Harpy Report 10/2019

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


— Harpy Report of the Domain of Orlando —

— Gathering of October 2019 —

Gentle reader, I pray your evening finds you well as you read these words.  I, Rahim al Fais, am humbled to address you all in this and many bi-monthly reports and publications to follow.  Under the auspices of our new Prince, Goodman, the evening last was one of great sweeping political and social changes, providing much hope for the future of the City Beautiful.  It did however underline issues that we continue to struggle with as a city, and I pray that we may face them and grow wiser together.  Though only a week has passed since the Gathering, the changes made have already begun to be felt.  Indeed, even potential scandal has been unearthed, which shall, upon the completion of my investigation, be revealed at the November Gathering to come.

As we walk this path together, and participate in the sacred Tradition of Prestation, I issue you all this warning and advice:

The system of boons we utilize is sacred and inviolate.  To offer a boon carelessly, or accept one foolishly undermines the confidence that comes with the exchange.  Where you have questions seek the aid of myself or one of my Harpies.  Where you have doubts, take a moment to survey the situation and never commit yourself to what you are bound against.  To endanger the system of Prestation is to endanger our Society, and to do as much will meet with grave consequences and a judgement most harsh.

 — Clan Nosferatu Hosts —

Though the Gathering was held at what was described as a “backup” location by the hosts, Clan Nosferatu, it was no less prepared to provide for a pleasant evening.  The move, sadly necessitated by an attack on their communal Haven, was as much a success as it could be given the circumstances.  Decorated tastefully for the holiday, the venue would provide an excellent backdrop for the costume contest, poetry competition and other festivities that took place at the start of the evening.  Things began as they often do, with a Primogen meeting, which I shall describe below, but would continue on to include an abyssal body jumper, a werewolf birth and the arrival of a would be queen.  For those who missed these events, have no fear, as we shall elaborate upon them here, and comment upon the actions, gossip and scandal of the Kindred of this fair City.

 — A Fair and Balanced Decision —

It would be this night that Prince The Plague would inform the Primogen Council of his intent to step down.  His concern for the city was evident in his words, as he described his desire to see all of the taint of Elaine removed, and any sway she may have held over him made moot by his resignation.  A discussion was then held by the Primogen, in the presence of the now former Prince and his Court, weighing the two primary contenders for the crown: Mr Goodman, the Kindred whom has been our Master Harpy for many months, and the recently arrived Elder Matteo Vitale, the Childe of former Prince, Elder Vicenzo Vitale.  Both presented their merits, and it was decided by the Council to select Mr Goodman as our next Prince.

To assist with this transition, please find below a list of the positions as they have been elected or decided.  Please further note that Deputies, Talons and Whips are not shown here, but can be found on the Kindred roster publically available.

Prince Goodman

Seneschal, Elder Thaddeus Mezzanotte

Master Harpy, Elder Rahim al Fais

Sheriff, Elder Matteo Vitale

Keeper of Elysium, Elder Lillian Tyler

Primogen, Elder Mahmoud Cetin (Assamite)

Primogen, Elder Absenthe (Brujah)

Primogen, Elder Skoll Lukka (Gangrel)

Primogen Dissonance (Malkavian)

Primogen Tsavo (Nosferatu)

Primogen Keith Silva-Dezz (Toreador)

Primogen Vivian Watts (Tremere)

Scourge, Elder Zero

— Address from the Praxis —

From the Office of Prince Goodman

Image result for crow symbol

The Domain of Orlando has seen many changes in the last few nights with many more to come. I want to personally thank former Prince The Plague for his service to the Domain and his commitment to assisting with a peaceful transition of power, ensuring the stability of the Domain. In the nights to come I plan to use the power entrusted to me by the Primogen Council to lead the City of Orlando in restoring respect in the eyes of the Tower. We will do this by returning to the Camarilla’s basic values. Following the examples and guidelines set before us, through its long standing proven example.

I would like to take some time to recognize the efforts at last gathering on the behalf of Clan Tremere. When the gathering was set upon by a supernatural entity it was Clan Tremere and their unique talents of the blood that were able to repel the threat. Normally such service is rewarded with status recognition. However, I as with many of the City’s new officers do not possess the ability to award status during the current transition of power. Still I want to publicly recognize their contribution to the safety of the domain. As such I have expunged every personal boon owed to me by Clan Tremere. I look forward to the November gathering hosted by that same Clan.

Finally, as you have no doubt heard by now, the domain still faces the ever present harassment of the luminary Elder Tzimcie Elaine De Mor. Elaine was one of the first to come congratulate me on my new Praxis, showing up puppeting a false version of herself.  Elaine was quick to point out that with The Plague stepping down, her Bloodhunt was no longer active. She requested Acknowledgement in the new Praxis which I refused. Having failed in this she offered terms of peace on the condition that I forsake the properties owned by the corporation of Disney to be her personal Domain.  An interesting proposition but not one I am willing to consider without the full support of the Clans. As such I have agreed to allow Elaine an audience with the Primogen council at the next gathering. We have agreed to 31 days of peace until such a discussion takes place, and no more than that.

Naturally Elaine has seized upon the opportunity to use this conversation to undermine my authority and sow discontent in the Domain. I am told she has begun to call herself Prince Elaine. No doubt this is an attempt to bait me into going back on my word and to bait those insulted by this claim into rash actions. I will remind the domain that such a claim can never be. While Elaine is no longer blood hunted she seems to forget that she is still Forsaken in the eyes of the tower until such time as a member of the Tower possessing Authority welcomes her back. That combined with the fact she is a Diablerist traitor to her own non-Camarilla Clan, is in itself an insult to the Tower as a whole. Getting us to fight amongst ourselves is her goal. What I ask of the Domain is to remain patient and keep level heads. Do not fall for her many deceits. At the gathering, each Clan will have their voice heard.

