Eyes and Ears, Night Shift!

Eyes and Ears, Night Shift!

With your Cast Guide: P-Dezzy!

Cast Welcome!

      Hello and welcome to the most exclusive club this side of Shangri-La, the WDW-Nightpass! This exclusive and erudite membership is available only to those capable of passing rigorous background AND financial checks. Due to the unparalleled access to the WDW facility and parks, this program will remain experimental and under continuous review and change. A top-down management style and strict series of accountability are the only ways to enjoy the esoteric and exquisite freedoms our Passholder plan permits. Without further ado, let me introduce you to our Kingdom Hearts Court Passholders!

        The Founder of the Disney by Night Passholder plan, Mr. Plagueis has been a respected manager for Tower Industries in the past. His handling of the General Orlando Accounts was a stabilizing and steradying factor on a very unpredictable market despite his young age. Acting as our Chief Executive Officer, I place every faith he is loyal to the company and his honorable nature.

        Acting as Executive Officer is Tower newcomer Vivian. Despite her young years and relative newness to the company, her insight for hedging bets and playing odds has landed her in a lauded position for company advancement. Acquitting herself well in other business arenas has lead to her place at the CEO’s side. I and Mr. Plagueis are both grateful for her loyal service, and I trust her to fulfill her duties honorably.

        I’ll be serving as the Chief Operations Officer for Tower Industries here in Lake Buena Vista. My extensive career and accolades as a Tower Senior Partner are world famous, so I’ll spare you the litany. Having sorted out Florida’s Rose Garden Delegation, I’ve chosen a smaller more personal project for my next artistic endeavor. Naturally CEO Plagueis echos my endorsements given to him, confirming my loyal and honorable nature in Tower Industries.

        Our new Chief of Security Officer is the inestimable “Queen” Elaine of local fame and similar time with the Company as myself. Possibly the longest local member of the team, she’s known for her keen eyesight, clever wit, and amazing Angelina cosplays! While I certainly know her to be a loyal Tower employee, of alte her attention to detail has been slipping. I warn her to take her job more seriously… Park security is our number 1 priority!

        And finally on our overnight security team is Tsavo. Another young and novice member of Tower Industries, he comes to us for a fresh start. After being grossly mismanaged in his old departments, we strive to create an environment for him to shine in. Acting as Park Security, he’s responsible for all applicants to the Disney By Night Passholder program. I regret to have our opening newsletter bear bad news, but then I’d be neglecting the news. Security has been lax with several intrusions unreported or blocked. For the incidents of Potential Investor Dar and Potential Investor Fen… Tsavo has shown his security talents lacking. I doubly warn him that each of those incidents will look poorly on his permanent record… Thankfully Mr. Plagueis is grateful for Tsavo’s loyal service. That coupled with the favor of Senior Partner Cier keeps Tsavo out of hot water. For now.


Families Welcome!
        Disney by Night Passholder plan is ONLY available as a group plan. Having a Tour Guide to supervise your after hours excursions is vital to our success and safety. We understand that not everyone has the minimum 3 person group to qualify, and instead allow our single or double occupancy families to book through our “Table Sharing Plan”, available through Guide Hati. But first, let us get to know the families who signed up already!

        Joining us from the East Coast of Florida and the North coast of Africa, are the Schrecks! Family Guide and internet connoisseur is Andy Schreck. His tender heart is a beacon of hope for us in every situation. Then there’s Tsavo Schreck, a dour but lovable old cabbage who is always on the lookout for his next meal plan! He can help you find all the best places to sightsee in LBV! Finally and oldest MK-ally, Winston Schreck. This dapper and dashing young man would make the creators of Tron beg for his musical and artistic input. All the Schrecks are loyal Disney members by the CEO, and I endorse Andy is an honorable source of information.

        Hailing from Italy, Africa, and the home office of California, comes the Hortus family! Family Guide is world famous and universally beloved: DEREK ZOOLANDER! This angel of beauty and grace has taken time out of his hectic schedule as a personal favor to ME in order to keep the Hortus Family inline. As a tour guide, you can trust him to be an honorable example of what it means to be Disney. Those blessed to be guided by such an angel include myself, William (who could not be reached for comment), and Melody. Melody is a transplant from the Californian inspiration for our slice of heaven. Her gifts at talent management and resource retention are already legendary in her field. The CEO is grateful for the Hortus being loyal Disney members.

        Family Librarios has roots throughout the world, but especially Eastern Europe. Acting Patriarch Claud provides tour guide services for his branch, and I note his honorable service is gratefully accepted. Keeping the magic of education and learning alive in our Disney structure is of vital importance. Helping spread the magic is the previously mentioned Vivian, who is aiming for the management path. Senior Partner Issy is a full time employee of the Orlando City Council, but manages to make time to vacation with us. Finally there’s young Jaylen. Newest member of the company, stories of Disney are starting to draw a crowd. All loyal members chomping at the bit to prove themselves!

        And last is our Table-Sharing-Plan! We realize not every family can get together the needed three members for a Night-Pass. To fill that need, Tour Guide Hati graciously offered to host a smorgasbord! She’s a right honorable guide that can help our more lonely passholders. You may think none could compare with Queen Elaine, but you’d be mistaken! “O-Town Daddy” Rahim is a member of our Passholders, and enjoys Hati’s representation. Senior Partners Absenthe and Lugh also find quiet corners of Lake Buena Vista to call home, and enjoy the relative peace from other troubles. Each and every one vouched loyal by our CEO.


        Well, I’ve already nattered on longer than I intended, it’s just so hard to stop enjoying perfection… Drop by The Royale for a drink or update if you need one. Private meetings are available, but going through your tour guide is encouraged. We’ll be running our usual special for Disney+ soon, but remember services are limited… First come, first serve. Otherwise I expect to see you all at the Cast-Member-Picnic this Saturday! -Tongue of a God, P-Dezzy