The News Worth Knowing Issue 1

Ty’s Weekly Digest


We have a new Prince!

Look who just took Praxis, and what that means for all of us in Orlando.

by Ty McFearson

Look who’s returned, and with a shiny new Praxis to boot! It seems Mr. Kennedy has moved onto greener pastures and, with the blessing of our super awesome Prince, has taken over the Praxis of Tampa! This newly liberated city has been cleansed of the foul slavers amongst the Sabbat and is fresh and ripe for the Camarilla to groom it to a fruitful garden. Now Prince Kennedy, he has taken Elder Gangrel Daniel as his Seneschal.

Quoting the new Prince, “It’s not my intention to weaken any of the clans. But I won’t turn away those that truly want to grow the city either.” So it seems as if you’re looking to be a Primogen, or find yourself with some new territory, then Tampa might be right for you!

We’re sure this would have been reported sooner, should there have been a Harpy available at the time. Sadly, Harpy Fue was not present for the occasion and unreachable for comment at this time.






Toreador Renaissance?

by Ty McFearson

Newly liberated from the oppressive weight of the recently Bloodhunted, Clan Toreador seems to be undergoing quite the renaissance in art! Treble is rumored to be preparing a new composition to perform soon in honor of the Prince, Pree has been a whirlwind of creativity and design as even the elusive Morgan spends countless hours at their Forge preparing new works. The season of art is infectious it seems, even inspiring others to perform and expand their own artistic stylings! I even heard good ol’ Patrick is dressing a bit sharper and singing to himself at times. Keep up the good work, Clan Toreador!




Now hiring?

by Ty McFearson

With the Prince losing his Seneschal, and many offices seeming to lose members, looks like the court of Orlando can put up a Big NOW HIRING sign! So far it seems that the Prince needs to hire a new Seneschal, but who could handle that heavy task? Also it seems our currently sitting Harpy Fue doesn’t have any Talons, a much needed job to be filled. Also it appears that the Ventrue, Toreador, Brujah and Gangrel have openings for the Whip position, great way to learn the methods of Primogenship! Thankfully (or not?) the Prince isn’t looking actively for a Scourge. So if you’re looking for a job, there are several to choose from!




Fashion Wars!

by Ty McFearson

My my my, isn’t it quite the fashion season? Have you seen some of the outfits that The Plague has his Elysium staff wear, it’s quite the bold statement on behalf of his employees. Once again it must be stated the attire seem on Treble of the Rose, her fabric selections have been spot on as of late. Going for the primal look is Prince Kennedy, sporting a new leather ensemble that has made a few Kindred heads turn. Also of note is Primogen Mairya in her silk ensemble that seems to breath with the shadows. Speaking of shadows, have you seen the magnificent elegance that is Countess Mezzanotte in her late period Victorian with matching tiara? Who’s gonna come out on top in this seasons war on fashion?




By way of St. Augustine?

by Ty McFearson

Seems like there are some folks who used to reside in Disney who left for greener pastures. After the issues with the Bloodhunted Kindred, many who used to live in the magic kingdom left to the empty town of St. Augustine for some peace and quiet. Maybe it’s worth it to you, maybe not, but if you find yourself needing to step out of the light and into the shadow of the oldest city in America then you know where to go!




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