The News Worth Knowing Issue 27

The Harpy Nest Digest

December 11th, 2018


Merry Christmas!

A wonderful holiday celebration hosted by Clan Toreador, read more on what occurred at this thrilling Yuletide!

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

“Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won’t make it white.” – Bing Crosby

All in all, I have to say that this was one of the most enjoyable and relaxing Orlando Camarilla gatherings I have ever had the pleasure of attending. The decorations were right on point, the atmosphere merry, the blood punch quite jolly and almost everyone seemed to be in the festive Yuletide mood. Well done to Clan Toreador for hosting such a wonderful occasion, and well done to Prince The Plague for continuing to operate quite the sensational evening without even looking like he tried!

The city had several new faces this evening, all who wisely sought out their Primogen and received the correct Acknowledgments from the Prince before enjoying the party. A Miss Hannah Hertz looked to be moving on in, a newer member of Clan Malkavian she was quite the socialite; even pausing to take time and help preserve the masquerade later on! Two new Nosferatu crawled up from their subterranean home and were already wearing their best ugly sweaters! Mr. Goodman and Mr. Tsavo made quite the impression on their visiting Clanhead (so impressed he offered them both boons) and one of them did a good deal of business with the Prince to score a larger and greater boon in time! Looks like Clan Nosferatu may be rising to the occasion, they certainly put their best foot forward last night! Just be mindful, being Nosferatu they could be anywhere…like over your left shoulder taking notes to sell information to those interested! (I am one of those interested, hit me up!)

Of the scuffles involved in the evening, only two actively involved Orlando Kindred! Good job everyone! And really, only one of them counts as a real incident. The first disturbance of the evening was a Clan matter between two Brujah, the Whip Cthar and the Seneschal Chance. As it is want to do, the verbal sparring turned physical as she swung on the Seneschal. It was handled quickly by the Primogen, boons were paid and all was well. And to be honest, I don’t even really count this as a disturbance because I’m pretty sure a right hook to the jaw is the formal way Brujah introduce each other in private.

Of a more topical note, the second disturbance of the evening is the growing tension between the Anarch movement and the Tremere. You’d think the Tremere, brilliant minds that they are, would know well enough to NOT walk into the heart of Anarch territory and provoke a situation. Especially after the Prince kindly asked them not to. Alas, it seems that fell on deaf ears. More on that topic further below!

Beyond those two small events, it seems that the night was one of strengthening of bonds and forging of alliances. Many Kindred shared a toast to each other’s good health, forged bonds and worked together to overcome issues that threatened the Masquerade. I do so love an evening where I am too busy to get quotes or juicy gossip because so many Kindred are coming to me to document boons and standing, or to share things they think I should know! It seems like a Christmas miracle, but even the Anarchs were well behaved when they arrived finally to the party! It seems that they sadly did not get the memo on the Christmas theme and their dress code looked more like a scene from Mad Max than one from A Christmas Carol. Maybe next holiday, eh Baron Fenrir?






Status, Boon and City Officer Updates

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

Our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

The Primogen Council has seen fit to appoint a new Master of Harpies. Rhamiel, Elder of Clan Brujah, no longer serves in the office of Master of Harpies; this also removes his Talon Rahim Al Fais (Also Elder, but of Clan Assamite) from that role. The Primogen Council has elected Tyrnaus “Ty” McFearson (that’s me) to the role. At this time Master of Harpies Ty has appointed two Talon’s to serve under him, Lily of Clan Toreador and Everest Justeverest of Clan Ravnos.

Extending with all the grace they are known for, Primogen Lily of Clan Toreador has extended a sheltering branch to Tyranus “Ty” McFearson. For the current foreseeable future, he will be represented in matters of the city by the Toreador Primogen.

To better focus on other opportunities and help educate his fellow Clanmates, Elder Rahim Al Fais has stepped out of the role of Pirmogen of Clan Assamite and appointed his Whip Edmond Wake to the role. Elder Rahim continues to remain on as Whip and primary advisor to his new Primogen.

For his work in aiding the city, especially in aiding Clan Malkavian, against the threat of Elite; Archon Veritas Aureon sees Sheriff Nicola Proietta as Favored. Good work on impressing an Archon! Also, run and hide because an Archon noticed you!

Displaying a ruthless and fantastic nose for dirt and gossip is key to be a good Harpy, and knowing where to dig to get the goods is very valuable to me in my talons. Protecting the Masquerade and your representing Clan is also good news. For all of Everest of Clan Ravnos’s work at the last gather, Primogen Dissonance of Clan Malkavian will see him as Loyal in the eyes of the Camarilla. I have a feeling he may need it in the future.

Disregarding the words of a Prince is never a suggested tactic, no matter your age. Knowingly stirring up trouble in a tense situation you created is ALSO no a good idea, nor will it make the Prince very happy to hear that you have walked into an obvious trap-like situation. To that end Prince The Plague chooses to see Elder Goetzshlakk, Whip of Clan Tremere, as Warned for a months time. Please just…leave the Anarchs alone.

