Harpy Report 11/2019


“Allah accepts only the repentance of those who do evil in ignorance and foolishness and repent soon afterwards; it is they to whom Allah will forgive and Allah is Ever All-Knower, All-Wise”

[an-Nisa’ 4:17]

— Harpy Report of the Domain of Orlando —

–November 2019 —

        Gentle readers, I pray that this time of disruption and change finds you well and free from harm.  Much has transpired since this Office’s last report, and I shall attempt to quickly recall the events of the last few weeks for your note.  Bear in mind, wherever you may read this report, the Tower must remain strong and steadfast.  I look forward to working with all of you, to ensure Orlando may remain just as it was at its beginning, a beacon of light in the darkness of this region.

–The Tragedy of Prince Goodman and Our Elysium–

As many of you are aware, Elysium was breached the night of our Gathering, the 9th of November.  Set ablaze by a then unknown group, officers of the City quickly responded and promptly began an investigation.  Through hard work and sacrifice, dark details have come to light regarding this breach, and the subsequent death of one of this City’s most esteemed members.  Having only come to me in the past three nights, and with work of my own to verify the information, I was shocked by what was revealed.

        Prince Goodman met Final Death in the nights immediately following the Gathering, leaving the City with a breached Elysium, and lacking the leadership that we had all come to expect from the former Master Harpy.  The common belief was that he had died of his wounds from him and his clan’s valiant defeat of a rogue Methuselah that had been roaming our sewers (when will this city have a moment to breathe?).  As the fight over Praxis began, which I shall dive into in the next section, details slowly emerged from the secretive Nosferatu clan as to what may have truly occured.  It is said that when things become difficult, the brave must act, and thusly, Elder Marcus has done so.  He was kind enough to reveal the truth, in the letter included in its entirety below:

Lord Harpy Rahim

It is with regret that I must inform you that Doctor Goodman had been found culpable in the fire that damaged our Elysium. Over the past few months, he had become more and more obsessed with the destruction of a Forsaken Kindred. During this time, he gathered influences and garnered favors from other clans to feed his desires. Lastly, he secured the Praxis with the sole purpose of destroying this creature. We of Clan Nosferatu had noticed a steady decline in his senses and did all that we could to help our brother see reason. We worried that his actions were endangering not only the clan, but the Domain as a whole.

It was later brought to our attention that Goodman was responsible for the attack on Elysium. We discovered that for his information concerning the whereabouts of various members of this domain, this pack would come and disrupt the Elysium posing as different agents of the Forsaken. I can only assume that his plan was to rally the Domain as a call to arms against this singular creature, as well as lay blame on other members of the city that he believed to be working with the Forsaken. The Sabbat pack posed as specific Gangrel instead while I was physically in a conference elsewhere with them at our gathering. The chaos and destruction that ensued was likely even more than was anticipated. One of our own was severely injured while trying to defend Elysium. Fortunately, her actions ensured that no other Kindred were harmed during this atrocity.

When confronted with the information, Goodman denied it at first, but after heavy questioning, he finally admitted his failure to the Domain. In shame and frustration he tried to flee but I caught him and did all I could to restrain him without causing final death. In that, I failed. Our brother Goodman is no longer with us. I only ask that the city look kindly upon Goodman for what he had accomplished in the past and not for the instability that he fell to in the end.

With a Heavy Heart and Troubled Soul,

Lord Marcus Saint John

Elder Clan Nosferatu

        As I cannot take this letter simply by itself as evidence of culpability, I did my own digging, and multiple sources have confirmed what the illustrious Elder Marcus Saint John had stated; Prince Goodman conspired to create a conflict and destroy a Forsaken Kindred he had become obsessed with, and in doing so, breached our Elysium with the help from our enemies.  A Sabbat pack was indeed involved, lead by a Nosferatu named Gr8, and acted under intelligence provided by Goodman.  By our own laws the breach of Elysium must be punished, and a punishment of this severity is to be Final Death.  Though perhaps the now Honorable Elder Marcus did not intend to destroy his Clanmate and Prince; his actions have brought to justice the offender whom struck at our Elysium and supported the Sabbat in doing so.  Although the Sabbat Nosferatu named Gr8 and his pack remain at large, I have no doubt that the combined forces of Orlando will quickly find and destroy these miscreants.

