Gather at the Abbey – June 26th

It was a delight to see so many of my fellow kindred out and about for the small, informal gathering I hosted at The Abbey.  While the show was fun and amazing, the true feature of the night was a beautiful art piece from the toreador clan.  A large crystal like sculpture made ruby colored resin.  Suspended in the center, the kindred Leafe.  A stake in their chest and an apple in their hand.  A fine tribute to show the city that putting our elders, our tower, in danger is a misstep you do not want to make.  A special Exclusive from our prince will be noted at the end of this report.

I heard of this art form being used once before to showcase a non law abiding individual.  A nosferatu once broke elysium and beget the same type of fate.  Though, the clan also suffered their hands for this individual’s disgrace.  Former Prince Marcus was ruthless in his prime.

Position Updates

I have formally picked my second Talon.  Elder Architect Nereus has graciously accepted my offer.  His wisdom, along with Elder Demitri, will be in high demand these coming nights.

The Tremere have also elected a new Primogen.  Henri Montez has been elected as the new clan representative.  Devlin Archer has been seen as his whip.

The current Keeper of Elysium, Merrick, has resigned.  The Prince has acknowledged his assistants to maintain the Elysium.

Nyx has recently Accepted the position of Keeper once again. Her choice in assistants is yet to be made public to me.

A Misunderstanding in Elysium

Speaking of Elysium.  A social altercation happened between Natasha Griffin and Assistant Keeper, Elder Architect Nereus.  Elder Natasha decided to let their property wander elysium.  Nereus took it upon themselves to kindly ask the elder to coral their ghoul and when they did not they asked the ghoul to leave.  The situation moved up a notch and thus assistant keeper Nereus asked the elder to leave as well.  It seems our Sheriff also had a hand in the altercation.  Though, I’ve mulled over the reason why such a thing would be needed as Assistant Keeper Nereus has authority at the time in elysium.

Now, here is where we pause and take stock in our duties to the tower, clan, and position.  It is easy to be caught in the moment.  To let our beast ride the wave of adrenaline.  To be right in all our certainty. And thus, to use our duties falsely in these moments is a misstep.

Now, before I bring my opinion into the matter I would like to note that Elder Natasha has issued an apology:

“Domain of Orlando, I’d like to admit that I was at fault. I lacked the proper knowledge to confirm that Architect Nereus was truly acting under the power of the prince and not simply claiming it as an elder of his clan. This is my fault, and I sincerely apologize. If anyone would like to discuss, don’t be afraid to reach out. 

Sincerely, Elder Griffin”

For record, I have not been approached by the sheriff on his opinion but I have read the letter left which reads:

“As I am Privileged I find Nereus’ claim to station to be Vulgar as he has no status to back such claims. And as I am Enforcer I find his repeated behavior and pressured removal of another to be improper and hereby Warn him of further behavior as such” Signed -Billy Storm Sheriff of Orlando

My conclusion brings me back to two phases common in France:

“Battre le fer pendant qu’il est chaud” and “la nuit porte conseil”

As I am noble I find Billy Storm Vulgar for his inserting into the assistant keeper’s duties.  As I am a Guardian I find him warned in his misrepresentation of his position and knowledge of status.

His status is noted as expended but is not applicable in its application. Therefore Elder Architect, Assistant Keeper and Talon Nereus are not Vulgar or Warned.  Let this be a lesson in proper status use and application.

In Respect:

Cosette Bonnet


Special Exclusive from out Prince Lukas on Leafe:

“Now.. Where to start. Well, Leafe was a fine kindred at first. Gave out apples to all of us. But… Then one day it was like he snapped! He had gone to the werewolves and encouraged then through lies to attack the Elder Nereus’ Haven itself! It was thanks to the good Elder’s skill and eventually Dr. Alex the Toreador primogen, that we were able to placate them. ” 

“So in turn for such a horrible act I was going to simply punish him. But when he arrived to Elysium. I thought he had come quietly. But no. He refused to bow to my order. Even getting violent within Elysium! It was only thanks to Elder Adonis and my previous Keeper Marrick that we were able to subdue him. Then my scourge took him, staked him and now you have this art piece before you.”