The News Worth Knowing Issue 28

The Harpy Nest Digest

December 25th, 2018


Pitfighting Pratfalls!

Anarch justice can be seen as a physical activity, but what happens when Camarilla citizens get mixed in?

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

What happens when you mix supernatural fighting capacity, short tempers, politics and lots of free time? You receive Anarch political resolution it seems, in the form of a fighting pit!

A couple things are important to remember when it comes to the Anarch territory managed by Baron Fenrir, for those Camarilla citizens not it the know. The Anarch territory is not part of Orlando’s Domain, it is not subject to our rules and law but instead is managed and maintained by the Anarchs. The rules they set, enforce and maintain in their territory is legally binding for them in their territory. If they say a thing is how it works in their area, that’s how it works. You can agree or disagree with the principle of the law, but you are beholden to it inside their land. So when they decided to set up a fighting pit to help settle grievances and made it law of the land, inside their territory it is how things are settled. The question becomes, why would Camarilla citizens willingly choose to use a fighting pit to solve their differences or participate in a system of violence?

The Anarchs have an very detailed system for how conflicts are resolved using the fighting pit, and understanding their more impatient needs for conflict resolution I do applaud Baron Fenrir on finding a solution that works for his people and keeps the Masquerade safe. Once they decide that the best way to solve the issue is to use the pit, boons are exchanged to ensure the rules are followed and that the problem is solved once the fighting is ended. While I personally don’t condone violence to solving problems, I don’t feel that shaming a people for finding a solution that works for them is very polite either!

But I do have concerns when Camarilla citizens choose to play around in that.

Now I can’t say I was surprised to see and hear that Camarilla citizens from Tampa were participating. It’s well known that they have a very close affiliation with the Movement in their own Domain, which perhaps is a complicated ball of political wax for another day to discuss or allow their Master of Harpies to derail in her own report, so seeing Elders from that Domain participating in Anarch systems of conflict resolution isn’t surprising. What was more surpassing was seeing a Clanhead and other city officers from the Domain of Miami not only watching, but one acting as enforcer for the pit! Not my cup of tea, and hopefully not a sign of how they will choose to solve their problems in Camarilla territory!

As well in the vein of respecting the territory, it’s important when visiting the Anarchs to respect their laws. When you mock them, disrespect them or break the Masquerade in their territory you should expect Anarch justice. Such in the case of Caius, who a Call to Arms (the Anarch equivalent of a Bloodhunt) was called upon him for breaking the Masquerade in their territory. You would hope that some Elders from specific Clans would learn to respect the Anarchterritory for the sake of peace between us and them. Alas.

So, when traveling through Anarch lands make sure you’re aware. Their land, their laws. Disrespect them? You might find yourself in the pit. And I will be mocking you.






Status and City Officer Updates

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

Our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Elder Mack, Clanhead of Clan Assamite here in the region, has seen fit to extend his favor over a Kindred here in Orlando. Let all be aware that Eldr Mack see’s Jasmine Dupree as Favored. Congrats on making progress on your therapy, Mack!

Due to the Tremere Whip Goetzshlakk using the Life Boon to send the Bloodhunted Caius out of Orlando, thus shielding and protecting the creature, the Master of Harpies Tyranus “Ty” McFearson sees Whip Goetzshlakk as Disgraced for interfering in a Bloodhunt. Should Primogen Jasmine provide me evidence that Caius in fact fled before the announcement of the Bloodhunt and did not flee at word from her Whip, thus negating the boon in question and not following the orders of Whip Goetzshlakk, and being seen as a OathBreaker for violating his Life Boon to serve Whip Goetzshlakk…then I will of course remove the Disgrace.

Elder Prima Dezz, of Clan Toreador, wishes it to be known that a Kindred has earned his Favor. Elder Prima wishes to see Master of Harpies Tyranus “Ty” McFearson as Favored. 

Elder Rahim al Fais, Elder of Clan Assamite, wishes it to be known that a Kindred has earned his Favor. Elder Rahim wishes to see Primogen Edmond Wake, Primogen of Clan Assamite, as Favored for his excellent service to Clan Assamite over the last few weeks. I think that’s a very fine choice for the Elder to show his Favor!




Updates on Gatherings

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

Just a heads up to the citizens of Orlando, the next Harpy report will be released 1/15/19, in order to best report on the occurrences of the gathering I’ve heard rumblings of being set for 1/12/19. It’s a little later than I’d like it to be, but I feel it’ll be at just the right time! I may do a special report just to prepare folks for any upcoming gathering, I haven’t decided yet!

If you’re feeling the urge for more Camarilla stories and juicy gossip, I’m sure the Master of Harpies from Miami and Tampa will have a report out shortly seeing as we have just passed their local gatherings. And if anyone from Orlando was on their naughty list…I’m sure I’ll hear about it sooner rather than later.

Also, did you know that the Camarilla held Domain down in the Bahamas? I recently found myself visiting them for a lovely holiday and enjoyed my stay. I hear they’re having a gathering on 1/6/29, their Master of Harpies Myst is a wonderful Malkavian and their whole city is just a delight! Do go enjoy yourselves and have a lovely time visiting our southern neighbors!

Trouble in the Garden?

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

“You either get tired fighting for peace, or you die.” – John Lennon

It seems that there has been a bit of a strange feud between two notable figures in our Domain that has spilled into their Clans, and there seems to be a third party stepping in between these two mixing things up even further. Of course I’m referring to the petty feud between Elder Prima Dezz and Prince The Plague.