        As we speak, the officers of this city are working hard to restore our Elysium to its former glory and to ensure it will be equipped with far better sprinkler systems.  I fully expect our Elysium will be back and fully operational within a few nights time, bringing some much needed stability and unity to a City and community.  Prince Tyler seeks to reward this work, and begins in as much by naming Elder Marcus Loyal, as soon as status allows her to do so, for his selfless service.  If you would like to contribute to this effort, please reach out to me directly, as this effort shall serve us all.

–The Prince is Dead, Long Live the Prince–

The death of Prince Goodman was a sudden one, as they tend to be, and left the city, Officers and Primogen Council caught off-guard.  Upon receiving the news of the Prince’s death, after mourning and calling upon Allah to save Goodman’s soul, I called each Primogen of this fair city, and the Officers whom serve it, to gather in my personal domain for peaceful talks about the future of this City.  I was most pleased that all were able to attend, and vouch for their Clan’s support of a future leader of Orlando.  Though there were several original Praxis Claimants, including Elder Absenthe, Tsavo, Elder Matteo Vitale, and Elder Thaddeus De Mezzanotte, the support of the city clearly favored one above all others, that of the Praxis claim of Toreador Elder, and often an officer of the city, Lillian Tyler.  As the Gathering drew to a close, all other claimants, save one, withdrew their claims in support of Prince Lillian Tyler.  To provide some brevity, I have summed up the support below, as it stood prior to the closing remarks and the support for Prince Tyler being finalized.

Assamites: Elder Lillian Tyler — Brujah: Elder Lillian Tyler — Gangrel: Elder Fenrir Lukka

Malkavians: Abstain — Nosferatu: Elder Lillian Tyler — Tremere: Elder Fenrir Lukka

Toreador: Elder Lillian Tyler — Ventrue: Thaddeus De Mezzanotte

        The sole remaining competing claim to the Praxis of Orlando is that of Elder and Prince claimant Fenrir Lukka.  Some may recall that he joined the Camarilla with his Gangrel family some months ago, and brought with him his former Barony to become Gangrel feeding grounds.  Although the Elder stated he would need to be killed in order for him to withdraw his claim, it is with the deepest respect that I pray that he will work out whatever differences he may have with Prince Tyler, and ensure conflict will not continue to embroil this region.  Prince Tyler has already suggested that the Gangrel shall have all honors and representation in the new Domain of Orlando, and shall be treated as any other great Clan of the Tower.   We are all in this together, as it were.

–Address from the Office of Prince Lillian Tyler–

My fellow Kindred, though I’ve only been in the city for just under a year, I’ve seen many changes and wonders. I’ve seen us come together to fight great evils, and I’ve seen brother against brother over petty squabbles. I’ve seen us suffer through great adversities, yet we always overcame them still standing. I have a great respect for many of you, and all that each of you contribute.

I’ve been an Elder, a Seneschal, a Keeper, and I’ve also been nothing. Right now, disgrace is once again at our doorstep, followed by war, and monsters that threaten all we hold dear. We’ve been united before, and now we need to be united once more. In these nights, the Tower cries for peace more than ever. We must end our bickering, end the backstabbing, and refocus our goals – which should be to bring respect back to our Domain.

As Prince, maintaining peace will be my primary concern, but I will also bring back formality and a stricter adherence to our laws back to Orlando. No more violations, no more shall our Elysium burn. A leader needs to be firm, but not uncompassionate. I have never previously had political aspirations, I still don’t, but I feel that I can help guide this city back to a state of grace and glory.

