The News Worth Knowing Issue 2

Ty’s Weekly Digest


Interview with a Vampire

The Man, the Legend. We sit down with Prince Vicenzo and discuss what life is like in the seat of power, his accomplishments and his regrets.

by Ty McFearson

Overseeing the whole of Orlando from his private penthouse office at the top of the Bank of America building, Prince Vicenzo rules over the city of Orlando as a proper Prince. A confidant and commanding Elder Ventrue, for years he has worked to guide and Shepard the city. Taking the time to speak with our reporter, Prince Vicenzo answers a few questions we have been dying to know.

Vicenzo is a man in the Prime of his life, in full confidence and control over his Domain. Even as he speaks with another he is hard at work for the good of the Domain; answering letters, sending messages, overseeing camera feeds and meeting with agents of his will. We are lucky to have taken a small bit of time to have him answer the burning questions we want to know.

When asked what it felt like to be Prince, to rule over the lives of Kine and Kindred alike, Vicenzo reclined back in his chair. Picking up a small goblet filled with an exotic wine, he takes a small sip and then pauses to rise. He overlooks the city, a pensive look on his face and he reaches out to touch the glass. Speaking with a conviction, Vicenzo responds “Imagine it as bearing a scepter that allows you to accomplish much, but even as you carry it, your hand is bloodied burned.” Wise words indeed.

Perhaps you are new to the city and aren’t familiar with the history of Orlando, but Prince Vicenzo was not the founding Prince. When asked how he came to the role, Vicenzo smiled softly and returned to his seat. Closing his hands together in his lap, he responded “I took Praxis when [former Prince] Vega gave up his post, leaving no successor.  Since then, our ties to Stein have been cut, the man himself destroyed, and our foes to the south and west destroyed.” Most assuredly something to be proud of!

On the topic of accomplishments, Vicenzo has much to write home about. Leading the Ventrue as Primogen for decades before shifting to Seneschal and finally to Prince, he has accomplished a lot. When asked what he felt was his greatest accomplishment as Prince, he responded “The moment we saw our foes fall.  When the Kindred of this city stood as one, to protect one another and all that we have accomplished together.  Our breaking of the Sabbat siege.” After a quiet moment of reflection, and a slight smile creased his perfectly chiseled face and he continued. “The only moment to eclipse that event, was when our destiny was freed from the control of Stein.  An end was made to the spread of infernalism, that he and his master propagated, and his reign of terror was brought to a conclusion.”

In regards to any regrets he may have, the Prince was silent for minutes. The air was tense and heat with a pregnant weight of importance before he slowly responded. “Regret, sir, is something I have not had the luxury of in some time.  All aims have prices, and we cannot regret what we could not prevent or control.  All we may do is move forward and make the best of each situation, as it develops.”

Lastly, we asked the Prince for any hints or suggestions as to who may fill any of the vacant city positions. The Prince was coy with his answers, but he gave a surprising amount of insight! “That remains to be seen.  It will much depend on how things proceed over the next month or two.  A Seneschal is someone whom will do more than represent me, they shall be an information broker, a good listener, and an advocate for the struggles this city still faces. A larger question will be, whom will be Harpy. I am unsure if Lady Image will resume the duties or will seek to hand them off to someone more capable.”

Harpy Fue was unavailable for comment.






Primogen in the Hot Seat?

by Ty McFearson

Uh oh, it seems that Primogen Elrich has ran afoul both the Keeper and a prominent Toreador Elder. When having a nice discussion with Keeper The Plague on the upcoming party and gathering he intended to host, Elder Pree was surprised to learn that Primogen Elrich has NOT spoken to the Keeper nor the Prince to arrange hosting the upcoming gathering in January! Quite put off, the Elder then began to explain how he had invested considerable amounts of time and wealth into securing the location and supplies for such an experience to grace the Domain with art. The Keeper assured Elder Pree that he would help assist in security for the event, and we are proud to report that Elder Pree and Clan Toreador sponsor the next gathering in January. Themed Painting with a Twist, we will have more details next week for the January 13th gathering.

Primogen Elrich could not be reached for comment at this time.




Cuffing Season In Full Swing!

by Ty McFearson

With Christmas coming soon, and the return of Spring looming on the horizon, cuffing season is in full swing. For those not in the know, cuffing season is in reference to the Fall and Winter months in which single people become quite lonely and desiring companionship during the long nights. Even amongst Kindred this is a time of couples hooking up, as evidence of all the new pairings sprinkled around the Domain. Mouse herself, Keeper The Plague’s newest employee, seems to have a list of social suitors including Primogen Sigismundo, Elder Endymion, and Lord Edgar Mezzanotte. Gina, the Prince’s newest employee, seems to have attracted a number of hangers on including Primogen Mairya who is often seen traveling with her in hushed tones. Rumors that there is one amongst the Tremere Clan (remaining in the city) that has found a love of their own. There can be a darker side to this behavior that Kindred especially must be wary of, that of the blood bond. Heats of passion can entice even the coldest heart to life, but care must be taken to avoid causing issues like what occurred with Treble and their former lover. Don’t fall into bad habits, eyes are always on all of us.

Enjoy the season!




Clan Tremere still MIA!

by Ty McFearson

Seems that the Tremere Clan is still missing many members, and no one can say they have seen them in almost two months! Still missing from action is Lady Image, Primogen Warren, Elder Vega and Lady Anna. Reports do come from trusted sources that they have returned from a small trip through time and space, but they have not made themselves known publicly as of yet. Rumors abound whisper that they have suffered tragic fates, or that they have left humanity due to their experiences, or even that they have actually perished! Is Clan Tremere truly only at a skeleton strength? Time will tell.




Sheriff Slacking?!

by Ty McFearson

The death of three Cheerleaders deep within Ventrue territory remains unsolved, despite the efforts of the Sheriff. For those not in the know, the bodies of three young cheerleaders were found left in Ventrue territory. These women were from Lake Howel High School, in Winter Springs, and it was reported as a suicide pact by the three. Mysteriously, all of the bodies were drained entirely of blood and left to be found the next day. Thankfully Clan Ventrue was able to have the masquerade covered, but it begs the question of who tried to set them up? Clan Ventrue denies involvement which leads to who set them up to damage the Masquerade in their territory. The matter should be currently investigated by the Sheriff, but there has been silence from the Sheriff and Deputies on the matter. And if an investigation has concluded, there has been no public reference or statement.

The Sheriff could not be reached for comment at this time. We hope to have more details to report soon.




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