Harpy Report Updates 4-7-19

Harpy Report Updates

April 7th, 2019

By Master Harpy H Goodman

The Now Former Clermont Barony

Perhaps the biggest news of this cycle is the dissolvement of Clermont Barony. On March 28th I was approached by Gangrel Elders Fenrir, Skoll, and Hati Lukka. They explained to me that the differences between themselves and the Anarch movement have become too great recently. After much consideration Fenrir and his blood felt it was in their best interest to abandon the Movement and join the Camarilla. On their behest I approached Prince The Plague to begin negotiations for their admittance to the Tower. The conclusion of which is this declaration from the Prince.  

“Let it be known to the Domain of Orlando that by the Powers vested in him by the 2nd Tradition, Baron Fenrir has ceded portions of the Barony of Clermont to the Domain of Orlando to ensure the safety of the area, and to preserve the First Tradition in the face of Sabbat Onslaught. Henceforth this area will be the domain set aside for any Gangrel whom would make Orlando their home.

Let it also be known to the domain that the Elder Fenrir and his lineage have chosen to leave the Anarch Movement and join the Ivory Tower. While the Elder has walked a different path than some in the end the path has led him to the Tower; a tower Architect Memnon helped build.

To this end The Elders Fenrir, Sköll, and Hati are hereby Acknowledged in the Domain of Orlando. Per the Justicar’s Edict they will be under probation in the form of a Greater Status Ban for a year and a day – as are the laws of the tower. The details shall be worked out with Master Harpy Goodman to ensure this event is recorded properly for the sect.

To the Anarchs that remain the Domain of Orlando remains open to our brothers by Edict. Once a new Barony is formed in accordance with Sect Laws we look forward to receiving your Ambassador and working towards a stable future for us both. Until such a time, Courtesy 9 is suspended as there is no longer a Clermont Barony.”

Now as some may assume the rest of the Clermont Anarchs did not take this news well. As they did not agree with Baron Fenrir’s right to secede  his territory to the Orlando domain. Things even went as far a as the following proclamation posted in Elysium by the Bahamas Baron.

“On behalf of the Anarchs of the Clermont Barony at 11:57 on March 28th, 2019 we disavowed and declared traitor Fenrir (sometimes referred to as Mongrel a notable killer of elders in addition to being a foul turncloak,) we also identify his children   Skoll, and Hati as traitors to our Sect. Bill of Bahamas also agreed and with his Mandate declared him and his family marked.  All decisions any of these three made and any words any spoke on behalf of the Clermont Anarchs, are all forever void unless ratified by a legitimate council of true Anarchs. We do not permit the trade of our territory to Orlando for Fenrir’s personal enrichment or recognize his right to offer it. You will hear from our representative on the night of the 13th where we expect to discuss in good faith our continued alliance with the Praxis of Orlando. We remind you the edict of Succession is still in force. LIBERTAS!”

Marked for those who do not know is the Movements equivalent of a blood hunt. I have never been a Anarch scholar but the announcement did strike me as odd as typically in Kindred law one must have been physically be present in another domain to be subject to its authority. I began researching it to find my suspicions confirmed. However, since following rules has never been the Movement’s strong suit, Clan Nosferatu thought it would be best to step in to deescalate the situation.

Primogen Tsavo of Clan Nosferatu lead negotiations where he was able to get the remnants of the former domain to  agree to resolve this without violence. After the negotiations the remaining Clermont Anarchs conceded Fenrir’s claim on the territory and his right to secede it to the Orlando Domain. They have since regrouped and plan to set up a new Anarch territory in the unclaimed City of St Cloud, FL.

Elysium and Keeper Update

After being given every opportunity to correct the mess she made Elise of Clan Brujah failed to act within the allotted time. It has become clear to the Domain that her loyalties to her blood is stronger than her since of duty to one of Kindred Societies most honored responsibilities. By proclamation of Plince the Plague.

 “As the Domain has been made aware Keeper Elise was given 20 days to punish the transgression of posted Elysium rules. While the violation of these rules do not rise to that of a full breach, as they are the rules of the Keeper and not a Prince’s Courtesy; the Domain of Orlando must be ever vigilant as we are closely scrutinized by the region’s Harpies. It was my hope that Keeper Elise would be able to come to a punishment agreeable to Master Harpy Goodman.

Unfortunately, Elise has levied no such punishment upon the Anarch Kengez. For this I see her as Warned and she is removed as Keeper of Elysium. Assistant Keeper Rahim  shall be seen as Courteous and Assistant Keeper Rhamiel shall be seen as Courageous for their continued shepherding of Elysium between Keepers.

Since Kengez is an Anarch I am unable to levy a punishment of status upon him and thus the Ex-Keeper has left me with little choice. The Anarch Kengez of Leesburg is hereby Blood Hunted, being the only recourse left to the domain to protect our Elysium. As a reminder this hunt only extends to the borders of the Domain of Orlando and I will not tolerate violations of the 2nd Tradition.”

