Harpy Report 10-4-19

Harpy Report

October 4th 2019

By Master Harpy H Goodman

Brujah Gathering

The Brujah-hosted gathering was certainly an exciting one. Of course I missed the first half of it due to getting stuck at one of the many National Guard checkpoints. Talon Lukas Gadow stepped in for me and took notes until I arrived. The main conflict of the evening started after a pack of werewolves discovered our location, but the city, lead mostly by Clan Assamite, was able to defend the location efficiently. I am also pleased to see that Clan Brujah saw a surge in number due to the gathering, adding 4 new members to their ranks. For quite some time Clan Brujah and Clan Tremere have been underrepresented in the domain. One can only hope that the upcoming Tremere gathering in November will have similar results for their numbers.

The main event for the evening, the fighting tournament for volunteers, was canceled and replaced with a new event;  repelling the werewolves. Those who looked forward to testing themselves in the tournament did not seem to mind the change in mode. They then put their skills to the test against werewolves, who are arguably the physically dominant of the supernatural world. The fighting pit did see some action though, as I saw some of the cities new neonates test their skills against each other, not quite ready to take on the dangers of the half-men, half-beasts. Either that or they were simply bored and looking forward to fighting things.

There was another mishap involving the Clans Toreador and Tremere, the result of which was Primogen Tsvao being paid to subdue Talon Lukas Gadow. After the dust settled, I was able to approach Seneschal Lillian Tyler and Elder Claudius D’Empress to assist with clearing up the mishap. It seems that Clan Toreador began to show concern for Lukas after a radical change in his behavior. He seemed to be exhibiting the effects of a blood bond, and with all that has been happening with Elaine in recent nights they took it seriously. As it turns out it was a combination of effects. Lukas had requested, of his own free will, to be taught some of powers of Claudius’s blood. A common enough arrangement in our society. It would seem that the mixture of the elder’s potent blood and Lukas’s known recreational habits combined to create the social mix up where Clan Toreador felt in necessary to subdue their clanmate to prevent further harm. Not wanting to make a scene themselves, Clan Toreador enlisted the help of Primogen Tsavo after getting consent from the Prince, who saw this as a Clan matter.


Additionally the City hosted 2 Servires here in town on behalf of their Archon. The two were in town checking in on some of the claims of some city members engaging in possible heretical behavior. Some of those accused have already been cleared of the charges. Ventrue Argyle Hunt and Nosferatu Elder Cierzo Mistral are among those exonerated of the accusation. Architect Sobaka of clan Gangrel remain under investigation


Symbel Winner

Primogen Mahmoud Çetin of Clan Assamite was the first to claim Victorious on this night. Primogen Mahmoud took charge leading his clan into battle and most notably took down the Werewolf Alpha, who had a strong resemblance to cultural icon and American national treasure Macho Man Randy Savage.

Symbel Winner

As for the 2nd Symbel of those who could make the best deal of the evening, I was pleased to see the boon economy at this gathering remained strong. However there can be only one Victorious and on this night that victor was Colin Ryan of Clan Ventrue. Colin seemed to be the first to realize that making a deal with the judge himself was completely in the play book and shot past his competitors.

Updates and Goings On

Elaine was a busy bee this month. Her fascination with Keeper Andrew has apparently continued and despite efforts to keep Andrew close to Clan and allies, she was able to tempt him over once again. Primogen Tsavo of Clan Nosferatu got intel on her location and went to extract Andrew where he was caught. Tsavo did manage to strike a small blow, somehow managing to blow up Elaine’s underground sanctuary. Elaine’s retaliation was swift destroying known Nosferatu Stronghold Gatorland. Keeper Andrew has not been seen since. Clan Nosferatu had strong reasons to believe Tsavo had been killed for trespassing into Elaine Domain but 3 days later, as with her other victims, Tsavo was returned to his clan mates mangled, Dominated out of his mind and fully blood bound to the ex-bishop. Assistant Keeper Bradan Drakson has been holding down Elysium as per the princes request.    

In other news a new comer to the City Ventrue Elder Matteo Andrea Vitale was of great service to the domain clearing up the issues with the mortal populous. You should have noticed by now the national guard has retreated from our domain making movement in the city normal again. Elder Vitale showed once again that the Ventrue’s ability to manipulate the mortal kind is without parallel. Still this task required more than he could do on his own. I was please to do what I could to contribute to this cause as did Talon Lukas Gadow, Elder Claudius D’Empress Miroslava, Colin Ryan, Elder Skoll, Tamara of the Toreador, Miranda of Tremere, and of course the Sheriff for his assistance and allowing us to serve in this potential breach.

