Harpy Report 3-5-19

By Master Harpy H Goodman

March Gathering

The Prince has asked me to pass along the message that the next gathering will be held in the contested territory of Lake Apopka. As the area is contested the Anarchs will be governed by their laws and the Camarilla by theirs

Office and Status Updates

First a correction to my Officer list from February. Elder Rahim Al Fias Primogen of Clan Assamite will be continuing his service as Assistant Keeper of Elysium. There was never any interruption to Rahim’s service and the omission from the officer list was an oversight on my part. I wish to owe both Primogen Rahim and Keeper Elise Trivial Boons for the lapse of information.

Elder Mary of Gen Beli Of Clan Malkavian wishes to see Harmony as Favored.

Elder Archangel of Clan Nosferatu wishes to see Andrew as Favored for his recent contributions to the Clan.

Elder Cierzo of Clan Nosferatu wishes to see Primogen Tsavo as Favored for his constant commitment to the Clan.

Seneschal Chance Whitman wishes to see Scourge Elaine as Loyal as she has demonstrated an ability to put the needs of the Domain above her own.

Prince The Plague wishes to see me, Harpy Goodman, as Honorable for my guidance to Keeper Elise in the matter of the events at Elysium.

Lanval Smythe is an Elder Venture who appears to be establishing roots in the city. Lanval happens to be the Childer of none other than the very first Camarilla Prince in the Americas, The Hero King himself, King Arthur Arthragorn Albrecht. We are pleased to have a member of such an established bloodline in the City whose Loyalty is beyond question.

Ulfhiem Temporarily out of Business

Some of you may have noticed that one of the cities guilty pleasures is presently closed. The Mayhem party at Ulfhiem in the Anarch domain suffered a fire near the end of the February. This is a result of some internal strife within the movement between the Orlando and Tampa Anarch domains. Fenrir, the Baron of the Orlando Anarch’s, has even gone as far as to ban the movements of all Tampa Anarchs within his domain. He cites a disturbing upswing in violence, complete disregard of life, and not to mention jeopardy to the masquerade from his counterparts as the necessity for such action. At the center of all this has been the Anarchs Ayeses and Keyngz.


The actions of Ayeses and Keyngz have not gone unnoticed by our own Prince. This information along with the fact that Keyngz violated the sanctity of Elysium by using powers of the blood against the Nosferatu Primogen Tsavo the night of  February 28th has earned the two a Ban from the Orlando Camarilla Domain as well. In response the Prince has issued the following decree;

As I have made clear in the 8th Courtesy – the Domain of Orlando will not tolerate outsiders disrupting the city. Two facts were brought to my attention this week. The first was that Baron of the Clermont Anarchs has banned all Tampa Anarchs from his territory for their actions. He had asked to uphold this in Orlando.


However, before I had time to consider the ramifications and consult Camarilla Law it was brought to my attention that the Anarch Keygnz used powers of the blood upon another Kindred within Elysium. The Keeper of Elysium ordered him removed from Elysium without harm and the Scourge obliged, returning the unacknowledged kindred to the outskirts of the domain.


Knowing both of these facts, and consulting sect law, l have decided the following. The Justicar have extended the Second Tradition upon the Anarchs. In their words: The Justicars are judges of all, Camarilla and Anarch, for as writ in the Convention of Thorns, the Tower is one and the same. Were any other neighboring domain, with which we are on good terms, which is joining us in a war against the Sabbat, to make such a Banishment we would uphold it in good faith.


It is clear that the Anarch Constable is not here in good faith and has violated our Elysium, using powers of blood in Violation of the sacred ground. Henceforth, the anarchs Ayeses and Keygnz have no protection upon them from Praxis, in solidarity with a neighboring domain at peace with the Justicars per The Edict of Succession.


To ensure that our domain is not again disgraced I give the Keeper 20 days to levee a punishment upon Keygnz that will satisfy the Harpy. If one is not ordered in such a time I will see to it myself.

When Keygnz violated the Elysium law he was called out promptly by Keeper Elise. Keygnz then apologized for his infraction with multiple witnesses. The Keeper then ordered her sibling escorted out of the domain and not to be harmed. It is not yet clear why the Keeper chose leniency on her Broodmate over a serious violation usually punished by 6 months under a stake as posted in the Elysium laws. At the time of the infraction, there were some suspicious looking individuals across the street that Elise had to run off. However, it was clear that Keygnz recognized the wrongdoing and no direct action was taken even after the threat had passed.

What is also clear is that Elaine did not take such a violation as well as the Keeper did. Elaine chose to “creatively interpret” the Keepers command and as soon as she escorted Keygnz out of the Praxis immediately staked him. Keygnz torpored form was delivered safely to his, and the keepers, Grandsire.

Keeper Elise was furious over Elaine’s creativity and wishes the domain to see her as Warned until April 1st, 2019. In addition, Elise ordered the removal of Elaine’s tongue for the duration of the warning. A decision that did not go over well with those charged with defending the city in this time of crisis with the Sabbat. Elaine relented to the command immediately removing her tongue in compliance with the Keepers decree. While I am sure there are many who would see a month of silence from the scourge as a gift under normal circumstances. It can not be ignored that such a punishment has cut Elaine off from some crucial portions of her skill set.

The Prince’s decree of 20 days is not arbitrary. Such a violation can not go unchecked. If not rectified within 30 days of the incident Elysium will need to be torn down, and the whole domain will face Disgrace. The Prince has given Elise 20 days to correct the matter leaving him 10 additional days to act should she fail.

Elise is now working to correct the situation and has agreed to present Keygnz to the Prince and myself to face 1 year under the stake. Elise has expressed concern over the punishment of an Anarch officer fearing this could add to an already tense situation with the movement. While I fear she may be right, the sanctity of Elysium has always transcended sects with only the Sabbat openly ignoring the sacred tradition. I am not sure such a refusal to comply with the suggested sentence would sit well with the rest of the movement for such an obvious infraction on agreed upon laws.  At this time Elise has not announced the dissolvement of Elysium over the matter.

Assault on the Sabbat

Earlier in the month, a nest of Sabbat was discovered in a hotel within Nosferatu territory. The incursion was quickly identified and the situation placed under surveillance while the Sheriff worked on a battle plan. Clan Nosferatu agreed to monitor the situation working closely with the Sheriff and other Tremere. While I was never purview to the plan the Sheriff was working on I believe it involved something to the effect of consolidating the clans and going at them in overwhelming force.

During one of the surveillance missions however, it was identified that the Sabbat had not been waiting around idle. Bombs had been constructed and an attack on the domain was imminent. The Surveillance teams consisting of Clans Nosferatu, Malkavian, and Tremere under the leadership of Sheriff Goetzshlakk were forced into action to mitigate carnage the Sabbat packs had in store for us.

Thanks to their quick thinking and action many lives, both Human and Kindred alike, were saved. All of our forces made it out with their lives, the bombs (and hotel with them) were destroyed, and the majority of the Sabbats strength was neutralized. Only a few of the Sabbat forces were able to escape and efforts to route them out from the rocks they crawled under is in progress.

Anyone with information on the matter or wishing to volunteer to help finish the extermination should reach out to their Primogens and Whips. All forces and information are being filtered through the clan leaders to be consolidated under the Sheriff at this time.