The News Worth Knowing Special Edition #1

Ty’s Special Edition


Christmas with the Camarilla

A look at a Yuletide gathering of sophisticated Kindred, and the sights and things learned!

by Ty McFearson

Christmas has arrived in Orlando, and there is much to say on how the proceedings went! Everyone was dressed in their festive best, ignore were a few Kindred who really stepped it up for the evening! Lady Anna was dressed in a cute ugly Christmas sweater, matching the season nicely. Elder Rand of Clan Tremere was also in a new Christmas attire, matching festive hat and gloves which the fur lining on were just squishy and darling. Lady Treble was in a fantastic sexy reindeer attire, and Miss Gina also arrived in a sporting Little Black dress with matching heels and purse. Primogen Elrich was lovely in a delightful form fitting blue suit, flanked by some employees of his, But Prince Kennedy was our standout Scrooge still wearing his dusty and boring leather chaps. Perhaps a little green next time?

Speaking of Scrooge, it seems both Elder Tyvarius of Clan Toreador and Primogen Thorn of Clan Gangrel were rather sticks in the mud for a festive holiday celebration. They were quite strict On referring to Prince Kennedy as such despite his pleas to just be a gentleman for a night of frivolous fun. Perhaps neither the Elder or the Primogen got good gifts in their Christmas Crackers this year?

Speaking of interesting moods, this reporter could not have been the only person to catch the look between Prince Kennedy and Primogen Warren. Every time either crossed the vision of the other it was if lightning crackled between them; Kennedy unable to hide a look of either pure happiness or unbridled rage, whereas Primogen Warren could not help by giving the Prince an EXTRA toothy grin. We are sure more of this will come to light in the upcoming weeks.

Last bit of note was Primogen Billiams “gift” to the city of Orlando, in where he presented his newly Embraced childe named Zelda. She arrived in a large black box tied with a satin red ribbon, and was polite and cordial to everyone she met. Zelda was also unwaveringly honest about her past, a past which began to hear whispers of questions from the Elysium crowd. It seems Zelda was only 17 years old when Billiam Embraced her, of course he had permission from the Prince unless anyone is suggesting the Primogen broke a Tradition and flaunted it in front of everyone, and was a prolific serial killer before her Embrace. A teenager with murderous tendencies seems to be an odd choice of a childe, but perhaps she will mature in time away from those traits.

When the reporter went to question Harpy Fue if the Prince had received a boon for allowing the Embrace, Harpy Fue was unavailable for comment.




Holiday Highlights!

Incoming New Primogen!

by Ty McFearson

As previously reported, Primogen Elrich has seemingly run afoul his Clan Elder, and it was being speculated what the fallout would be. At this time it appears as if a new Primogen has been selected to run Clan Toreador, and current Primogen Elrich was coy as to who it would be but said that it would be announced at the next formal gathering. Rumors speculate that if it was Primogen Elrich’s lack of attention to details which caused this, or simple internal Clan politics. Another question begs to be asked if the new Primogen will currently support the Primogen-nominated Harpy Fue.




Tampa Updates

by Ty McFearson

A few housekeeping updates on Tampa from the words of their Prince himself, Kennedy of Clan Toreador. According to the visiting Prince, he has half a court set up counting Primogen and city officers. He also confirmed at at this time Clan Gangrel had no movers, and was looking for members to claim positions and territory. Looks as if Prince Kennedy is speaking in hushed tones to his chosen few, who is next to announce their leave for Tampa?




Clan Tremere Returns!

by Ty McFearson

Previously it was reported that most of Clan Tremere had vanished and while rumors of their return circulated, at the time it felt as if the rumors were greatly exaggerated. At this time, we can report that rumors of Clan Tremere’s demise are INDEED exaggerated and that many of the missing members seem to have returned. Both Lady Anna and Primoge Lou Warren have returned and just in time for Christmas, with Lady Anna looking rather festive in her appropriately-themed ugly Christmas sweater.

Lady Image and Elder Vega have yet to make an appearance, but one can think it may not be too far behind.




Sheriff Still Silent!

by Ty McFearson

The Sheriff was seen at our most recent gathering, the Christmas social in Elysium, pressing hands and making a physical appearance outside of our regularly scheduled monthly gatherings; good for him! Unfortunately, he did not have any information to share in regards to the murders that threatened Ventrue territory. As a Lasombra, he claims no Primogen and typically in the past it has been Seneschal or other Primogen who will speak for a non-represented Kindred. Strangely, it’s as if no one wants to speak for him.

At this time there have been no updates on the investigation which threatened the Masquerade; a breech that was thankfully covered by the efforts of Clan Ventrue. We will keep you updated.




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