Prince the Plague and Elder Prima Dezz began their feud as most classic vampire feuds began, a case of mistaken understanding. Elder Pree upset then Keeper The Plague by implying the Elysium building wasn’t kept very clean. The Plague took great pride in his cleanliness and security, this offended him and without an apology this grew into a petty squabble. They would often fight amongst each other in appropriate ways. Paying boons to various Kindred to do things that would annoy and bother the other was fairly commonplace, as my boon record over 2018 can attest. The Plague would often cast shade and make things difficult for Pree’s antics, whereas Pree would find ways to disturb the carefully organized life of The Plague such as not inviting him personally to events or moving everything in Elysium to the left by 2 inches and tilting them ever so slightly. Had the feud simply remained there, I don’t think it would be anything worth mentioning or remarking on beyond a passing whimsy. That is, until things began to spill into their Clans.

At first it seemed unconnected, until using the knowledge of politics you can see the bigger picture. The Plague was against the movement of Sofia Amati to the Primogen spot of Clan toreador, he did not feel she was ready for such a big responsibility, but Elder Pree as her coterie mate wanted her in the role so he could have more influence on the Clan. In turn, when one of Clan Toreador wanted out from under the thumb of Miss Sofia it just so happened that Clan Malkavian was willing to take her in to spite Clan Toreador. Primogen Lily was harsh on Sofia and Elder Prima, and Prince The Plague was overheard just at the last gathering at being displeased at how Primogen Lily allowed Pree to watch the clan in her recent absence. Small matters continued between the Clans, but the next leaps unfortunately took a deadly turn.

Miss Sofia, who spit on the name of Clan Toreador and left to try to find her own way, went to hide amongst the Anarchs. Her mortal family murdered, her coterie disbanded and abandoning her and seemingly forsaken by her Clan…Sofia went to the one place she felt she could find solace. The Anarchs took her in and did their best to keep her safe, yet it seemed for naught. Someone took her in the night, disappearing without a trace and right under the nose of the Anarchs. The question becomes who, and why? Up to this point you might have reason to suspect The Plague because of his dislike of Sofia and it would prolong the feud against Elder Prima Dezz, and I’ll be honest that was my first suspect as well. But you must see that the Anarch Baron is an ally of The Plague, to threaten that healthy relationship would be foolish at best and not something The Plague would do. And there is also the point on the other side, as Clanhead Prima Dezz made his displeasure with Sofia well known and had forsaken his protection of her. You might think that means perhaps Elder Prima Dezz would have been responsible, but murder and death are so against the ideals of Pree that I can’t even fathom him choosing to bring her life to an end. Elder Pree is the same Kindred who offered his own life to me to beg me to not use a boon to bring death to another Kindred (see Elaine). So who has stepped in to stick their finger in the pie, and meddle with the feud between these two powerful Kindred? Who has reason to cause a rift between the Anarchs and The Plague, or to tempt the wrath of the pettiest Kindred in Florida?

Curious minds want to know, and you can bet I will continue to look further into this as time goes on. Anyone have any further details on either side of this small feud or the potential third party now involved, please contact myself or my Talons as I will pay handsomely for scoops.




An Evening to Remember

By Harpy Talon Lily

The air was crisp, the stars were out: it was the perfect night for a party. We gathered at the Rose and Crown Inn in Epcot for an evening of entertainment, socialization, and a visit from a very special guest. All in all, it promised to be an eventful evening.

Personally speaking, for me the highlight was the special gift from our special guest. She granted us the gift of winter. For probably the first time in Florida in a long time, snow fell inside our establishment, creating a true winter wonderland. All Queen Mab asked for in return was for people to tell her stories.

For all the grandeur of the gathering, however, one question remains to be answered: where was our favorite Admiral? I was there to handle the comings and goings of the night, and I made sure Her Majesty felt welcome, but the sponsor of the evening was seldom seen at his own party. That is not to say he wasn’t there. He was occasionally spotted checking on refreshments and making sure things were going smoothly. Curiously, though, he later had a ghoul announce that he was ready to see people, in order of the boon they were willing to gift him for the honor of his presence.

Throwing a party and making a point to not be seen at it seems very typical of Prima Dezz. However, it has to be asked whether that was the wisest choice he could have made for the evening. His absence was distinctly noticed, especially by Her Majesty.  It is bold and potentially dangerous to invite other powerful individuals to your soiree and subsequently avoid their presence. To further charge your guests to speak with you adds insult to injury, considering you invited them in the first place, with the expectation of your blessing them with your presence.

All in all, it seemed that we had a successful evening: nobody died, it stayed night time, and most of us treated our guest with the respect appropriate for someone of her station.  There was a minor incident with an elemental someone summoned, but overall the damage was minimal.

Spotlight Of Praise: Elaine

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

”When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it—always.” – Mahatma Gandhi

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest I would like to focus on that once a week. This reports Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at Elaine.

Elaine is probably the last person I ever thought I would have on a Spotlight of Praise. She and I have had[1] our[2] differences[3] in[4] the[5] past[6], but overall these matters are behind us in these current nights. Elaine has worked hard in her current role as Scourge, putting her natural abilities to deal death and terrify younger Kindred to good use as Scourge of the city under Prince The Plague. Gone are the trappings of a Kindred who still held onto her misguided beliefs, instead she has focused on improving herself and the city while avoiding her old coterie mistakes. Of particular note is her dogged ability to locate and sniff out Sabbat that enter the city, tracking them through the shadows and working with the various city officers. Of late she successfully removed an unacknowledged Kindred whom was murdering children in an attempt to discredit a Camarilla citizen. Thanks to Elaine’s hard work, this Revel creature is no more and the children of Orlando just a bit more safe.

Keep up the good work Elaine as you’re setting a positive example for how a Kindred can reform and change: taking on a city officer role that suits your talents, offering boons and particpating in the system, and generally keeping your head down and avoiding any more runs amuck. I look forward to seeing this positive growth change continue!




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