The News Worth Knowing Issue 16

The Harpy Nest Digest


Who Watches the Watchmen?

A Cotarie formed to protect the Camarilla from internal strife and Sabbat, what happens when one dives too deep and goes rogue…?

by Ty McFearson

Who’s gonna investigate the man who investigates the man who investigates me?

I don’t doubt my loyalty,

But who knows just what his might be?

Who’ll check the record of the man who checks the record of the man who checks the record of mine?

Seems to me there’s gonna be an awfully long line.

— Harold Rome, “Who’s Gonna Investigate…” (1939)

At the last gathering held by the Whippoorwill Cotarie on March 26th 2018, there was a security breach that could have threatened the Masquerade should it have been handled poorly. Roach, a member of Clan Nosferatu and a representative of the Lone Gunmen Cotarie, saw fit to indulge his unhealthy paranoia and hack into the private computer systems of the Whippoorwill Cotarie. What he was looking for, what he intended to do with the information once he found it, all of that is a mystery. What is known is that he violated the domain of an Elder and upstanding members of the Camarilla.

The Lone Gunmen Cotarie was founded during the war with the infernalist Stein, using their vast connections and information-gathering abilities to harm the enemy and aid Orlando. They looked for enemies in every dark corner, doggedly pursued the faintest leads and several of their actions lead to great victories for us here in Orlando. While the rest of their number was comfortable to relax their hyper-vigilant stance and better turn their talents towards aiding the city infrastructure, not so with one of their number named Roach.

A member of Clan Nosferatu, Roach continued to grow more and more paranoid as time went on. He began to accuse innocents of hiding dastardly crimes, use his skills with information gathering on loyal subjects rather than targets of interest and accuse anyone he suspected of an infraction. This paranoia reached an alltime high a little over a week ago as he violated the domain of the Whippoorwill Cotarie and stole private data and information from them.

In reaction, the the Whippoorwill Cotarie asked for recompense. The Lone Gunmen, seeing their needed services turning into something darker, disbanded their Cotarie as a show of penance and called upon Roach to return what he stole and pay a penance. Roach has refused however, taking what information he has and running away with it while renouncing his former allies. At this time, Roach serves as a cautionary tale for allowing your Paranoia to get the better of you.

Master Harpy Prima Dezz is offering a bounty of two Major Boons to anyone who can return Roach to him personally, torpored or not.






Status Updates

by Ty McFearson

Marcus Barlow, Whip of Clan Tremere in Tampa, is seen as Favored by Elder Sobaka of Clan Gangrel (current Whip of the Clan here in Orlando). So many Tremere seem to have his favor recently…

On March 29th, 2018 the Symbel hosted by Elder Maria St. Cristoph of Clan Toreador has come to an end. The aim of the 2 month long Symbel was to see whom could collect the most Trivial Boons, and our winner is Tyranus “Ty” McFearson. He is now seen as Victorious in the eyes of the Camarilla.




Archon Overstepping Bounds?

by Ty McFearson

Elder Maria St. Cristoph of Clan Toreador has been seen recently in both Tampa and Orlando, has been seen in deep conversation with several Established Elders and moved amongst the socialites of both Domains in whispered conversation with neonate and city officer alike. And the question on everyone’s lips is why?

For those not in the know, Elder Maria St. Cristoph of Clan Toreador has been visiting in Orlando for close to a year now. She was originally here in Orlando poking and prodding various Clans in relation to a mysterious dream that was haunting many of the Kindred around. She assisted many in the city with sorting through these magical trickeries but for some unseen and unknown reason. During the struggle with the Infernalist Stein she was noticeably absent, just appearing to poke and prod at various Kindred and Clans again in pursuit for the end of this dream nonsense. It has been months since any Clan reported the strange occurrences that first brought her to our shores, and yet Elder Maria St. Cristoph of Clan Toreador remains.

