Harpy Report 3/18/19

Harpy Report Updates

March 18th, 2019

By Master Harpy H Goodman

Lake Apopka Barge

The night of the March gathering was certainly an eventful one. The location was a secured barge on Lake Apopka in contested Anarch/ Camarilla territory. The night was meant to be a coming together as the Domains of Orlando and Clermont united against our common foe the Sabbat. However,, it was the Nosferatu cult of Baba Yaga worshipers who have been plaguing the City of Tampa who turned out to be this night’s uninvited guests. For those unaware these individuals are are an offshoot fanatical group of Nosferatu who follow the teachings of a deranged but powerful Nosferatu Elder. They are usually formidable combatants skilled in obfuscate, but are nothing more than that.

The cults first announcement of their presence was premeditated sniper attack on Tremere Clan Whip Wilhelm Von Helsing. Wilhelm found himself incapacitated from the attack but thanks to the efforts of his clanmates survived the assassination attempt with no lasting damage. It became clear throughout the night that we were indeed surrounded by this group for most of the evening. Clans Malkavian and Tremere coordinated efforts to locate these creatures but as with many Nosferatu their talents with Obfuscate were formidable.

Attacks from the cult continued throughout the night. I myself was assaulted by these individuals taking heavy wounds. The only ones who appeared to have much luck with these assailants were the Honey badgers who managed to subdue one of the creatures.  Unfortunately this creature was quickly rescued by one of his many hidden companions.

Their big act of the night was the kidnapping of Primogen Tsavo of Clan Nosferatu. A multiple Clan coordinated effort led by our very own Scourge Elaine was able to rescue the Primogen. We were able to  put an end to some of these creatures before they skulked off most likely to their Tampa holdings.  Though not before they got what they came for, a book they lost possession of last month. Hopefully, with this artifact reclaimed they will mind their business and stay away from this Domain. Though I suspect that is my optimistic nature speaking.

As for the rest of the interactions on the boat I am pleased to say that the Anarchs and Camarilla managed to get along swimmingly. The Elder Gangrel Sobaka was granted audience by many of the Primogen. As some of you know Sobaka was cast out of the domain following a unsuccessful claim to Praxis. Prince The Plague has agreed to allow the Camarilla Architect to return to the Domain of the Orlando if he can manage to get the unanimous support of all the Primogen. Sobaka did make some compelling arguments that the story we were told is likely very different than reality. Despite his efforts Sobaka has not yet managed to convince all of the Primogen and will remain exiled while the Council continues to deliberate on the matter.

Other highlights of the night included the introduction of Admiral Prima Dezz’s new security BALLS Models security force. At first glance I was reminded of of the security force of former dictator Moammar Gadhafi as it appears this group was not selected for their “Martial” talents. Still one can not argue with results as the Prince and Admiral remained unmolested  throughout the evening by the Cults continued attacks. Also their Loyalty to the Toreador Elder and Whip does seem to go well beyond a healthy employee/ employer relationship.  

Edmond Confirmed Dead

Primogen Tsavo was not the only one to go missing that night. The Prince’s own enforcer and Clan Assamite Whip Edmond Wake was also captured. Edmond was last seen being abducted in a white panel van. This fact added complications to his search as all three of the current threats to the city  The Sabbat, The Baba Yaga Cult, and the Asian Vampires all seem to have taken advantage of last month’s white panel van clearance event. It was not clear at the time which group was responsible for Edmond disappearance and made the search difficult at best. Late last night I received the unfortunate news from Elder Rahim Al Fais that Edmond has indeed met his end. In a letter from Elder Rahim to myself;

I am most saddened to inform you that Deputy and Whip of Clan Assamite has been confirmed to have met final death at the hands of the Kindred of the East known as Shen. Clan Assamite weeps for our lost brother and vows retribution against this foe of our City.”

Now this Shen character, and his known associates, will face the wrath of an Assamite elder. I have also been told by Elder Rahim that he intends to take back up the path of humanity. While this is a noble cause that I am glad to see the Elder taking, I do hope he saves some of his inhumanity for these so called “Kuei-Jin” pests.

The Riot Act

It does appear that the night was not a total loss and some politicking did get done. By Decree of Prince The Plague, the Below agreement is being affectionately referred to as The Riot Act.

“Camarilla and Anarch, for as writ in the Convention of Thorns, the Tower is one and the same. The Anarchs of the Clermont Barony have guaranteed, through their laws, the safety of any Kindred that would follow the 5th and 6th Traditions while visiting. The Domain of Orlando sees fit to extend the same protections in return.

Courtesy 9: So long as the Clermont Barony upholds the 5th and 6th Traditions within its domain in regards to Camarilla members, as written in its bylaws, the Domain of Orlando shall extend the protections of the 6th Tradition upon any Kindred of the Clermont Barony who follows the 5th Tradition while within the Domain of Orlando.”


