Harpy Report January 3rd, 2022

Harpy Report January 3rd, 2022 

Assamite Gathering

I would like to congratulate the Domain of Orlando for making it to another year and a hearty welcome to the year 2022. A lot happened to our Domain in 2021 yet our future remains bright. We have a new Prince, Harpy, Primogen Council and Sheriff. The pillars of leadership for Orlando have begun to take their places and offer some much needed stability.

Kicking off the new year is Clan Assamite who will be hosting the January Gathering. I have been in touch with Elder Alaric of Clan Assamite who is taking charge of the event planning. The gathering shall be at 520 on the Water next to Lake Monroe in Sanford Florida. I have been assured that Clan Assamite has taken the necessary precautions to have that area closed off and private for this event.Clan Gangrel is set to host the February Gathering. 

Harpy Records

As already stated there have been major changes in the city leadership. Per the instruction of Prince Tsavo, announced in my prior report, those who have not been seen in the domain since he came into his Status will need to seek him out for Acknowledgement. It was the Prince’s Decree when he took over to carry over the Acknowledgements from the Gadow Praxis to simplify matters and bring stability. Per his decree this grace period is now at an end. Those seeking to restart their affairs in the Orlando Domain who have not already publicly accepted Tsavo as their Prince must petition him for Acknowledgement. This is his right in accordance with the 2nd Tradition. 

I have already removed from the city roster the names of those who have not been seen in the domain since Prince Tsavo took power. Please check to make sure you are still on the list. If you feel the removal of your name was a mistake please reach out to the Harpy office. 

The Petty Praxis of Clermont

At the same time Prince Tsavo was settling the domain we saw the appropriation of the former Gangrel territory. The area of Clermont was formed into a petty Praxis under the Leadership of Prince Rhea. At first I had mixed feelings about this change. There was the initial outrage of losing part of the Orlando Territory to this endeavor. However, it soon became clear that having a petty Praxis next door was far superior to having an Anarch domain as neighbors. The Petty Praxis seemed to attract those in the Movement with any common sense. This left the loose cannons, often troublemakers, without any leadership or comrades.  With no clear direction or leadership, the less desirable Anarchs seemed to have dispersed. 

However, it has come to my attention that Prince Rhea has decided to move on. It will be interesting to see what happens to that area in the newly created power vacuum. Perhaps members of the movement will organize and come back into the area. That of course might come with additional concerns. Besides the normal pestlike harassment the movement usually gives our Domain. I will remind everyone that in this time frame a person claiming to be an agent of Theo Bell, Justicar of Clan Brujah, was attacked by members of the Manchester Barony from the Leesburg area. I have heard rumors in the Tower that the claim of this individual was not a false one. One must wonder how an insult to such an individual will be answered. Of course with the Barony of those responsible disappearing so abruptly who is to say the insult has not already been addressed.


Prince Tsavo shall be seen as Honorable by myself for his efforts in deescalating hostilities with the Spider creatures.

Harpy Demetri Demeter shall be seen as Honorable by Prince Tsavo for my continued service to the Domain. 

Peter Paradox of Clan Malkavian shall be seen as Courageous by Prince Tsavo.

Elder Adonis of Clan Brujah is seen as Loyal by Prince Tsavo,

Primogen Devlin Archer of Clan Tremere is seen as Loyal by Prince Tsavo

Seneschal Simone Ryans is seen as Loyal by Prince Tsavo. 


Harpy Demetri Demeter, Childer of Antoneli Demeter, Childer of Peresvet Demeter founder of the Demeter bloodline of Noble Clan Ventrue.