In recent nights she has become a close confidant of the Princes of Orlando and Tampa, often found in quiet corners with them whispering sweet nothings into their ears. At Tampa’s first gathering she sidestepped their Harpy to reach out to Talon Ty to run her Symbel’s without any form of recompense to either side. She seemed to grow cross with Prince Kennedy after he presented her with a work of art (crafted by Morgan Driscol) which paralyzed her with its beauty and charm, and she has taken to sniping at the Prince of Tampa through those connected to him in recent nights.

Her mission as Archon seemingly finished, Elder Maria St. Cristoph of Clan Toreador has apparently taken a long holiday and chosen to remain in the Orlando and Tampa areas for the foreseeable future. Not an official member of either city, not willing to listen or advice either of her Primogen as an Elder, and is busy sniping at her rivals through innocents who just happen to be good at creating Art. No comment from Elder Maria St. Cristoph of Clan Toreador as of now for her intentions still in the city, using our resources and allies without truly giving back.




Gangrel Claiming Tremere?

by Ty McFearson

Virgil Bancroft. Edsel Sonnenschein. Marcus Barlow. Three young Tremere, all movers and shakers in the Clan. Three young Tremere that since their arrival have been instrumental in assisting the city with issues involving the Masquerade and dealing with outside threats. And all three Tremere have been seen as Favored by Elder Sobaka of Clan Gangrel, who has been widening his net of Tremere under his influence.

Clan Gangrel has of recent nights been a good friend of Clan Tremere. After the Clan left enmass from the Camarilla in the late 1990’s, it was Clan Tremere that championed for their return to the Camarilla as time went on into the 2000’s. Due to the sponsorship of that Clan, the Gangrel were welcomed back and the two Clans have shared a friendship in these current nights. This seems to hold true here in orlando, but there are rumblings and questions amongst many of the citizens.

Why is Elder Sobaka extending so much influence over Clna Tremere, when it has traditionally been the other way in many cities? Why hasn’t Clan Tremere Favored their own neonates, instead letting them fall under the sway and influence of an Elder of another Clan? Traditionally here in Orlando Clan Gangrel has always had a warm reception from Clan Assamite, could this new affiliation with Clan Tremere harm the relationship those two Clans share? How long until every member of Clan Tremere is indebted to Elder Sobaka with his generous showings of Favor?




Seriously, When Do We Get A Sheriff?

by Ty McFearson

. Magic rituals that infest and infect people with infernal magic – Sheriff/Warlord MIA

. Massive security breaches potentially leaking Masquerade-breaking materials to people – Sheriff MIA

. Literal Zombies and other undead stalking and haunting Orlando –  – Sheriff MIA

. Infernalists running amuck and possessing mortals with demons to steal City Officers influences and connections – Sheriff MIA

. Random Kindred running around breaking the Masquerade as they run headfirst into issues and problems without leadership or guidance  – Sheriff MIA

This is a short summarized list instead of a two page spread that could have been written. How long will the Prince allow this to continue before he replaces the Sheriff, or the Primogen Council send another message to Prince Vitale through the Seneschal with their suggestion on Sheriff?




Spotlight Of Praise: Prince Kennedy

by Ty McFearson

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest we would like to focus on that once a week. This week’s Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at Prince Kennedy.

Prince Kennedy is a true rags to riches story, rising up from the obscurity of a Rose garden to now Prince of his own Domain. He has handled the ebb and flow of Orlando life well for his length of time here, working to unite the various factions in the city to aid the city. Often eschewing personal growth and ego for the greater good, he is one of the few universally well-received Kindred in the central Florida area.

His work in Tampa has been of particular note. Giving his Primogen a stronger hand to work their territory, his is a city rebuilding to a greater whole than it ever had been. He has created a safe space in the Tampa Bay itself for all manners of social commentary and discourse to occur. He has been generous with his gifts, even to those that do not appreciate them fully. Thank you Prince Kennedy, for all that you do.




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