Gatorland Reopening Ceremony

The October gathering was requested by toreador Luminary Elder Prima Dezz to host Vampcon 2019, an annual tradition of his. However, no one has seen the elder in recent night and Vamp con has officially been canceled. To replace the gathering on such short notice I as harpy have volunteered the new reconstructed Gatorland as venue for the October gathering. I with the assistance of Clan Nosferatu invite the members of the Domain to join us in the park for the unofficial ribbon cutting. Come see local wildlife and enjoy the hospitality of the Orlando Harpy and his supportive Clan.  

Poetry Symbel

During the October gathering we will have a Symbel hosted by Seneschal Lillian Tyler. The contest will be a poetry reading with Lillian as the Judge. Who’s ever words moves the Seneschal the most will be declared victorious.  

White Elephant Announcement


Seneschal Lillian Tyler also wishes to announce a white elephant gift exchange for the upcoming Holiday gathering in December. Interested parties should reach out to the Seneschal to announce your involvement. Rules for the Gift exchange should follow in the next Harpy report.

Messages from the Prince

To all the Kindred of the Domain of Orlando:

For failure to prevent his domain from being abused by a blood hunted criminal, Elder Prima Dezz’s personal domain is hereby removed. The entire area of Disney shall be off limits to any but the Sheriff and Anti-Elaine taskforce for the safety of all kindred.

In recognition of their family’s service, Elder Fenrir Lukka is granted personal domain over Ulfheim and its immediate properties.

Due to recent events the next gathering’s Primogen Council meeting will be at the start of the gathering, as soon as the Primogen are able to assemble. An important announcement regarding Elaine will follow to the gathered Domain.

The Rose’s Garden:

Authored by: Talon Lukas Gadow

        Chaos in the city these evenings! The great city of Orlando is under stress as the power shifts under our feet. Necromancers are in the Gangrel territory, and rifts between them and the other pieces of the Tower. Elaine strikes again, taking out one of Clan Nosferatu’s most precious and valuable members.

        Power is changing through the night air, with so many threats in the city it is a wonder that our Prince is so distant these past few nights. The Prince only seems to come out for short periods of time and then disappears again acting  aloof. When a fight breaks out in the middle of the gathering, and the helpless Talon Torador is torpored, what does he do but nothing? “It is a clan matter.” Last I checked, every kindred had protection in his domain. Where was he that night? With the collapse of structure at Disney and Elaine still at large, what exactly does he do?

        It seems the Gangrel territory is off limits as well! Apparently now they are asking for notifications for anyone outside of their clan to enter. Not to mention the ghostly attacks and necromancy going on at their lake there. Someone call Jason, the teens are at it again. I thought we were all united under the Tower’s law. Though in recent news, it seems that the area itself is rather dangerous. These ghosts and their problems show no signs of stopping, and with the Primogen even having difficulty it is very clearly a tough situation.

        Now onto the most pressing matters. This city has failed the Nosferatu this past month. Their most wonderful and perfect clanmate has been taken from the safety of his own Elysium and cast out into the dangers of the night. Rumors have it that it happened at Disney, or that he was simply kidnapped and taken away; just like that. Andrew was the shiny star in the sewer for all of the Nosferatu. A friendly face in Elysium, dedicated to his job of safety and harbor. An admirer of cashmere blankets and the finer things in life, one could hardly believe that he was a Nosferatu, perfect pillar clan and wonder to us all. If anything, he was my friend, decorated properly and shown only a lavish style when around myself.

        Andrew was a shoulder to cry on, a happy soul in this dark world. He was so cautious of others and always looking out for yourself. One can only hope he is resting peacefully now, and if he is still out there. If there is any evidence at all! We must find him! At all costs.

Office and Status Updates

Lisper of Clan Nosferatu will be serving as Primogen during Tsavos recovery.

Elder Marcus St. John of Clan Nosferatu will serve his clan as Whip.

Primogen Mahmoud Çetin of Clan Assamite is seen as Victorious after winning Primogen Absinthe’s Symbel.

Ventrue whip Colin Ryan is seen as Victorious after winning Elder St Childers Symbel.

Elder Marcus St. John is seen as Loyal by Harpy Goodman for his assistance in covering the Masquerade.

Primogen Lisper of Clan Nosferatu is seen as Loyal for her contributions to the protections of the domain.

Prince The Plague sees the following people as courageous for their efforts in dealing with the National Guard as well as their interest in matters of the domain:

Elder Matteo Andrea Vitale of Clan Ventrue
Talon Lukas Gadow of clan Toreador
Elder Claudius D’Empress of Clan Tremere
Miroslava of clan Nosferatu
Colin Ryan of Clan Ventrue
Primogen Skoll Lukka of Clan Gangrel
Sheriff Rahim of Clan Assamite