Elysium Update

I know many of you have been concerned with the state of our Elysium following the unpunished use of a Discipline the night of February 28th by the Tampa Anarch Keyngz. It appears our Keeper is still having difficulty issuing a suitable punishment to her broodmate. The crime, as you all know, is traditionally punished by 6 months under a stake. Elise was granted an audience with the Seneschal and Primogen council where she brought forth multiple options for punishment. In reply the Council, Seneschal, and myself have made very clear we support the Prince and will not sit by while the Keeper issues reduced punishment to one of her family. Elise did not take the news well and walked away from the meeting after the Seneschal called a short recess. For her blatant disrespect to the council I see Elise as Warned with the added stipulation that the social limitations of  the Warned status be excused when Elise is acting in her duties as Keeper. What I mean is on Elysium grounds she may still approach and engage with an Officer if, and only if, the matter concerns Elysium business. The Keeper still has until March 20th before the Prince himself steps in.

Additionally the Keeper brought in her friend from the Tampa Domain Mairya. Mairya, who has only just now been reinstated as a member of Clan Assamite after a year and a day long internal clan punishment, was allowed access to the meeting after Elise formally named her Assistant Keeper for the night. An act that I do not believe went over well with  her established Assistants Primogens Rahim and Rhamiel. As both were acting in the capacity for Primogen that night none could deny Elise the right to appoint a temporary assistant. Mairya’s actions that night mirrored Elise’s and for this Seneschal Chance Whitman saw Mairya as Vulgar for that evening.

There are some, though not many, who are arguing that “This was only a simple check of an aura” or “This will only cause tension between Orlando and Tampa” as it appears Keygnz has begun to call in favors with his Tampa Camarilla allies. To these points I would like to remind everyone that Elysium is supposed to be a safe place to let one’s guard down. It’s protection as a sacred place and expected rules of behavior are known through all sects. This is why the very rule of no blood powers, except those to preserve the masquerade, are not allowed and carry stiff punishments. I question anyone who believes the use of this particular power to not be invasive to another’s right to privacy while in Elysium, a fact well supported by the Elders and Primogen of the Domain. So I will hear no more of such a foolish argument.  Furthermore, since it seems some people need to be reminded, traveling from domain to domain is a risk for any Vampire. When you enter another domain you make yourself subject to that domain’s laws and justice. It is for that reason it is everyone’s responsibility when they travel to  be aware of the laws and punishments of that domain, and to act as a respectful and courteous guest. Failure to do anything less will likely come with consequences, and you will find yourself far from your allies and influence.  The Officers of the Domain of Orlando are unified on this matter. Our laws are to be respected and ENFORCED!!! If you can not handle punishment then I advise any visitors to Orlando abide by our posted laws and if you cannot I suggest you stay home.

Disney Massacre

As many of you might have heard by now there was a gruesome attack on the mortal populus at Disney Springs and Pointe Orlando. At this time we believe the attack to be the work of an elite pack of Sabbat belonging to the ranks of the Black Hand. Hundreds of mortals were suffocated by the packs shadows and the masquerade was in serious jeopardy.

The attack took place on two fronts first at Disney Springs then at Pointe Orlando. Both, as it turned out, were a diversion meant to split our forces and cause confusion. The first attack at Disney Springs was swift and believed to be over. Many Kindred of the Camarilla , Barony and Independent Alliance joined together to begin clean up and damage control.

Then the attack at the second location started. The first to arrive was Elaine, followed by myself. There were so many dead and the situation needed to be stopped immediately. It was at this point I decided, and notified Elaine that I was suspending the condition of her Warned Status depriving her of her tongue. As with any condition added on to the status of Warned  it should not leave the one punished significantly handicapped. While Elaine is formidable, even without access to her full range of powers,  in this situation the condition was just too much of a hindrance to her abilities for me to allow it to stand. With full use of her powers Elaine was able to stall the Sabbat in the main building until reinforcements arrived.

As the forces of Clan Assamite, Brujah, Nosferatu, and Anarchs stormed the building it became clear this too was a diversion. The attack on Disney Springs renewed as this seemed a plot to draw away our more combat minded to wipe out those who stayed to clean up.

It appears they underestimated this group, again consisting of various members from the Camarilla, Anarchy and Independent Alliance, were able to hold their own until joined by the main body. Outnumbered but not out of tricks the Sabbat were able to escape. Those with mortal ties got together to begin the massive clean up. As far as the population is concerned this was a tragic, though mundane, act of terrorism.

Since the attack the pack has been ruthlessly hunted and all but one of its members slain. As we speak the Scourge and Sheriff work together with the assistance of the City to find and bring down the pack’s leader. This now isolated Lasombra is the apparent mastermind behind this attack and the incident at the hotel in Nosferatu territory earlier this month.

Office and Status Updates

Rhamiel of Clan Brujah will be officially taking over as Primogen of his Clan.

Andrew Lacer of Clan Nosferatu will be serving under me as Talon.

Seneschal Chance Whitman of Clan Brujah  is Favored by Elder Prima Dezz. A late entry which did not make it into the Harpy Update.

Master Harpy Goodman of Clan Nosferatu is Favored by Elder Prima Dezz. For his acts of wisdom and discretion on the night of the 9th.

Andrew Lacer of Clan Nosferatu is seen as Acclaimed by Primogen Tsavo for spearheading a successful communications project.