I care not for back-alley deals, political maneuvering, power, or bragging rights. My only concern is this city and its people. I will do my absolute best to be a humane, yet no-nonsense representative of the people.


–The Return of Prince The Plague and the Domain of Disney–

While Orlando sought to solve its current leadership void, and repair its Elysium, a second Domain formed in the territory of, and immediately surrounding, Walt Disney World, organized and led by former Orlando Prince The Plague.  Composed of several long standing Orlando Elders, and many of the Tremere of Orlando, the new Domain is said to be one independent from the power struggles that have rocked the region as of late, and designed to defend the powerful Key Stone that lays upon the ley lines beneath us.  Prince Tyler, having already met with Prince The Plague, has concluded negotiations solidifying a relationship between the two Domains that now make up the strongest Camarilla Domains in the South East.  What the future holds for this small Praxis remains unclear, but this Office will look on with interest.  Those wishing to travel to this Domain are advised to visit the Royale in Disney, which is for the time being designated as the primary court location.

–Gathering of the 14th of December–

As the first Gathering of many, Prince Tyler invites you to a holiday party, hosted by the Clan of the Rose, to which all of Orlando are invited.  A feast is to be held, a long with games, music and contests.  No doubt the noble Clan Toreador will do all it can to support their new Prince, as we celebrate the season of unity and care for one’s family.  I am told this Gathering is also to include a Symbel, held by the Prince herself, which shall involve the finding of a bean within the Twelfth Night cake.  Whomever receives the bean with their slice shall be honored with the success of the Symbel and shall be Victorious.  Like any other formal event thrown by the Rose, the attire is to be formal.

–Status Updates in Brief–

–Kindly note, some Status changes occurred prior to the Gathering of the 9th–

–Elder Marcus Saint John names Neonate Lisper as Favored.

–Master Harpy Rahim al Fais Warns Elder Hati Lukka for conversing with a Forsaken Kindred.

–Master Harpy Rahim al Fais names Elder Chance Whitman, Elder Rhamiel, Elder Matteo Vitale, and Elder Skoll Lukka as Honorable, for their selfless defense of the City from tainted Werewolves.

–Master Harpy Rahim al Fais names Whip Lukas Gadow as Courteous for his contributions to the Harpy Office.

–Elder Lynx names Neonate Lisper as Favored.

Lesser Harpy Isreal, acting as Harpy and as such was Guardian, Warns Neonate Lisper for repeatedly interrupting the Praxis Gathering proceedings.  As Neonate Lisper is Favored by Elder Marcus, the Neonate shall not be Warned.

Elder Lynx Warns Lesser Harpy Isreal for the insult of Warning the Neonate Lisper, holding her Favor, for repeatedly interrupting the Praxis Gathering.  Lesser Harpy Isreal, being Victorious, removes the Warned.

Master Harpy Rahim al Fais Warns Elder Lynx for repeatedly interrupting the Praxis Gathering while being neither Claimant nor Clan representative after several verbal warnings against doing so.

–Master Harpy Rahim al Fais names Elder Marcus Saint John as Honorable, for his selfless service to the city in bringing the crimes of former Prince Goodman to light.

–Elder Isreal, having succeeded in the Symbel called by Elder Claudius D’Empress, is named Victorious.

–Master Harpy Rahim al Fais names Elder Isreal and Miroslava as Courteous for their steadfast commitment to the Harpy Office and for their support in keeping order during the Praxis Gathering.

–Notes and Final Thoughts–

        As we approach this holiday season, let it be one for peace and reflection.  We walk now amidst the turmoil that comes with change.  Let us recall that change is the only constant, and rather than allow ourselves to fall to wrath and greed, let us find the nobler part of ourselves and embrace peace.  Conflict among us serves none of us, and weakens our community, and the Tower, as a whole.  

Until the Gathering, I pray you all remain safe and go in peace with the teachings of Humanity.


Rahim al Fais

Master Harpy

Apprentice of Scrolls, Master of Swords

Domain of Orlando