Harpy Report 12/22/2019

Peace At Last

*This report is written with the safety and security of the city in mind.*

Good Evening Orlando! Our last gathering was full of excitement and festivities that had every friend in Orlando smiling and laughing. With such an elegant venue, many festive celebratory options, and a delightfully delicious meal; what more could we expect from a gathering put on by the most glamourous Division TO? In a gathering we thought would surely result in the permanent departure of at least one or more of our beloved friends, I am relieved to share that an accord was met between the two who declared President.

We can begin by congratulating our President Rahim. He is worthy of the position and did his part in ensuring that there was no upheaval that evening. Next, we can congratulate our Vice-President Fenrir, who so graciously acquiesced to President Rahim’s offer to work together and maintain peace for our glorious city. He also did his part in ensuring that there would be no upheaval that evening and secured quite the position for himself and his Family. Excellency Skoll is now the law. This certainly solidifies his clan’s usefulness and position. We must also congratulate our new Director of the home office, the great Chance Whitman of division B, who as always, showed great strength. He also assisted in ensuring there was no bloodshed. Lastly, but never in the least, our new Security Professional Sister Amelia who will continue to ensure the safety of the Domain.

Board of Directors:

Division A: Mahmoud, Assisted by Zero

Division B: Nora, Assisted by Rhamiel

Division G: Thane Lukka, Assisted by Lugh Lukka

Division M: Dissonance, Assisted by Mama Emma

Division N: Lisper, Assisted by TBD

Division TO: Lukas, Assisted by Sofia

Division TR: Claudius, Assisted by Anna Donnelly

Division V: Elijah, Assisted by Joseppa

Though these events managed to go through with no hitches, it is Orlando, so of course there were many events of the evening that could be discussed. I will share with you two of the events that were instrumental in creating an interesting evening.

  1.  Excellency Lugh discovers that Excellency Elaine is the one who uses her wiles against Excellency Skoll. Excellency Elaine suggests she does this for the betterment of the city, and with hopes that no blood would be shed in Orlando…..
  2. Queen Mab did in fact send her agents to visit us in hopes of stealing away a member of Division M. She even tried to steal me away. Thankfully our new and brave President Rahim, Vice President Fenrir, and Excellency Mahmoud were there and realized what was happening. They worked wonders together to put the agents in their place, truly they were a team to behold. They did not kill the agents, instead were quite smart and convinced it that it wanted Members of division M from Jacksonville so that we could have peace for the remainder of the evening.

And now a message from our Sponsor: 

Friends of Orlando,

I greet all of you as I pray the last several nights have brought you some well earned rest.  Though our city still faces many challenges, from within and without, we have passed a major test in our trek towards success and unity. Peace was achieved this Gathering last, as Lord Fenrir Lukka and I shook hands, exchanged Life debts and made a pledge to work together in peace for the betterment of the City. We have indeed been through far too much to allow old rivalries and petty resentments to lay us low. As this year ends, we should recall what we have achieved together, from defeating tainted Werewolves, destroying demons of darkness, evading the National Guard, and stopping the agents of Queen Mab before they could abscond with any of Division M.

As we move forward together, I have some happy tidings to impart. Although our Central Office of Leu Gardens served us well, the shadow of the most recent breach cannot be ignored. In order to provide for a central point of gathering, one safe, neutral, and reasonably fireproof, the city shall create a new Central Office at the downtown Orlando Public Library. Steps have been taken to secure the location, and the director of the home office, Chance Whitman, has been installed to ensure its success and safety. As we move our Central Office, so too must we move our other meeting locations, which the Officers and Board of directors for Orlando shall be informed of expeditiously.  

As Master of Secrets Isreal no doubt has dispersed, I have published a list of ten Courtesies for the City of Orlando. These rules are designed to ensure stability, accountability and strength in the domain we all call home. In the next several nights, I will be meeting with each Director and Officer in turn, to discuss with them what they see in the future of this city. I cannot rule in a vacuum, and that is why I will always ask for the input of the Clans to ensure my rule is just and a benefit to all.

This Gathering last it took the work of many Friends to help ensure peace reigned supreme. I would like to thank those Friends now with the gifts of our Sect, status.  Firstly and foremostly, I see Lord Seneschal Fenrir Lukka, as Honorable for his steadfast dedication to peace and the betterment of the city. The following Friends have my thanks for their work in ensuring peace was maintained and are seen as Loyal; Excellency Thaddeus Mezzanotte, Director Elijah Mezzanotte, Director Nora, Excellency Lillian Tyler, Director Claudius D’Empress, Director Mahmoud Cetin,  Excellency Emma, Excellency Matteo Vitale, and Excellency Marcus St. John.  For their commitment to the City’s security, time and time again, I see The Law Skoll Lukka, Excellency Zero, Security Professional Amelia as Courageous. Lastly, as this city could not function without them, I see Master of Secrets Isreal and Assistant Secret Keeper Miroslava as Courteous.

Until we meet again my friends, may good tidings find you, truth light your way, and the spirit of cooperation warm your hearts.

In service,


In other news:

-A division M winner is announced for the Symbol put on by Division TO, Excellency Cloudsley.

                        Caimen is found favored for finding the bean.

-Excellency Lugh finds Excellency Hati Loyal.

-Excellency Rahmiel finds Division A leader Mahmoud Favored. 

Coming Soon:

Please note that it has been requested by President Rahim that all Enforcers and representatives from every Division come together in hopes of defeating one who roams and creates chaos, Darius. This threat will need to be extinguished and the great veil must remain in tact.

Till next time Orlando, be safe, be prepared, and keep the veil in mind.