In a gesture of respect for their hard work and dedication to the city, Master of Harpies Tyrnaus “Ty” McFearson has chosen to see both Elder Rhamiel and Elder Rahim Al Fais as Acclaimed in the eyes of the Camarilla.

For keeping his Clanmate under control in a sticky situation, and doing such with style and grace, Master of Harpies Tyrnaus “Ty” McFearson sees it only right that Seneschal Chance Whitman be seen as Acclaimed in the eyes of the Camarilla.

At this time, Prince The Plague has asked me to announce that Krazy, Clanhead of Clan Malkavian and resident of Miami, no longer has acknowledgement in the Domain of Orlando. Please see the below article.

At this time, Prince The Plague has exercised his 6th Tradition rights as Prince. After investigation, it was found there was an imposter in his Clan and the imposter was executed. Needless to say, Cheshire no longer has acknowledgement as he is dead. Please see the below article for more.

Summoning a fire elemental during a Yuletide party is very gouche, especially when it is done to attempt to intimidate a city officer (even if that city officer is Elaine)! For being a big hot mess during a cool Yule party, Master of Harpies Tyranus “Ty” McFearson has seen Elder Lucretia of Tampa as Warned. She should no longer be seen as Victorious, a measure of standing which has eaten her punishment.

Violation of the Masquerade, regardless if you were ordered to do so or not, is not a forgivable crime. It is especially frowned upon when you are serving a sentence of 600 years of servitude via a Life Boon BECAUSE you have a bad habit of breaking the Masquerade and drinking souls. To that end, and with a heavy heart, I must inform the Camarilla that Caius is seen as Forsaken because he is the subject of a Bloodhunt by Prince The Plague. Any Kindred found harboring him within the Domain of Orlando will suffer punishment. Any Kindred which ends the life of this Forsaken creature and presents it to Prince The Plague will of course be seen as Triumphant. I hate that I must clarify this, but there are certain Kindred who will see this as another excuse to do this again, but Right of Amaranth has NOT been granted in the case of this Bloodhunt. As an aside, this humble reporter suggests that perhaps the Primogen in charge of watching this creature pay some recompense to Prince The Plague for not further punishing the one who ordered Caius to break the Masquerade, nor the Primogen who oversees the whole Clan. More as it develops.




Clan Malkavian Woes!

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.” –  Theodore Roosevelt

I will start this article with a proclamation given to me by Prince The Plague:

The Prince would like to remind all Clan Heads of the following. Your duties are to be the public face of the clan and to mediate disputes between members of the clan, as well as being a voice for your clan at Conclaves. The position is regional and grants Noble and Established status. This does not give you the right to issue orders or any special privileges above what that status allows – nor do you override the Primogens of Orlando. The Domain of Orlando will not tolerate Clan Heads overstepping their authority.

To this end, despite the outcome of the investigation, Clan Head Krazy is hereby unacknowledged from the Domain of Orlando for attacking the Kindred known as Cheshire – as witnessed by Honorable Elders and City Staff. Orlando will not allow visitors who would attack members of our domain without the Status to do so.

In regards to Cheshire, the Kindred has been investigated and determined to be an imposter. A full report is being sent to the Malkavian Justicar concerning Ravnos attempting to infiltrate Clan Malkavian. The Domain has, without mercy, extracted information from the imposter and executed him for his crimes.”

OK…! That’s a lot to take in! Let’s break this down into the important parts and cover all the needed details.

Last gathering our calm and peaceful Christmas party was disrupted as Clanhead Krazy stepped out of proper social line. There were questions to the legitimacy of a Kindred known as Cheshire, if he truly was of Malkavian blood or not, and the Clanhead decided to take matters into his own hands. He didn’t notify the Sheriff to assist with a possibly dangerous creature, he did not reach out to the Harpy to punish someone who would falsify themselves in such a way and Clanhead Krazy was even dishonest in front of the Prince in an excuse to get Cheshire in private. Once he had Cheshire in private, Clanhead Krazy attempted to detain and take away Cheshire through any means possible (including violence). To quote Clanhead Krazy “All I was trying to do was detain and take him away, until he fought back.”

Here’s the issue with this situation dear reader, Clanhead Krazy had no legal ability or jurisdiction over Cheshire in such a way. As a Noble and Prominent Kindred, Clanhead Krazy is empowered to be the public face of his Clan in the southeast as well as help settle disputes between Clanmates across the various Domains. No where in his role does he have the right to beat down and take away a Kindred he suspects of being not Malkavian. No where in his role does he have permission to violate the Domain of a standing Prince by skirting the truth to his city officers, by planning on attacking and kidnapping a Kindred in his Domain, and he does NOT get to tell the Prince what to do in his own gathering. Further, if Clanhead Krazy’s claims were proven true after proper investigation by the city of orlando then Krazy would no longer HAVE any jurisdiction over Cheshire because he’s not actually Malkavian.

