Addendum to Harpy Report Issue 1

Gathering June 12, 2021 – New Information!

I had previously mentioned three Nosferatu were warned by Elder Architect Nereus, but their loyal status kept that warning at bay.  Those three nosferatu were Whisper, James, and Primogen Tsavo. 

It is to be known by the Keeper of Elysium that all three of these kindred are DISGRACED for their abuse of the power of the blood Obfuscate, which was used to garishly impersonate their elders.

I wonder who can insult these disgraced individuals first? 

I would also like to make an official correction from my last report.  I misspelled the name of Architect and Luminary Elder Saffron.  For this I offer her a Trivial Boon and my humility.

Special Edition from our Esteemed Guest: Archon Lord Baldric Norshaven

“To the Honorable Inhabitants of the Tower within the Domain of the Glorious Prince Lukas, the City Beautiful, be it known that the Camarilla is pleased you have survived so many years of darkness to emerge in light yet again.  Good times approach us all.  Now is a time of reflection and reconciliation, of reckoning and pardons.  If you feel that someone within the Camarilla, or anyone for that matter is deserving of praise or our attention, we invite you to speak with our Service, Semantic Hearer, who is investigating the city on my behalf before visiting.  You will find him staying at the local Elysium.  Honest is excellence.”

-Archon to the Justicars

Lord Baldric Norshaven Clan Malkavian

A Gathering June 28, 2021

Finally I would like to invite all within the city to a small gathering I will be hosting on June 25, 2021.  It will be held at the Exquisite and Mysterious Cherry Bomb Burlesque Venue.  It’s a private party and will be safe in its adherence to the first tradition as always.  I hope to see many of the new and current members of The City Beautiful.

In Respect:

Cosette Bonnet