— Abyssal Leap-Frog  —

Though the pleasantries of the evening were lovely, there was, as usual, a darker side.  During the Primogen Council meeting, several members of the city would begin to exhibit odd symptoms, displaying aggression or traits unusual for their personalities.  The Tremere Clan can be credited with the empathy to have detected this first, allowing an effort to cordone and off and scan the Kindred of our City with Aura Checks to begin.  In mutual cooperation, Clan Tremere and Assamite, were able to cordon off several members of the city, before forcing the entity out of the Keeper of Elysium, Elder Lillian Tyler.  I am certain you will all join me in wishing her the best in her recovery from this mental violation.

— The Rose Garden —

 An analysis of current events by Harpy Lukas Gaddow

It was a fine affair for the last gather. No food to be drugged and a number of great kindred dressed in a lavish number of costumes. The Tremere seemed to have a great night for the clan as two Tremere Elders walked away that night taking the symbels for themselves. Elder Claudius gave a wonderful poem to Elder Lillian, reading it aloud, boy did he look nervous too. Hands in pockets and shakily holding onto his phone. But he succeeded nonetheless and secured the symbel. The lovely Elder Isreal came dressed in a Dia de Los Muertos garb and it caught the eye of the once harpy now Prince Goodman, claiming her as the winner. Perhaps the dear Prince also saw her beauty and that’s what also caught his eye. Who knows? What a show of clan teamwork, too bad other clans can’t even seem to agree on a Primogen.

        Now, onto the more interesting events of the evening. The whole night was wracked with political intrigue. You could cut the tension in the air with a knife as elders played political chess. Boons exchange and rumors of boon breakers flurried through the night and now through my poor office into a tizzy. What to do what to do…


The officers of our luxurious Tower court came out of the primogen meeting and the Tower itself held its breath. Waiting, watching, staring. The Plague was still standing there, Goodman, and Elder Matteo. The talk of the town for the whole night, and then he spoke.

        Plague stood up and stated that he was now stepping down from Prince, the smoothest and cleanest praxis change I had ever seen, and then Goodman spoke, arising as Prince Goodman of the great Nosferatu pillar clan claiming his praxis. Starting his new courtesies for all of the city to hear. I won’t repeat them here, if you want them, read them for yourselves in his courtesies paper.

        Elder Matteo of clan Ventrue is now sheriff using his powers of presence to command the room. Our Master Harpy Rahim is our new keeper of the Harpy Office and taker of boons. But don’t forget me when at a gather or about. I am just as capable of taking down boons or juicy gossip. Need a rumor spread, if I find it interesting I might just put it in. We also have our Keeper of Elysium the beautiful and perfect Elder Lillian Tyler of the clan roses.

        So, fair warning what I am about to get into is disturbing for the male audience of my readers. It contains blood, viscera, gore, and birth. But I had to deal with it so so do you.

        I had fled to the Opera House after the primary gather was compromised… again. Poor Nosferatu, can’t catch a break. At the Opera House, I was with Cloundsly for a while, enjoying my music and art until a staff member came up and told me there was a pregnant kine woman giving birth in our own bathrooms! I rushed to the scene. It was a horrid sight. Blood, guts, and no glory. The poor woman only spoke french and I did my best to help deliver this baby. Poor thing was being strangled by its own umbilical cord. I didn’t have the claws of protean, I didn’t have the knives of the Brujah, so my fangs sunk into the bloody mess tearing the cord from the child and ensuring it was breathing again. Handing the happy mother her baby back, I was covered in the mess. I tried to clean up first, but she had already left. Quickly I chased after her and found this hippie-looking home, investigating inside I saw yes, a werewolf man. He was speaking French to the woman and yes, he is the father. But the woman was kine, she was human. But their son, also a werewolf. So werewolf, plus human, equaled werewolf. So is werewolfism an STD? These werewolves seemed only here for the summer as they said in plain English that they were leaving to Alaska as soon as possible. Snowbirds. But the ever wealthy Elder Matteo handed them a wad of cash and we left into the night. Elder Lillian though seemed to get the baby wanting bug just from seeing the little thing. He was very cute. Despite the blood and gore.

        Well, that’s all for me. Do keep an ear out for a good rumor. After all, my current one is “Goodman is secretly extremely handsome and not a Nosferatu at all.” – Anonymous

— On this Publication and the Submission of Articles —

The publication of a Harpy report has long since passed from tradition and into expected practice.  As such, and due to its prominent place in the communiques of this Domain, I would open it for articles and editorials as submitted by the population of our fair city.  As the Editor and Host, I shall reserve the right to refuse any inflammatory or accusatory materials that I cannot substantiate, however, it is not among my wishes to censor my fellow Kindred.  If you wish to submit something for review, kindly submit it to me and I shall attend to it at my earliest availability.

— Notes and Final Thoughts —

I am to remind you all of the holiday gift swap, which is to occur on the Gathering of the month of December.  Kindly speak to Elder Lillian, Keeper of Elysium, for further details and the rules of the event.  No doubt it will be a lovely event.

I am also to note that the un-Acknowledged Malkavian known as Proctor, is hereby Warned by Elders of this domain, for his insults and near breach of our Elysium.  Let us recall the importance of Elysium, and what has occurred in our domain before to threaten and breach it.  There is no excuse for such behavior, and I applaud any Elder or Court Officer for doing their part in curbing it.

Until we meet again, I pray you all remain safe, and that the teachings of Humanity guide you in your actions.


Rahim al Fais

Master Harpy

Apprentice of Scrolls, Master of Swords

Domain of Orlando