Eyes and Ears, Night Shift!

Eyes and Ears, Night Shift!

With your Cast Guide: P-Dezzy!


        Before a moon turns fully a tragedy has already befell our Kingdom. I was remiss to tell you all of his Honorable nature… Due to the valiant efforts of Senior Partner Issy and Jaylen-the-Younger in the Librarious family, it has come to light that Patriarch Claud was not only betraying our beloved Tower Industries, but ALSO conspiring with Foreign Investors against the whole (Walt Disney) World! Our CEO insists on his removal, and excommunication to the Tower. He uses his Sovereignty to make it so.

Senior Partner Issy and our CEO hired on Jaylen-the-Younger to help investigate Claud’s improprieties. He is, of course, glad to be of service to such gallant individuals. Because of his meritorious service and dedication to the parks, let it be known Jaylen-the-Younger now guides the Family Librarious in our program. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! In gratitude for their initiative and assistance, our COS, Malifecent-the-Greater, acknowledges she is majorly indebted for all of their hard work. She is a woman of her word! And I as COO recognize that their loyal and honorable actions have helped all of Tower Industries’ branches.

Breaking News! Rahim in Hot Water!

        Central Florida is a magical place. Even the oldest and wisest heads can lose themselves to childish impulsivity sometimes. Trust me, I’ve seen it over and over again. But with that childlike wonder comes some poor choices. Passholder Rahim has been caught smuggling guests into the parks. His Tour Guide Hati is horrified at his vulgar abuse of his membership. The CEO warns him to be more responsible with his precious membership in our program. I warn him to stop posturing in regards to the Schreck family unless he does so outside our yard exclusively. He may resume usual interactions with Tower Officials on May 10th (Barring further sanctions).

        As well, the CEO removes his Private Resort permissions. When he can comport himself with more proper bearing he may appeal to have it returned to him. Until then, he is now expected to present himself at the Passholder Picnic tomorrow or be sanctioned yet again.

Breaking News! Whitman-Works-Overtime!

       There is a silver lining to this mad week. By matter of a lucky Chance, the poor souls illegally smuggled into the parks will not be prosecuted. Because of one Man-of-Whit, they are borne no ill will for being misled by Rahim. Even so, they should be more mindful of where they go, and are encouraged to look into a Passholder Program if they do not wish to run afoul of Overnight Security.

        And on that note, Tsavo is warned for not catching Rahim’s border crossing party. His previous victories absorb this, but he is now: Out. Of. Good. Will.

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