and newly elected Master Harpy is Prima Dezz of Clan Toreador. Below is a letter of introduction to the new Master Harpy, penned in his own hand!

Good eve and well met, My adorable little poppets!

This is your new social Lord and Master of Harpies: Prima Dezz! I’m sure you know me from my many adventures around town. Whether bravely battling the Sabbat during the War of Orlando, or helping people remember the salient differences between us and our foes at the Halloween bash of ‘17, I’ve been a mainstay of Kindred Culture (KC; patent pending) here in Orlando for a blink of the eye. Even so, our Noble Primogen found themselves in a perilous bind! It seems that social order in our fair town has reached the point where we were little better than those we rightfully look down on!

Boons unrecorded. Status being ignored. Bloodlines treated as Clans and regular Clans treated as Pillar Clans! Why, the BARBARISM! I intended to pursue my new job with the joy and attention to detail I employ on my flagship beverages, Prima Brand Beverages. Sadly, after but a few days with what I will dubiously call the City’s “Records” I am much more concerned than when I accepted the position. I am acquiring back logs from previous Harpies and Talons in order to cross check a sea of erroneous information. Fear not Orlando, Ty and I shall save you.

My official acceptance speech will be at our next gathering. I’ll be happy to entertain questions and concerns regarding propriety. From the night of the event I will be giving ONE FULL LUNAR ROTATION to bring myself evidence of boons that may have gone unrecorded or lost. This shall also be a grace period under which I will accept interruptions to my schedule. Even by Neonates. I am willing to listen to even the smallest of voices during this time of political chaos.

I would be a fool to not keep Tyranus McFearson, known to some of you as “Ty”, on as my Harpy and reporter. He has graciously agreed to assist me in this brave new venture, and I am truly grateful. Most of you know Ty as the gentle giant seen in the heart of our affairs. His patience and calm are only rivaled by his wit, intellect, and manners. This once-warrior has shed his former ways to embrace the ethics of peace and try his hand at the true game.

The very first night I ever met Ty, he and I bonded immediately on believing there is ALWAYS a better way than violence. Prestation and politics are not a chain around our necks. They are fine silk gloves we may encase our crude fists in. They allow subtle manipulation that encourages mutually beneficent growth. Ty has done an amazing job tending the garden and keeping the city abreast of it’s activities. There is simply no way I would be able to fill the shoes of Ty for this city, and that is not a size joke for once. I am eternally grateful that he would help this batty old elder in the daunting task we now shoulder together.

A final note of interest is I fully intend to appoint a second Harpy to assist us in these matters. Orlando stays busy and exciting enough that there is always a juicy story or dirty secret falling through the cracks. To this end, our crack reporting team accepts only the best. Due to Orlando’s continuous levels of danger, I seek a sturdy field reporter who is foreign to the feeling of fear. I need someone able to stare down demons or elders with equal aplomb. I need someone who can grab the story from the jaws of death and race it back to the printing presses so we may all be warned! Prepare yourselves Orlando, for a grand melee and Symbel is coming soon. Let us dust off those who enjoy settling things with force and enjoy the spectacle of their gifts! More details to come.

– Prima Dezz, Confirmed, Established, Privileged, Prominent (As foretold by Ty), Guardian, Noble, Luminary Elder of Clan Toreador. Master Chef, Artistic Critic, Master of Harpies to Orlando.






Status and Position Updates

by Ty McFearson

William Fue, member of Clan Toreador, has been removed from the position of Master Harpy by the Primogen Council. We wish him well in his future endeavors, and thank him for his service.

Prima Dezz, Elder of Clan Toreador, has been chosen by the Primogen Council to be Master Harpy of Orlando. He has hired one current Talon, Tyranus “Ty” McFearson, and is currently looking to hire a second.

Elder Rand of Clan Tremere has been selected to act as Whip for his Clan. We congratulate Clan Tremere on their selection of Whip, and hope he represents his Clan well in Primogen Warrens absence.

Master Harpy Pree, looking to make it known whom have his Favor in this tumultuous social nights, sees the Malkavian Primogen The Plague as Favored.

Seneschal Monticello wishes to make it know that in light of all the work he has done for the office of Harpy, Tyranus “Ty” McFearson should be seen as Acclaimed for all his work.




Sheriff Slacking?!

by Ty McFearson

The Sheriff has been unseen in several weeks, and problems have continued to mount for the city of Orlando. The infernalist issue, involved with kidnapping ghouls, while temporarily stopped has not been fully brought to justice. One of the mob families of Orlando was overtaken by such demon worshipers from beneath the nose of the Clan that controls their movements. Magic rituals of an evil intent infect locations in the city, forcing the already taxed citizens of Orlando into more dire straits to settle them. Now the dead rise and move to attack prominent leaders in our city.

Sheriff Wylde, a personal choice of the Prince for the role, has seemed to make zero headway with solving these issues. Further his most senior and key deputy has been slain, and his other regular deputy is now in a Primogen position which may occupy his time more. Who does the Sheriff now have to perform his job for him? How long can the city continue to be plagued by issues with no firm leadership in this area, and how much longer can Prince Vitale allow it to continue?




Disney Out, Yacht’s In!

by Ty McFearson

With Prince Kennedy’s silent blessing of consent, seaworthy vessels great and small have flocked to Tampa Bay for the party of the year! Leaving behind his humble rooms at the Royale, Master Harpy Prima Dezz has anchored his yacht Vesuvius in the center of the bay and it has become the gathering place for every Kindred who needs to be seen. Several other well-connected Kindred have brought their yachts into port and have made a giant floating party out of the whole affair. Elders and Ancilla of all backgrounds have been enjoying the hospitality of Prince Kennedy and Master Harpy Prima Dezz, much to the delight of both.

Dress code for the parties are very strict, in that whatever attire that is worn must be flashy and brilliant to the character of each Kindred. Social niceties are enforced, and it is a hard rule that all who come aboard must bring their best sense of humor and willingness to enjoy pleasures. Offering gifts for the whole party to enjoy is suggested, as well as playlist suggestions for the DJ to perform. No Kindred who cannot relax their windsor knot need apply.




Spotlight Of Praise: Clan Malkavian

by Ty McFearson

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest we would like to focus on that once a week. This week’s Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at Clan Malkavian.

Since the change in Primogen, Clan Malkavians stock has been on the rise. The Clan is working together in a more united front, and when the Primogen isn’t around for direction is Whip has handled any internal issues with a gentle and even hand. They have locked down control of the territory from any Sabbat that may push through, and recently have taken steps to secure the airport to ensure only approved and appropriate traffic takes place. Their Clan has been well behaved in all public functions so far, which is quite a plus!

In politics, the Clan is playing it careful yet still participating. Almost everyone active in Orlando is out of a Lesser Ban with boons, which more Clans should strive for. Primogen The Plague has been active in the Primogen Council as well as assisting with city matters of the Masquerade. Thank you Clan Malkavian for setting such a positive example this week!




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