Harpy Report – Issue 3

Gathering July 10

Through the stability of the Ventrue, the beauty and poise of the Toreador, and the ability of this harpy to make good on a request, the city of Orlando gathered and socialized in style and comfort.  For their time and efforts, I Cosette Bonnet, would like to give Elder Architect Saffron and Primogen David Smithe each to minor boons. 

Something Smells 

Why is it that when the Camarilla tries to have a nice night of social graces someone has to ruin it?  As I stood near our Seneschal, recording a boon, along came an object rolled through a door.  It exploded in a most foul smelling gas causing most of us to hold our acute noses in disdain.  I will say, those in charge of ensuring the gathering was safe were about to start firing some incompetant allies but a name quickly appeared to have made it to their ears….anarchs…..again.

For reasons they are keeping to themselves, the anarchs decided to disrupt our gathering.  A small scuffle broke out among the fleeing anarchs and tower members.  The former primogen Agememnon was jumped by an anarch who turned into a bear.  Elder Patrick of the Rose came in and successfully helped subdue this miscreant.   

I wonder how they will make amends to three clans? I mean should we even hope they will?

A Harpy’s Apology

It appears that I was given false information about former primogen Agamemnon.  I was told he was proclaiming himself the primogen after his clan had chosen a new kindred to take up the mantle.  My talon assured me of the false information but I had already confronted the former primogen. 

As I am Prominent, I find Agamemnon Courteous.  I hope this helps accept my apology.

An Ambassador with a Mission

The anarchs have chosen to elect an ambassador, and their name is Adam Silver.  This ambassador has taken it upon themselves to let the tower know, especially the architects, that he is not one to be trifled with.  This ambassador has left a very aggressive and veiled letter within elysium.  They claim they are the equal to our elders; our architects. They claim they are higher but are courteous enough to bring themselves down to our level. How magnanimous of them…….

So, if this ambassador is going to stonewall negotiations of peace and civility, what is the answer? Should we even bother to reach out to the Baron? Maybe Orlando should start banning the anarchs from partaking in our hospitality?  I await the next drama filled chapter….

A Gathering with an Impromptu Performance

On the 24th, the kindred of Orlando decided to do a small gathering on Elysium.  Our keeper, being a gracious host, was well prepared.  What many kindred were not prepared for was the spontaneous and moving performance by our Prince Lukas and Elder Architect Ashton Glooom. Elder Glooom began the solo performance and our amazingly talented prince joined in.  Their harmonious  melodies filled the sacred halls of elysium; uplifting the mood and souls of those present.  A stellar performance by both the elder and our prince.  It will be on the lips of the city’s kindred for many nights to come.  

A new elder has taken up residence and acknowledgement within the city.  Elder Knight of the Monolithos, a master crafter of bloodwine.  

Finally, our dear Servire has left our elders with a task.  The first part is to ensure proper protocols and prestation within our city.  

Favored and Acclaimed

The Brujah clan and Toreador has not skipped a beat in helping facilitate this task.  Our toreador Primogen Alexander has found Architects Ashton Glooom, Saffron, and Nereus all Acclaimed in their support.  Elder Adonis finds Primogen Lyddia in his favor and Elder Tasos finds our sheriff, freshly off his warned status I might add, favored as well.  For his sake, I hope the sheriff takes this positive turn in his status to heart.