Whispers in the Night Vol 3.1

¡Special Emergency Information Edition!

12/01/2020 – Volume 3.1
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Here ye! Here ye! Let it be known throughout the land that the one known as Ezekiel Mezzanotte a.k.a. “Zeke” is hereby blood hunted by order of Prince Marcus for breaking the Sixth Tradition.

The person or persons that bring Mr.Ezekiel Mezzanotte’s  torpored body before Prince Marcus for  destruction, or final proof of his destruction will be known as Triumphant.


By order of Prince Marcus: No Ventrue may use any of their influence in the city for the next 30 days without permission from either Prince Marcus or the Primogen Council. If any are believed to have done so, they will be Forsaken in this Domain.

So it is written, so it shall be done!

Prince Marcus decides to stay Prince!

by: Lisper

The Loyal and Honorable Prince Marcus of Orlando, House of Priors, has decided that he will not be stepping down as Prince.

He will not be bullied out of Orlando and out of his proper place as Prince, to allow all his hard work to be for not, the Mezzanotte have shown their true colors and he refuses to consider allowing Thaddeus Mezzanotte to become Prince of Orlando, with a family that is acting more like a pack or anarchs or Sabbatt then a pillar clan of the Camarilla. The violence and pettiness in this family knows no bounds. So for the safety of Orlando, he has made his decision.

Prince Marcus wants it to be known that he sees Mister Ezekiel Mezzanotte as Forsaken and Bloodhunted as his right as the one true Sovereign in this Domain.

The heart of the matter

It was reported to the Prince that Ezekiel chose to break the sixth tradition and kill Joseppa Mezzanotte, and did so while the family watched on. The family has insulted the Prince by bringing him the body of Clu, getting rid of Nicolette, and now this. If they will do this to one of their own, imagine what they would do to other clans!! Their jealousy, greed and hypocrisy knows no bounds!

Mezzanottee Family is hereby *** no longer*** Acknowledged by Prince Marcus!

 Prince Marcus of Orlando wishes it to be known that he can no longer Acknowledge any one with the Mezzanotte Family name in his Domain. They are not banished but as such will no longer be heard in the Domain, nor be given the privilege of Prince Marcus’  protection.


I suggest anyone doing business with those of the Mezzanotte name cease and desist before they find themselves suffering a similar fate.

Whispers Say:
The Ventrue will try to pass this as a clan matter but it was not, those who must know, know exactly why and the killing of Joseppa Mezzanotte was a direct attack on the city of Orlando and we are less safe because of it.

  *******Remember your Traditions********

Do so as if your life depended upon it, because it very well could!!