The Prince has requested the Primogen council to consider, and put forth possible candidates for Elise’s replacement. The Prince will consider the councils Candidates along with his own  and plans to announce the new keeper at this months gathering.

April Gathering

The next gathering is to be held the night of April 13th in the newly established Gangrel territory of Clermont. Gathering will be held shortly after sundown at the former Anarch stronghold of Ulfhiem in the mead hall. Please join us and our host Fenrir Lukka as we welcome 3 new Elder Gangrel into the Camellia fold. Elder Fenrir asks that you pardon the construction dust and for those wishing to avoid a most gruesome death, swimming in Lake Louisa isn’t advised.

Symbel ORDEAL Notice

At the request of Elder Mary of Gen Beli of the Bahamas Domain I make the following announcement.

“Mary of Gen Beli childe of Trimeggia broodsister of Netchurch risks her loyal status. This ordeal is open to all Neonates and Ancillae of Pillar Camarilla Clans in good standing are any clever enough to answer with convincing evidence for us whether the Sabbat Packs who assaulted the city were motivated only by Revenge against Scourge Elaine, or whether some other Sabbat Scheme was at hand. Creative, and researched answers will receive the most favor from Mary the Sect Historian and Malkavian Elder of the Bahamas.”

“To the champion goes the VICTORIOUS status”

I have agreed to assist the Malkavian Elder in collecting the reports. So if you wish to compete please reach out to me with your findings and I will pass them along for review.

Office and Status Updates

For his assistance in peacefully resolving the dispute in Clermont Prince The Plague sees Primogen Tsavo of Clan Nosferatu as Honorable.

For his assistance in maintaining Elysium in the interim Prince The Plague sees Primogen Rahim of clan Assamite as Courteous.

For his assistance in maintaining Elysium in the interim Prince The Plague sees Primogen Rhamiel Of Clan Brujah as Courageous.

For his diligence in keeping the Harpy office informed of the most uptodate information Harpy Goodman sees Primogen Tsavo of Clan Nosferatu as Acclaimed. 

For consideration and recognition of the needs of the domain Elder Prima Dezz is seen as Courteous by Harpy Goodman

After offering insult to Elder Prima Dezz of Clan Toreador, Sheriff Goetzshlakk of Clan Tremere has decided to expend his Favored with Elder Tyr of Clan Brujah.

For his continued contributions in establishing the new Nosferatu territory and seeing to the comfort of his clan mates Primogen Tsavo of Clan Nosferatu sees Harpy Goodman of Clan Nosferatu as Acclaimed. 

Let it be known that with the loss of Edmond Wake, an event that has saddened the domain, Sheriff Goetzshlakk has requested an Enforcer be named to replace our lost brethren. Due to his diligence in helping the domain from without while awaiting Acknowledgement I have seen fit to name Clifford of Clan Tremere as Enforcer.

Due to her lack of contribution to the Harpy office for the last 2 months combined with her apparent departing from the Domain of Orlando I am discontinuing  Cameryn St James’s service as Talon. Any interested in becoming her replacement should seek me out at the upcoming Gathering.

Before the next Gathering Prince the Plague will expend his Commander status to award the following;

For her recognition of propriety Primogen Dupree of Clan Tremere is to be seen as Loyal.

For his service to the city in the keeping of Elysium Primogen Rhamiel of Clan Brujah is to be seen as Loyal.

For his service to the city in the keeping of Elysium Primogen Rahim of Clan Assamite is to be seen as Loyal.

Finally, A recent communication from the Murder of Harpies includes a clarification of the elder rule. Written in the particular context of Clan Assamite as a pillar clan but applying broadly to all who fit in the qualifications. The status granted by ones age and blood is indeed to be respected among the Camerilla. Each Domain may have some latitude regarding the rule as they see fit but the Murder will take umbrage at those who deign not to show the proper respect due our elders.


I have been asked to promote a temporary magic shop that is being opened up at the Howley Hills Mansion.

 “Angst Silvertongue, Purveyor of Arcane Secrets, Magical Ritae, and lost artifacts of wonder.  Contact for inventory or specific requests.  “

Examples of what you might find in Silvertongue’s  shop;

bag of Lot’s Salt – ancient salts from Lot’s wife. Has healing properties for the blood, blood infections for the kindred.  

Chrysaor, the golden sword of Sir Artegal- It was tempered with Adamant, and it can cleave through anything.

The tablets of Tupismati – a set of clay tablets which hold the power of creation and destruction.  

Whetstone of Tudwal Tudglyd- sharpens the blade of a fine warrior. It shall draw blood from any enemy of its user if its user be brave; if its user shall be cowardly, than the blade shall not be sharpened and draw no blood whatsoever.

Angst Silvertongue, Purveyor of Magics and Mysteries

Howey Mansion, IA HQ