Now because the Clanhead seems to think his role allows him to avoid the Traditions and disrespect the Prince and local Primogen as well as his penchant for solving all issues with unapproved violence, Clanhead Krazy has lost his acknowledgement in the city of Orlando. This is of course not a permanent situation, Krazy has the ability to earn his acknowledgement back like any Kindred. I’m sure after he’s found ways to repay the Prince for the insult of his behavior, the Sheriff for ignoring his job and not going to him first in helping apprehend a dangerous creature, the Master of Harpies for not having him assist in investigations against such a creature and lying to him, the Orlando Malkavian Primogen for not consulting him and overstepping also HIS authority, the Scourge for denying her the satisfaction of capturing a (apparently) unacknowledged Kindred, apologize to the Justicariate who initiated his appointment and whom he represents in his actions, and perhaps consider making apologies to his fellow Clanheads for giving them a bad light in Orlando…I’m sure then things can be worked out and his acknowledgement restored.

In regards to the creature known as Cheshire, the Sheriff led an investigation against it on the insistence from the Prince that any Kindred which has its Clan status challenged should be investigated. It was proven that Cheshire was in fact not a Malkavian, was lying about his status and lineage, and was put to Final Death. Prince The Plague is extremely harsh on those who would lie about their true heritage, and will not hesitate to root out any imposters in his Clan.




Clash of the Titans

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” – Groucho Marx

It seems Clan Tremere can’t seem to help clashing with the Anarch Movement wherever they both find themselves in the same room. You’d think having territory at opposite ends of Orlando would help solve the situation, yet they keep running into each other in clashes. When will this mess finally settle down?

It seems this began when a misunderstanding between Kindred turned into throwing insults and violating Domain. The Anarch territory is thiers, Prince The Plague makes no claim over it, and thus per the Justicariate we must respect the Edicts of the 41st Conclave which grants the Anarchs the Tradition of Domain in their own land as long as they do not make war on Camarilla domain. The Anarchs under Fenrir have, to this point, seemingly not started a war with Prince The Plague so their Domain is to be respected. Yet it seems that Clan Tremere is having a hard enough time leaving well alone. Insults have turned to injury, where a member of Clan Tremere used the power of a boon to force another Kindred to continue to harass and violate their Domain, as well as continue to offer insult and cause Masquerade breeches in their territory.

It’s not all rosey on the other side of the fence however. Anarchs have been regularly attending our gatherings and just being themselves, which is sure to disrupt the more socially conscious of us and especially Elders such as Goetzshlakk. Further their whispered threats of violence to Clan Tremere should they catch them outside of Orlando is quite troubling. I personally watched Primogen Jasmine attempt to talk down one such Anarch as he was openly making threats against one of her Clanmates! That Anarch in question was actually Ayses, Baron from out of Tampa…and actually technically a citizen of Tampa’s Domain as well as the Anarch territories. Is that a sign of trouble between Prince Kennedy’s Council and the Domain of Orlando? Stay tuned for further investigative reporting in my next issue.

At this time, Prince The Plague has ordered Clan Tremere to stay out of Anarch territory until matters can be settled. No word yet from Primogen Jasmine on the unruly state of her Clan, and how it can’t seem to stop pissing in the cheerios of our (mostly) friendly neighbors, but I’m sure I’ll have an update soon on that.




Elite Ended?

By Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” –  Winston Churchill

It seems Orlando strikes another blow in the war against criminal activity threatening both Kindred and mortal populations. Elite X, a mind and body altering drug which continues to plague our streets, has been dealt a strong blow against it. Great job!

A team consisting of Sheriff Nicola, Tremere Clanhead Marcus and Ventrue Whip Captain Hunt have been dealing with combating the threat of Elite X within the borders of Orlando. It was determined that as of late one of the main manufacturing points was a farm out in Chulota (not known for its low crime rate, or its literacy rate for that matter) that was being controlled by a biker gang known as the “Gator Gang”. While the name does sound intimidating, it appears that these guys didn’t know anything about the supernatural. Like any common gang looking to strike big with a hit product, they were just making the drug for sale while unaware of its other properties.

After weeks of crack investigative reporting, covering loose ends and securing the Masquerade at every turn, the team arranged for an “accident” to befall the complex. According to the mortal populace, which I’m sure we will read in a newspaper within the week, a BP fuel truck veered off the road inbound to Orlando and crashed. The crash unfortunately ruptured the tank on the truck, causing an explosion within the farm complex, and destroying the site. This destruction has thankfully seen the neutralization of their manufacturing capabilities. As of now, the site is offline and no breach of the Masquerade has been detected. I’m sure more work will be needed to fully wrap up the situation, and reaching out to the Sheriff with your ability to assist I’m sure will be most appreciated.

Great work Sheriff Nicola and crew!




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