Harpy Report – Issue 1

New Harpy Introduction

I’d like to formally introduce myself and thank the primogen council for their support.  My name is Cosette Bonnet.  I am part of the very insightful Malkavian clan.  I have been around for a small while, originally hailing from Fance.  I like to keep a well rounded schedule and records.

I will also give a brief and sincere apology for my absence at the gathering.  My talon, Elder Demitri, was there in my stead.  As such, I hear it is asked that I host the next gathering.  This princely request will not go unrequited.  I have made arrangements for this request to be completed already.

Gathering June 12, 2021

Even though the clans did not choose to make a formal gathering, quite a few kindred gathered last evening.  I will advise that I have heard the Prince was unhappy at the lack of enthusiasm to host, but given the recent events, I can see the hesitation.

To begin the work evening, three nosferatu decided to stretch the rules of elysium and use their gift to impersonate one another.  We won’t argue the details in this synopsis, but they all had a loyal status block the warning from Elder Architect Nereus. Primogen Tsavo was further warned by my Talon for the attempt to trade in boons owned by the former Elder Prince Marcus, whom he was impersonating.  Please, citizens, take heed in what a warning does.

Our keeper, being a last second host, held our Elysium with the help of others when a small, but peculiar, threat made its way to just outside of the grounds.  Small, mutilated and obviously undead children appeared singing  Sunday school songs.  (Please note, as harpy I ask that you check on those of high humanitus that were there….they are probably not okay) The interesting point was the police were tipped off.  I do hope someone was watching the rumor mills both in the social circles and the darkened alleyways…..

Elder Demetri acted swiftly. He removed the police with his connections.  While a considerable act, this is a small thing the Ventrue clan is able to do for a city.  We must remember that they are the tower and the stability.  They are here to help the Camarilla and all that call it home. 

While speculation that hunters may be involved is circulating, no correlation has been made at this time.

Malkavians Can Go Astray

An Artukas Malkavian made an appearance at the Elysium.  It was determined they were the one behind the creation of the Shlacta and attack on the downtown area.  She (the Malkavian) is obsessed with our Elder JP Valley.  This is an unfortunate side effect of our clan.  We can manifest interesting behaviors that are not quite understood to others.  These gifts of insight bring our minds to heightened places.  As we are all still created from the mortal shell, the revamped housing does have a tendency to break a bit.  This isn’t always an unfortunate flaw, but in the case of our new friend, we will see.  Further investigation is needed into her mind as we do tend to be pretty resilient.  I’m sure we will be able to find all of the items she has hidden across the city.

New Titles and Members

Elder Architect Nereus has been deemed whip for the Toreador Clan

The Elder  Isreal of Clan Tremere has returned

An Architect and Luminary elder Saphron has graced us with her presence.  She hails from the Clan Toreador and we are honored to have them here.

New Acknowledge members of the city are:

Momo for Clan Toreador

Buzer of Nosferatu

Adare of the Lhiannan

There is talk of the anarchs having a recent swell in ranks as well.  As this increase is diminutive in the expansion of the Camarilla, it does not seem a concern.

Next Formal Gathering

The next formal gathering will be hosted by Clan Ventrue.  They have stepped up to my request for a surrogate host.  As I need to be on point as the harpy, it would be with great hubris to assume I could act as a proper host as well.  I am coordinating with their primogen to provide a very respectable, safe, and exciting gathering for the city to enjoy.